Top 30 Summer Beauty Tricks from Experts

Top 30 Summer Beauty Tricks from Experts

Ready for the coolest and the most innovative summer beauty tricks from the experts themselves? Then this list of the top 30 summer beauty tricks from experts will definitely interest and please you! Summer is on its peak and it’s high time you learnt about all of the beauty hacks, which will give you an extra opportunity to enjoy your looks to the full and to discover the fresh and the new solutions and approaches that can be exercised in order to have fun to the full at the same time securing the ultra-chic and well-groomed looks.

Top 30 Summer Beauty Tricks from Experts
Thus, if we are to point out the concrete list of the top 30 summer beauty tips and tricks, it will look like this!

1. If you want to create some impressive and fresh alternatives for the smokey eye effect this season, you can do that with the help of the color plays of eyeliners and shadows thus picking some soft starters for the background, further adding the tones for the play, being careful not to add shades that contradict each other and compete with each other, but those which enter into nice interaction completing one another. It’s not necessary that you pick too dark shades for the looks, but you may create some nice looks using the other trendy and stylish tones.

2. In case you would like to have a healthy and super sun-kissed skin you just need to apply the blush with a sweet rosy shade in the same direction as the rays of the sun touch your face. The areas of the highlights should also be accentuated the same way as in case of the blush for the cheeks. This refers to the forehead, the chin, and the nose. Of course, what you need to remember is that you have to be attentive with the highlighting and lowlighting proportions for the most ideal and natural looks.

3. If the retro looks of the ’60s are what you would like to get, you can go for a simple brushing, starting from the roots and moving towards the medium areas and the tips, being sure to apply a conditioner previously. You can finish all up using a hair spray for the top strands to fix the ‘do and secure the glam hairstyle.

4. In order to put all the accents on the face and particularly the accessories, you may combine the uber stylish and cool sunglasses with the correct makeup accents. Thus you may start with a base to gift the face with a natural glow, not forgetting to accentuate the eyes either. In addition, you can also create this or that look in accordance with the type of the glasses, for instance, concentrating the accents on the lips in case of wearing rounded glasses. In this case you can leave the eyes almost with zero makeup. This depends on your eyes. If they are small you can outline them with mascara, but if they are big and catchy, you can definitely leave them without makeup.

5. Go for eco-friendly nail polishes to have the trendiest and the most beautiful looks. There is a basic inclination towards designing green and eco-inspired forms and types of nail polishes, so be in the trend and pay attention to the formula of the products you opt for. Try to choose the less toxic and environmentally friendly options for combining all the benefits in one place.

6. Go for the sophisticated and uber effective multi-layer formula for the greatest options of makeup. Thus you may start with creating a smooth surface with the pre-base closing the pores and the wrinkles. Then get the ideal tone with the foundation of the face and finish off with hiding the rest of the imperfections by means of the concealer. Further you can go on experimenting with any types of accents on the cheeks, the eyes and lips.

7. If you want to make the nail polish last as long as possible and what’s more important to prevent the enamel fall down from the edges, you need to “seal’ the edges of the nails after finishing the application by just moving the brushes along the edges.

8. In order to have a sassy matte finish on the lips you can start with a red shade outline and finish off with the shade that’s close to the shade of the outline. Then you just need to add a little bit of red pigment to have the matte finish. In addition, if you want to wear the shade for a long time you can apply a special lip matte texture provided by different brands.

9. If you are ready for experiments, you can start with those carried out for smokey eyes. In order to reinterpret the classic smokey eyes effect you can go for combining the pearl tones picking various textures for the same looks, for instance, combining the bronze and black also adorned with some glossy or pearl finishes like turquoise or green especially for the lashes. The latter is the most important final touch for any look.

10. If the time necessary for the nails to get dry is just what you generally don’t have, then you can pick the special products that are applied over the polishes to get them dry faster or use the special equipment like the ultraviolet machines to have the desired less time consuming process.

Top 30 Summer Beauty Tricks from Experts
11. If the zero makeup looks are what you want to have this season then you can simply apply the foundation gently with your fingers form the center of the face to the outer parts letting the pigments merge and blend with the skin, nicely toning it yet leaving the impression of having a washed and natural face. This is a universal and cool solution for everyday looks, suitable for any season and any occasion. Adding even the slightest accents to your face you will come up with the most glamorous looks even for the evening combos.

12. If you want to find out whether the tone of the foundation is suitable to your face or not, instead of the traditional ways of checking that like applying a little bit of the cream on the hand you should apply it to the jawbone to find out the compatibility of the shade with your own face tone.

13. In order to add some volume to the lips you should bear in mind that glittery finishes are way more effective for accentuating the volume than the matte options. This is especially true of the saturated shades or the light neutral options like pink, red, and bright coral. The shades that work with the opposite effect are the darker hues like eggplant, burgundy, and brown.

14. One more trick that you may use for hiding the skin imperfections is picking the correct covering shade for this or that type of imperfection. For instance, if you want to hide redness, you can pick a yellowish or a greenish concealer. In order to hide the bluish dark circles under the eyes you may pick pink or beige tones, while for concealing the dark circles you need to apply just a little bit of the concealer to the problematic areas in order to avoid the opposite effect, since the too big proportions will make the circles even more noticeable.

15. When treating the nails and the cuticles you also need to be careful bearing in mind that the most suitable way to perfect the cuticles is simply cutting them. Still, there are some disagreements between many specialists in this respect, because many of them argue that due to the disinfection function of the cuticles it’s more preferable to just smooth them using Vaseline or creams. In any case you need to be delicate and watchful not to get injuries or inflammations.

16. One more great way to have ideal and great looks is matching them with the garments you wear. This is especially true of the lips, the tone of which can easily be matched with the overall color palette of the apparel. Thus you may match a brown or beige jersey with an identical or similar shade for the lips. The same goes about other neutral tones, but as for pink or fuchsia you risk looking artificial or harsh in that case. On the other hand, when opting for a little black dress you need to pick a really catchy lip tone to have impeccable looks.

17. Do go for fake bangs. This is the following tip that we may give to you. It will be especially easy if you have short hair and if you don’t dare to get your hair cut. In that case you simply can brush your hair from the scalp to the front and fix it there. As for the longer locks, the task is getting a bit harder and you may just create some side swept fake bangs with the help of holding a front lock above the forehead and fixing it with a hair spray.

18. The super playful and sweet “milky’ effect on the lips is another trendy and cool experiment you may go for. This effect goes especially well with the saturated and rich shades. Its essence is the outline on the upper lips created with generally white lip pencils or just by means of shaping the lip arc with illuminators having some golden details in them.

19. One more trick about lips is meant to treat quite a popular problem among the ladies. If you have decompensated lips, which most often are coarse above and fine below, you may use the proficient color correctors suggested by many popular brands. You may use those liners with the identical shades as the lipstick redrawing the lines and getting the natural shape in accordance with the decompensated areas.

20. For going even further with the stunning effect of the lips you can gift them with a sassy 3D look, using some pale lip gloss along the outlines of the lips, with the help of which your lips will look thicker. After this you just need to fill in the whole texture with a darker tone, which will mix with the lighter shade and secure the glam finishes.

Top 30 Summer Beauty Tricks from Experts
21. In addition, if you want to secure the juicy and fabulous looks of the lips you can opt for simple tricks like exfoliation and scrubbing. Using the appropriate products with circular motions and removing the creams and scrubs with warm water you’ll definitely have the sassy looks even before applying any lip shade.

22. As for the application of the nail polishes, and especially the number of layers that should be applied, we can recommend organizing everything according to the shades. Thus for lighter tones you can go for even 4 or 5 layers, while for darker hues not more than two coats is recommended. Of course it’s out of question that you need to start with a base or a primer and finish up with the top coat for the long-lasting and great effect.

23. In order to find out the basic and the most suitable tones for your skin you need to apply the tone you check on the clear skin. If the result is as expected, then the tone is just the exact accompaniment to your daily beautiful looks. The most important thing is to be sure that the tone ideally complements your skin undertone.

24. In order to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, you need to focus on applying the mascara on the upper lashes from roots to the tips leaving the lower lashes free of mascara. For completing the look even more you can opt for shades like brown for the mascara. Completing it with a line of brown eyeliner you can get the effect even further. Such eye makeup accents can be complemented with the peachy or orange makeup accents for neutralizing the dark circles.

25. One more great way to accentuate your eye makeup is drawing a line with your eyeliner along the upper lash line, going only to the half of the lower one. Then you may just blend it with a blush to create some smokey effect. You can also use some darker shades for the accents and also opt for an eye shadow for an even more enigmatic look.

26. Another coolest trick you can try out is matching the lip shade with the shade of the nails, opting for the retro glam looks. The accents can be both matching one another or contrasting each other. For instance, you may pick some similar tones of pink or coral for the lips and the nails or else go for the muted darker tones for the lips choosing some light alternatives for the nails for the contrasts. In both cases you are sure to get perfect looks.

27. One more thing that you need to remember about picking an eyeshadow is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to match the tone of the shadows with your eye color. Just the opposite, you may adhere to the basic trendiest tones for the season like lemon, lilac, blue, coral, or orange for summer and get some really impeccable looks by means of correctly picked accents and combinations.

28. If you want to have a blended tone for the face you may apply the foundation with your fingers making the T-zone and later going on with the massaging motions to gently lay down the whole of the cream all over the face skin. Afterwards you will also have the appropriate background for the rest of the makeup products. Of course, having the proper base you’ll be able to experiment with any type of innovations as well as the traditionally chic looks.

29. If you would like to accentuate your shiny and gorgeous hair, you can also use such products, which apart from fixing the hair also gift it with a sassy shine and shimmer. The curly hair looks especially well and perfect with this trick. The range of products can include the hair sprays, the gels and the mousses.

30. Finally, if you would like to hydrate your nails effectively, you can use special oils or creams, which should be applied with circular motions and finished off with the strengthening polishes, which will complete the effect of the moisturizing product even more.

Thus here were the basic summer beauty tips and tricks that we wanted to present to your attention. Using these tips as required and combing the right details with each other you’ll be able to come up with the most impressive and stylish looks, which will not be different from the most proficient and skilful works by the specialists. In the long run, you are using the tips and tricks suggested by the experts, and the results are time proof and time tested by the popular fashion brands during the most stunning fashion shows. So be sure to follow them and to astound everyone with your impeccable looks!

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