How to Bleach Arm Hair

How to Bleach Arm Hair

Body hair is one of the most notable problems that women have to deal with, and there are so many different ways to get rid of unwanted hair on different parts of the body; they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Methods like bleaching arm hair and laser hair removal are some of the most popular and effective ways to get your skin the way you want it. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular methods of hair removal, so here are a few tips and tricks on how to bleach arm hair, among other processes, in order to attain the best results.

How to Bleach Arm Hair

How to Get Rid of Arm Hair

The first step to handling problems with your arm hair is to figure out the reasons behind it. If you have more arm hair than other women generally have, more than likely you have dark arm hair, and the cause of it might actually be hormonal disorders, or other similar problems related to appearance. Addressing these causes is an important initial step to tackling problems with your body hair, and only after following it should you move on to choosing a suitable and effective way to visually rid yourself of the arm hair.

However, if the hair on your arms doesn’t grow that heavily, like mentioned above, and if the amount of unwanted hair isn’t actually that excessive, you may not worry about hormonal or inner problems, because that amount of hair on your arms is quite natural and easily manageable.

It is very important to remember that shaving arm hair is the least effective method out there, and it is definitely not recommended. It’s probably the easiest method you will come across, and the temporary results might be okay, but the hair will only grow back quickly and thicker than it was before, since your razor can’t pull the hair at its roots, making it more noticeable. So the bit of convenience you would get from that method is definitely not worth the other struggles that comes with it.

Besides methods, like shaving, that aren’t recommended and give little benefit, there are two main groups for arm hair removal: bleaching and mechanical.

Bleaching is a rather simple procedure that includes the use of various products, like decoctions, masks, and gels.

Mechanical treatments are those, which get rid of unwanted hair for a period of time, but must be repeated once hair grows back. The latter will remove part of your hair’s roots, but not all, so it will continue to grow. But, of course, here we will be discussing the bleaching procedure.

The Basic Ways of Bleaching Arm Hair

When the unwanted hair on the arms is not too thick or long, bleaching is quite an effective method. You may use some special products for it, or you may even prepare special masks yourself. Here is one very popular method for bleaching arm hair:

• You may use hydrogen peroxide, which is probably the most effective product for bleaching hair. The most important step is to find the right consistency, which is 3%. Then you need to mix it with water, with a 1:1 ratio. Checking the compatibility of your skin with this product is also important; you need to perform an allergy testing, by applying a drop to the inner side of your elbow and waiting for about 10-15 minutes to see the results. If you don’t feel your skin burning by then and there is no redness, then you may pass to the complete application of the product.

• Take a cotton swab and apply the hydrogen peroxide to the skin slowly. Try to avoid dripping the decoction on the skin, as it has quite a strong influence. After you’ve applied it to the hair of the whole area, you need to wait for 30-40 minutes. Meanwhile you need to follow what you feel, as only a slight tingling is allowed. One more thing to remember is that you shouldn’t keep the decoction on for too long, as you might get burns or bleach the hair too much. As soon as the required time is up, you should rinse off the decoction with cool water, followed by an application of a nourishing cream.

• Instead of hydrogen peroxide you could also use lemon juice. It is another product quite well known for its bleaching properties, and is even used for removing pimples. The application process is the same as with the hydrogen peroxide; just apply the juice and let it stay on for the same time, followed by washing it off with cool water.

• You could also use some special bleaching creams and gels, or simple products like cosmetic clay. Various masks are also used for the same effect.

• The solution of chamomile may also prove to be quite effective for bleaching arm hair. To make it, you can use any type of dried and packed flowers, taking 3-4 tablespoons for a cup of boiled water. The mixture should be left to cool down. The result will be a universal solution for bleaching arm hair in case you have allergies to hydrogen peroxide or other cosmetic means. Just apply the mixture to your skin, and let it sit until it dries; letting it dry under the sun could help further its lightening effects.

• One more pleasant and easy way to bleach arm hair is sunbathing in general. Even without the chamomile tea solution, being exposed to the sunlight will help lighten your hair, due to its being burned by the heat and rays of the sun.

How to Get Rid of Arm Hair

Alternative Ways of Getting Rid of Arm Hair

Now, the mechanical application options are made to remove the hair and its follicles, with electrolysis being one of the most widespread options among them. The biggest drawback to the procedure is definitely its painfulness, yet the efficiency is quite high, as it enables you to get rid of even the shortest and the lightest hairs. Another advantage is that the hair only starts to grow back after around 14 days.

Waxing and sugaring are other mechanical options of getting rid of arm hair. They work by first applying a sugary wax to the skin, followed by a strip of tissue paper. With an abrupt movement, the latter is removed from the skin, taking off all the hair.

Sugaring is even more suitable and effective in this respect, since you may learn how to make the sugary mixture yourself at home instead of spending money on buying wax. In addition, this method enables you to get rid of the shortest hair too, while in the case of waxing you can’t remove hair that is under 5 mm in length. Sugaring is also less painful.

In order to make the sugar mixture, you need to take some sugar and a little bit of water. You can make a syrup by mixing 10 tablespoons of sugar with one cup of water. You could also add the juice of half of a lemon to the syrup, which would help to avoid crystals in the syrup, and would also make it more elastic.

You will need to put the mixture of the sugar and water on a burning stovetop, and keep it there for about 10 minutes, after which you will be able to tell whether the syrup is ready or not based on the consistency. The correct consistency will let you gather it into a ball and fix to the hair firmly. The mixture can be used several times, and you will apply it the same way you would with wax.

Laser hair removal is another method of getting rid of arm hair, and is another one that is considered to be one of the most effective hair removal options. There are special salons for laser epilation, where you pass special tests and talk to specialists before moving on to the procedure.

During the actual laser hair removal procedure, a laser is used to destroy the follicles of the hair, resulting in the hair simply not growing back. Still, this is not a guarantee for getting rid of unwanted hair forever, and the repetition of the procedure is also required after a period of time that varies from person to person.

Some More Tips and Know-Hows On Arm Hair Removal

Finally, there is another range of nuances that you should know in order to avoid a number of problems connected with arm hair removal. Following these easy steps will result in the best and smoothest hair removal process:

1. Since mechanical means makes up one of the methods quite often practiced for removing arm hair, you should know the exact time when you can go in for it. For instance, it’s absolutely not recommended to go for depilation right after the ovulation period, because it is possible that the blood flow to the skin becomes more intense before the period, which is why this type of a procedure is less painful in the middle of the cycle.

Trying to do it in the evening is another good idea, since the body slightly swells up around the morning hours, which makes it difficult to locate the smallest of hairs on the body, resulting in a dissatisfying outcome from your procedure. Hair removal is a painstaking task, so why not do everything you can to ensure quick success?

2. Take care of your skin properly. Even by putting in some careful consideration when you select your skin scrubs, your process of getting rid of unwanted hair will be so much easier, especially during the summer.

3. Don’t forget to use moisturizers, because all of the mentioned methods above have some notable influence on the skin, and the risk of dehydration exists for all hair removal processes. Using a moisturizer can help you avoid many unpleasant discomforts..

4. Try to stand the pain during procedures, such as laser hair removal. The most painful is the first procedure, after which the unpleasant feeling and the pain will diminish somehow. You need to withstand the pain of the first visit; it may help ease the pain if you think about how nice the results will be when al is said and done.

These are all basic things and details that you need to know before trying to get rid of arm hair, including techniques like bleaching. What you need to remember is that perfection requires some real effort, and if you manage to follow each method’s suggested steps as they are listed, you will end up with some truly pleasing results.

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