Now You Can Wear Christian Louboutin on Your Fingertips Too!

Christian Louboutin Nail Polishes

The fashion updates get more and more impressive and cooler and this time it’s all about one of the most luxurious and chicest brands in the world of fashion coming with the sassiest and the most unexpected suggestions in the beauty market! From now on you can wear Christian Louboutin on your fingertips since the glam brand makes the first steps in the market of nail polishes with enormous plans of future development! Thus we are speaking about the range of the chicest nail polishes presented by the ultra-fabulous Christian Louboutin Beauté! The prehistory says that one day in 1992, the proficient and super talented designer completed a shade of a pair of shoes using some nail varnish the result of which were the red soles, and now, as he notes, it’s time of “giving back to nails what the shoe took many years ago.” The Crazy Horse cabaret is the next catchy thing in the overall range of details and elements that served as the basic inspiration for the creation of the ultra-innovative and at the same time so iconic representations of the brand.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polishes
Starting with the very design of the Christian Louboutin nail polish bottles, in which the polishes are going to be introduced to the fans and followers, we can note the inextricable conceptual and ideological connection between the iconic shoes the brands comes up with and the overall inclinations that the polishes themselves are designed with. The focus of the design of the bottle thus goes around the shapes of the brand’s most iconic Ballerina Ultima shoes being the result of the teamwork with talented photographer David Lynch in 2007. All the essence of the combo and the hit of the creativity were to pick the same length of the heel of these shoes (20.5 centimeters) for the whole height of the bottle. The faceted glass encompasses square and round forms making the impression of having the shade frozen in the glass. In addition, the underside of the cap also carries come design similarities with the signature shoes of the brand, coming with specific and unique red tones, joint with the long cap the inspiration for which seems to be the calligraphy brush. It comes finished off with the bottom-weighted design to secure the easily manageable application.
Going further, it’s the super diverse and multi-lateral nature of the lines that we would like to speak about, according to which, first of all the signature Rouge shade will be unveiled and presented in the boutiques of the brand, followed with the 30 other shades that are also planned to be included in the range of the alternatives. Before the official launch of the products the eight floor at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship located in New York as well as the 15 boutiques of the brand in the US will have five shop windows for displaying the hints about the forthcoming surprise, presented by an imaginary city Loubiville. Sweet, isn’t it? And what’s even more awesome is that the first exemplars of the polishes should already be available for our scrutiny in these boutiques now, while for the rest of the shops in the US the official launch date is fixed on August 6 for the first tone and August 31 for the remaining 30. As for the distribution of the Christian Louboutin nail polishes in Europe, they will be introduced to the army of fans in Northern Europe in early August, going to Ireland, Milan, the UK, Germany and Switzerland, up to August 14, also spanning to Hong Kong on August 1 and the Middle East on September 10. All in all, that will make over 100 boutiques all over the world.
The main companion of the brand in this great initiative and plan is New York-based Battalure Beauty absolutely securing the sophisticated and chic outcomes. Thus, as noted on WWD, speaking about the new takes in the fashion world, the designer noted, “If I do beauty, I have to do it my way.’ And further talking about the scrupulous work and the great attention to every detail, he also added, “I am someone who likes objects.’ Speaking about the general hues and the nature of the Christian Louboutin nail polish shades, he noted them having “depth without thickness’, which certainly makes the next catchy aspect of these products. Moreover, the designer also worked well on the advertising, having created a film, which served as a teaser for the arrival of the polish and was introduced to the army of 1.4 million followers in Twitter and those 2.7 million of Facebook and Instagram.
So the sophisticated and uber cool range of Christian Louboutin nail polishes is going to be just as luxurious and chic as the shoes, also preserving the sumptuous prices! A bottle of polish is going to be $50 and the care kit is going to cost some $55.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polishes
In addition, speaking about the main reasons and aims of creating such products, the designer explained, “I always end up questioning myself, ‘What should be on the nail?’ So coming up with the most suitable and perfect alternatives for the nails is what the basic goal of the designer is.
Finally, coming to the ways according to which the Christian Louboutin nail polish shades are grouped and organized, we can add that the tones are grouped into three color conglomerations including the Pop, Nude, and Noir options, while the iconic red tone has a special and unique design making it the most enigmatic and special option in the whole range.
So at the very moment when the success and the enormous growth of the brand is simply unquestionable Christian Louboutin accepts a new challenge, entering a new market and doing his best to compete with such giants as Tom Ford and Chanel both in terms of the quality and the creativity of the products and the prices! We are really delighted to note we are really looking forward to some more details and alternatives to discover the next face of this talented designer’s world and to have more stylish and chic products from this brand. We do hope that the lipstick with the signature Rouge tone will be the next thing in the row!

Photos courtesy of WWD

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