Your Summer Guide to Treating Sunburn

Your Summer Guide to Treating Sunburn

Getting tan and looking sassy is the wish of every lady, who goes to the beach in summer. Still, problems like sunburns sometimes also appear to be quite actual and essential for them and such skin issues really require certain serious consideration. So now we are going to speak about the main things you may do in this case, providing you with your summer guide to treating sunburn.

Your Summer Guide to Treating Sunburn
So first of all we need to figure out the essence and the meaning of sunburn. There are two types of sunlight, ultra-violet A (UFA) and B (UFB). Up to the recent times most of the specialists believed that the UFB were the most dangerous rays, which created the sunburns, but the thing is that the UFA sunrays are just as dangerous because they get deeper into the skin and may cause a big range of illnesses including skin cancer.

So the first thing that you need to do when having sunburn is figuring out the level of the sunburn. There is a conditional classification of three types of sunburns:

• Light, in case of which the skin gets red and itches, but no bubbles can be seen.

• Medium, when bubbles may be seen in the burnt areas.

• Severe, in case of which big bubbles can be noticed, accompanied with erosion, and surface ulcer.

Thus after figuring out the level of the sunburn you need to slow down the inflammatory process and ease up the pain. The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine may also help you.

The next step is cooling down the burnt areas. You may take a bath or stand under the cool shower for some 10-20 minutes. It’s important not to have ice-cold water, since this type of water might cause the body to go through the second big shock. Some people suggest taking warm showers saying that it stimulates the regeneration of the skin, but there hasn’t been found any medical proof for that. Theoretically that method is quite risky since warm water may activate the work of sebaceous glands.

After you’ve taken a bath, you should not use a towel in any case and under no circumstance. That might cause some extra irritation for your skin and also when the moisture gets evaporated from your skin itself, it gets additionally cooled. After the skin goes completely dry you may use some Aloe Vera cream, which will remove the redness and will stimulate the blood flow. In addition, you may also use compresses with cold water using a moistened towel put to the burnt areas for 20 minutes.

One more important thing that you need to know is that sunburn causes strong dehydration of the organism and you need to fill in the resources of water as much as possible. Water will thus help you get rid of the toxins and will also help you not to get thoroughly dehydrated.

Still, if apart from redness you’ve also noticed some bubbles on the skin, then the order of the activities is slightly different. For instance, you can’t just get around with a cold shower. You need a bath. One more thing that you should not do under any circumstances is cutting the bubbles! In case of medium levels of burns they will go dry themselves or will go back. If you start cutting them you will have a scar or infection, which is even worse.

If you do everything correctly, you will be able to go for a walk the following day, but you should be really attentive and careful for protecting the burnt skin from sunlight. You may thus pick some closed garments made of cotton. However, if you feel too hot for a long-sleeved piece, then you can’t do without a protective cream. But still, the first thing that should be applied is the Aloe Vera cream. After 10 minutes you should apply the sunscreen (SPF) being sure to only apply Aloe cream to the bubbles not touching them.

What you should absolutely cut down on is the soap, gels, and various creams and masks. These products may cause skin irritation and even infections. The next thing that you shouldn’t do is drinking water with ice, since ice is an additional shock for the body. Finally, if you have the chance, you should avoid using treatments, which are connected with hormonal treatments corticosteroid options being one of them. Despite the fact that they will be effective, these treatments cause irreversible changes in the skin, that’s why such options should be left for the extreme situations. In addition, if your sunburns are accompanied with sickness, thirst, reduced body temperature, improvement of the pulse, higher sensitivity of the eyes for the light, you really need to consult the doctor before doing anything.

Your Summer Guide to Treating Sunburn

Some Useful Treatments with Folk Medicine

1. Tea Compress: For this compress you need to make a very strong tea and cool it up to the room temperature. Before going to bed you just need to put that compress made of cotton and previously moistened with tea and leave it on for the night.

2. Milk Compress: Gauze or a bandage should be moistened in milk and put on the burnt places. Apart from cooling and smoothing the skin, that mixture will also create a protective protein film on the surface of the skin.

3. Curd Compress: This is the next incredible recipe for compresses, according to which you need to moisten gauze or a bandage in cold water and let it stay on the skin for 20 minutes. After that you just need to apply a thick layer of curd, cover all with a bandage and let it stay there for 2-3 hours. Then the whole curd should be removed with water without soap. This is an ideal solution for easing off the pain, but it’s not allowed in case of having bubbles.

4. The Juice of Fresh Tomatoes: In case of having not too serious burns without bubbles the fresh squeezed tomato juice will be a great help. Being applied to the burnt areas it will quickly ease off the pain and the redness.

5. Curing Baths: This is the following impressive option that you may try out. In case of having ulcer-like parts and edemas you need to add half a cup of soda to cool water not staying in such a bath for more than 15 minutes, otherwise you’ll risk drying out the skin. Baths with oatmeal taken with a cup for a bath are the following effective treatments.

6. Calendula: Finally, this is the element that is all about smoothing the surface and easing off the pain based on oily bases.

Here were the main tips and tricks that we would like to present to your attention, if you have sunburnt skin. If you have already managed to experience problems like this or are even going through them now, here is the most effective and cool range of treatments and details that you need to know. So don’t lose hope and boldly opt for the tips you’ll need. Trying out the most impressive and effective options you will really secure the ideal outcomes and the amazing and quick recovery!

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