20 Effortless Undone Buns For The Most Elegant Days

20 Effortless Undone Buns For The Most Elegant Days

We often look for the most complicated and pompous hairstyles for special events, thinking this will be the key to ultimately luxurious and standout looks. However, like anything else in the world of fashion simplicity in hairstyles often leads to way more stunning looks, putting the focus on your beautiful facial features and complementing the chic outfit you wear in an effortless manner. This is the reason why we decided to present 20 effortless undone buns for the most elegant days in your life, when you strive to look ultra ravishing and memorable. Check out some of the hottest Hollywood celebrities wearing laidback updo hairstyles and still looking sizzling as always!

20 Effortless Undone Buns For The Most Elegant Days

1. Alessandra Ambrosio’s Loose Bun

Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio is the first celeb in our list, who chose a stylish effortless undone bun to ooze femininity and elegance at one of the red carpet events. She opted for a lovely loose bun with face framing hair, which perfectly matched her minimalistic makeup look and the black gown.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Alessandra Ambrosio Loose Bun

2. Amber Heard’s Textured Bun

We absolutely love the stunning effortless feel of Amber Heard’s look, which she managed to create by styling her blonde hair into an undone bun with lots of texture. The backcombed messy hair gave that ideal curious vibe to her minimalistic, yet utterly elegant look at the Golden Globe Awards.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Amber Heard Loose Bun

3. Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Flower Embellished Bun

If you are looking for creative ways to add a girly touch to your effortlessly chic hairstyles, picking a lovely hair accessory is the smartest way to go for. This is what Emmanuelle Chriqui did, styling her effortless low undone bun with a blush pink rose attached to the side of the hair.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Emmanuelle Chriqui Loose Bun

4. Zoe Saldana’s Polished Loose Bun

If there is a celeb, who always has perfect hair, her name is definitely Zoe Saldana. At the 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala, Zoe managed to look as dazzling as always, styling her black hair into a low undone bun with a central parting and lovely face framing hair. The red lipstick perfectly boosted the feminine allure she was radiating all the night.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Zoe Saldana Loose Bun

5. Jessica Alba’s Romantic Loose Bun

Hollywood stunner Jessica Alba seems to never make hair mistakes, as she always manages to look impeccable no matter it’s a special event or a walk in the city. At the Baby2Baby Gala she managed to stun everyone once again picking a minimalistic and effortlessly chic romantic loose bun with face framing hair. This lovely updo perfectly accentuated her cute facial features and the sassy blue earrings.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Jessica Alba Loose Bun

6. Kate Beckinsale’s Side Loose Bun

Another creative way of wearing an undone bun is styling it to one side, which is a simple trick that still manages to add interest and a ladylike allure to the wearer’s look. Kate Beckinsale is one of the beauties, who experimented with this kind of hairstyle, looking effortlessly chic with a low undone bun styled to one side.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Kate Beckinsale Loose Bun

7. Brit Marling’s Soft Bun

American actress Brit Marling brought out her feminine and sweet side at the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards, going for a cute soft loose bun styled on the side with a deep side parting and loose flyaways. The hairstyle perfectly matched her natural makeup look and the white and yellow feminine dress.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Brit Marling Loose Bun

8. Karlie Kloss’s Bobby Pinned Bun

Karlie Kloss was certainly in the center of everyone’s attention at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, when she hit the red carpet wearing a demure Valentino gown with her hair styled into a romantic bobby pinned loose bun. The hairstyle perfectly accentuated her Chopard chandelier earrings and so ideally matched her overall look.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Karlie Kloss Loose Bun

9. Emma Watson’s Elegant Undone Bun

Emma Watson looked just flawless wearing a textured undone bun, which ideally complemented her slightly vampy makeup look and the classy outfit composed of a button down shirt and a pleated long skirt. This is an easy look for you to copy, only don’t forget to apply a big amount of hair spray to secure the hair stays in its place throughout the night.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Emma Watson Loose Bun

10. Olga Kurylenko’s Undone Side Bun

To add lots of youthfulness and playfulness to your special occasion look, go for the undone side bun of Olga Kurylenko, who spiced up her look with delicate face framing hair and a natural makeup look. This hairstyle will especially be ideal to wear some sleeveless dress or one featuring high slits on the back.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Olga Kurylenko Loose Bun

11. Jennifer Lawrence’s Textured Side Bun

Another actress, who gives preference to undine side buns, is Jennifer Lawrence. She looked like a real goddess with hair styled loosely in a side low bun with messy finishes. The berry lips and the diamond earrings perfected hair classy hairstyle to the full.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Jennifer Lawrence Loose Bun

12. Rose Byrne’s Polished Side Bun

Rose Byrne is the next beauty, who loves to experiment with side buns styled in an undone manner, yet perfected with polished side-combed hair. To copy this look, you need to curl your locks first and only then gather them to a side bun, applying lots of hair spray for the long lasting effect.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Rose Byrne Loose Bun

13. Alexa Chung’s Messy Bun

It girl Alexa Chung loves the minimalistic style in almost all her looks and this refers to her stunning hair too. One of her iconic looks is the low undone bun with messy finishes and face framing flyaways for the maximum effortless vibe. This is an ideal option both for the strolls in the city and for attending special parties!

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Alexa Chung Loose Bun

14. Brooklyn Decker’s Curly Low Bun

To emphasize the beauty of her locks and to place the focus on the design of her stunning dress, Brooklyn Decker gathered her curly and heavy tresses into a loose bobby-pinned low bun with a textured finish. This effortless undone hairstyle can be your magic recipe to dazzling evening looks.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Brooklyn Decker Loose Bun

15. Jessica Hart’s High Loose Bun

While most of the celebrities experience with low loose buns mostly, Jessica Hart decided to add a standout touch to her appearance by gathering her blonde locks into a high undone bun. To copy this effortless look, you need to secure your hair into a ponytail on top of the head and then twist the ponytail loosely around the elastic band. Secure the top knot with bobby pins and apply some hair spray for the long lasting effect.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Jessica Hart Loose Bun

16. Lauren Conrad’s Feminine Bun

If it’s Lauren Conrad, it needs to be uber-sweet and feminine! The It girl added a feminine spin to her undone low bun styled to the side by first strengthening her hair and then also securing the front hair into the bun spinning it loosely.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Lauren Conrad Loose Bun

17. Vera Farmiga’s Faux-Bob Loose Bun

Vera Farmiga decided to experiment with a mix of two different hairstyles by styling her chestnut brown hair into a super loose undone bun that created the effect of the faux bob hairstyle. Softly hanging front hair finished her look just perfectly!

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Vera Farmiga Loose Bun

18. Gwen Stefani’s Top Loose Bun

Gwen Stefani added retro motif to her modern chic loose bun styled on the top of her head. The uniqueness of this hairstyles is the unexpected placement, slightly to the side and reaching the forehead. Quite original, agree!

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Gwen Stefani Loose Bun

19. Anja Rubik’s Backcombed Low Bun

Anja Rubik gave lots of texture and volume to her undone low bun, by backcombing her hair loosely and leaving some lovely flyaways. This is especially an ideal option for girls with thin hair.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Anja Rubik Loose Bun

20. Angelina Jolie’s Messy Bun

And the last incredibly chic effortless undone bun in our list is the one Angelina Jolie wore. Her hair was backcombed and bobby pinned into a loose bun with lots of texture and a polished finish at the same time.

20 Effortless Undone Buns: Angelina Jolie Loose Bun

So this was the complete list of the top 20 effortless undone buns for women, who want to look both special and minimalistic on important events. Pick the style that best matches your hair type, color and your own personality and shine bright like a true Hollywood celebrity!

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