17 Skin Care Mistakes You Might Be Making When Sleeping

17 Nighttime Skin Care Mistakes

Skin care is one of the most essential and significant issues that require attention and consideration all the time. And saying attention and care we also mean excluding the usual skin care mistakes and errors that you might be making over and over and ruining your skin instead of taking care of it properly. Thus, here we are going to speak about the most widespread and popular skin care mistakes that you might be making while sleeping. So if we were to make a list, it would look like this!

17 Nighttime Skin Care Mistakes

1. Sleeping with the Makeup On

This is one of the primary and most essential mistakes that most of the ladies can’t help repeating over and over every night. Sometimes they feel lazy to remove the makeup, or maybe too tired, or they just forget they have been actually wearing makeup the whole day. Sleeping with the makeup on means letting the big amount of oil and dust remain clogged in the pores, enlarging them and at times also causing inflammation.

2. Sleeping with the Hair Out

The following essential thing that everyone needs to remember is that all of the hair and bangs should be pulled off the face because sometimes even the hair care products may cause forehead breakouts and other type of skin problems, which may be avoided by means of not letting the hair touch the problematic areas of the face during the whole night especially if the hair is not washed properly. Even the natural oils of the hair may be harmful for the overall condition of the skin. Thus brushing your hair back into a ponytail or wrapping it into a scarf right before going to bed is really a good idea.

3. Sleeping on a Cotton Pillowcase

This is the next important thing that you need to know, fabrics like silk or satin are way more preferable since they minimize the permanent creases and other types of problems connected with the skin and complexion. When you keep on pressing your face on to the cotton pillow throughout the night, it might irritate the skin and that consistent friction may even cause permanent creases because of the break out of collagen. Face lines and wrinkles are the following types of skin problems that may be caused by the harsh fibers of cotton pillowcases. In addition, you may also use products like nigh creams with silicone, hyaluronic acid or collagen for the even better condition of the skin and for reducing the fraction overnight. Finally, you should also be aware of the various bacteria, dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other micro elements that are hidden in the pillowcases, to prevent the influence of which you need to wash the pillowcases at least once a week.

4. Not Sleeping Long Enough

You might think that this does not have so much connection with the skin, but it is in fact extremely essential for the condition of the skin. First of all not getting enough sleep makes the skin look dull and causes the appearance of white or dark circles under the eyes. In addition it can also cause the body to generate free radicals, which is again not so recommended for the good condition of the skin.

5. Overdosing with the Cleansing Products

Sometimes many ladies think that the more products they use for the night the better. But this is not true at all since besides the fact that the big variety of products takes the effect of each to the minimum, so many skin care products applied may also be harmful for the skin with certain combinations. So alternating the serums in case of having a variety of skin concerns is a great idea indeed.

6. Not Following the Cleansing Routine

Apart from not removing the makeup for the night, some ladies also don’t clean up their skin before going to bed, thinking that they have secured the clear condition of the skin by simply not putting on any makeup during the day. But even in that case, they shouldn’t omit the cleansing procedure, because no matter how clean your face has been during the day, it’s definitely been exposed to dirt, oil, and pollution throughout the day and it’s really important to wash everything off cleaning the pores and preventing problems like clogged pores, breakouts, and free-radical damage. Thus to secure the proper cleaning you may use a gentle cleanser or a simple pre-moistened towelette also avoiding using too hot water, which may irritate or dry out the skin.

7. Don’t Go Too Far With Exfoliating

Apart from using too many cleansing products, many ladies also tend to go too far with the exfoliation process itself. For instance, many of them use rough loofas or harsh brushes, which have all the chances to damage the skin and irritate it instead of just cleaning it. In any case you need a simple gentle makeup remover, which will also properly moisturize the skin. In addition, the movements by which they remove the makeup especially the areas around the eyes are important too. Thus, the movements need to be maximum gentle and smooth in order not to damage any vessels and not to lead to skin irritation and inflammation.

8. Be Wise Choosing the Products

The following thing that you need to be careful about is picking is the range of products that you need for the proper skin care. Thus, it’s really important to be sure to buy some night skin care products, which take care of repairing the skin and revitalizing it, also securing the removal of the dead cells thus being the bases for the skin turnover.

9. Think Over Your Sleeping Position

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the way you sleep and the position you take meanwhile. For instance, if sleeping with your face down is one of the most fave options of yours, then it’s essential that you changed it since the more pressure and fraction goes for the skin, the more the chances of generating fine lines and wrinkles are. One very simple example of the harmfulness of this position is that when you sleep, your skin folds and artificially creates a crease where the breakdown of collagen is unpreventable. The result is the permanent loss of elasticity. In case you just can’t help sleeping like that you may also try out the C-shaped pillows out behind the neck, which will help you gain some stable position during sleep and not roll over or shift while sleeping.

10. Don’t Forget About Water

Drinking enough of water is the next important thing that you need to do for keeping the skin healthy and good-looking. Generally, providing the organism with enough amount of water is important for the whole body and, of course, the skin only benefits from that in its turn. Dehydration is the main cause of rough and sunken skin, totally excluding the glow and healthy looks. So providing your skin with enough proportions of water during the day will also help you to secure its good condition for the night. This way you also help your skin to recover quicker and to avoid puffiness, dryness, and unwanted wrinkles. The traditional eight glasses a day formula should thus be preserved in any case.

17 Nighttime Skin Care Mistakes

11. Do Not Eat Right Before Going to Bed

Eating for at least two hours before going to bed is what you need to adhere to in order to have proper sleep and good skin condition. This is the minimum of time that the body needs for thoroughly digesting the meal and for having a chance to secure your proper rest for the night. In addition it’s a good way to prevent the reflux problems. And what’s good for your health is good for your skin.

12. Cut Down On Sugar Before Going to Bed

No matter how much you like sweet things and everything that’s delicious and sugary, you should cut down on all that for the hours before going to bed. Having sugar or carbohydrates before bed will increase the production of insulin, which will in its turn contribute to the inflammation and irritation because of the growth of the hormone stimulated by insulin. Thus instead of food containing sugar and carbohydrates, you need to focus on options, which are rich in melatonin and protein with fibers. Tomatoes, cherries, grapes, and walnuts are all included in this list.

13. Don’t Go Too Far with Alcohol

Parties are, of course, something that most of the ladies can’t imagine the end of their day without, but still, in case they want to have sufficiently healthy skin, they should be wise when drinking quite frequently. This does not refer to excessive proportions of alcohol only, since even a small glass of wine may be enough for you to have dull skin. Apart from affecting the skin directly, alcohol also deprives you of REM sleep, which is the most essential part of your sleep in general. Thus, the ability of the skin to revitalize and recover itself during the night is completely lost, which can’t but have its negative influence on the skin. The main explanation for this is that drinking is one of the stimulators of the production of cortisol, which eventually borders on collagen loss and the production of extra oils.

14. Follow the Temperature and Moisture of the Room

This is the next thing that you might not be paying attention to, which is no less important and crucial for the overall skin care process. Sleeping in an excessively hot room or under the influence of too dry air might cause you to wake up early and will also result in depleting the skin of the natural moisture it has. The solution is sleeping naked or using a down comforter for enabling the skin to regulate its heat or just getting a humidifier for the room to be filled with hydrated and soft air.

15. Follow the Time You Devote to Watching TV, Spending on Instagram or Working

No matter what you do, you always have to remember that all that deprives you of your necessary hours of sleep causes you to get over exhausted, which will certainly have its influence on the looks you’ll have in the morning. It’s really very important to pay attention to properly relaxing before going to bed to be able to sleep well and to wake up feeling just as well. Thus it’s recommended turning off any type of technology including the cell phones, tablets, computers and finally TV to give your body and your brain a chance to have some rest before going to bed.

16. Sleep in the Dark

You might think that a small and minor light like that of the phone may not present an obstacle for your sleep but even the slightest light can be a serious interference for your proper sleep and rest thus leaving the traces on your skin in the morning. Not letting any light penetrate into your dark room is important for your circadian rhythm and for REM sleep, which is one of the most essential things for the recuperation of the skin. In addition, it is said that the light of phone, TV, or computer may also cause insomnia, since the light they have resembles the day light and deceives the mind making it think that it’s still a day.

17. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Tresses, depression and bad mood right before going to bed can be equally harmful for the looks and the skin condition of yours as all of the other factors mentioned above. Thus you may try out doing a 10-minute meditation before going to bed, to give your body a chance to relax and clear up your feelings and your thoughts. It’s not about complicated procedures and special things that you need to do meanwhile. You simple need to focus your attention on a certain spot, for instance the tip of your own nose, finding a quiet spot, padding your rear with a soft and comfy blanket and closing your eyes beforehand, and just sitting concentrated watching your breath go out and come in some 10 times. The positive impact will not let you wait for too long.

17 Nighttime Skin Care Mistakes
So here were the most significant and essential nighttime skin care mistakes that you should avoid making, since the way you sleep effects the way you look for the whole day. So start from the beginning in order to have the good continuation!

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