Shine Bright Like a Diamond This Fall

Fall 2014 Shining Fabrics Fashion Trend

Continuing to speak about the chicest and the most amazing fashion trends that the coming fall is going to be adorned with, we come to the following super awesome and just great tendency being the glittery textures and the shiny looks, the shimmer of which comes with the most blinding and perfect exemplars ever! So what we can note as a primary detail when discussing the trend of diamond shiny looks is the richest abundance of shapes and design interpretations that these garments come adorned with.

Fall 2014 Shining Fabrics Fashion Trend
The super interesting combinations like those pairing the shiny fabrics trend with texture and design plays like ombre, polka dots, all-beaded and all-sequined looks simply can’t but be discussed in the scope of the trendiest and the most creative liat of options. Thus, if you are still wondering about the basic shapes and stylish forms that these designs were introduced with and if you would like to have some more sources of inspiration too, you may simply have a look at the magnificent options suggested by the most popular fashion designers and fashion houses of the world!
If you do like that, you might probably discover pieces like the all-shiny tops by Saint Lauren coming with the ultra-boho and girly vibes, thus combining the chicest iridescence with the long-sleeved and overall relaxed shapes, and finished off with the metallic accessories like belts, which perfect the image even more. The huge bow collar you may also note among the pieces of this line also appears to be ideally matching the shimmery texture.
In addition, when we say that the most innovative design solutions are never missing from the fashion trends, no matter how retro they might be, we do mean something like the interpretations by Marco de Vincenzo, during the show of which we saw the most creative solutions, which could be ever made up. Particularly, it was all about the combination of the outerwear garments with the dresses, all coming with the shiny textures matched with uber-colorful synthesis created by means of ombre technique. This is the case when two timeless vibes were joint to make a single innovative look, capable of spicing up any style.

Fall 2014 Shining Fabrics Fashion Trend
The totally blinding looks are the next best synonyms of shimmery textures and the show of Marc Jacobs was the following proof for that. What we note here is the absolutely breathtaking and at the same time extremely curious design solutions, covering the whole length of the dresses and jumpsuits and finished off with creative and stylish graphical prints and color combinations generally having the inclination towards grayish tones more. Beads and sequins were the main details with the help of which the basic looks and garments were designed.
In addition, if you are wondering about matching the shimmery designs with the classic forms like A-line pieces, the super feminine and perfect suggestions by Louis Vuitton will nicely surprise you, since here the totally glam and chic glittery textures were matched with the A-line silhouettes of the outerwear garments and the classic tones like creamy, which appear to be matching the whimsical textures just perfectly!
Finally, if the craziest and the most eye-catching interpretations are your basic intention and aim for the coming season then the totally flabbergasting pieces by Ashish and No. 21 are just made for you! Here you may find the most blinding and luxurious textures and color plays, matched with just as amazing and great patterns and prints and finished off with the youthful design solutions and details, which come to complete the looks even more. The diversity of the colors and their plays is out of question.

Fall 2014 Shining Fabrics Fashion Trend
So now you know and have a totally new formula for the most stylish and party-like looks for the coming season, with the help of which you may spice up your looks and make them modern and alluring with the most direct and unfailing means possible. The most important factor is not to overdose with the proportions of glitter and not to go too far with the all-glittery garments and their combinations either. Still, you definitely can go for the craziest combos with such textures and experiment with the most amazing and stunning pairs ever. This is especially true of the corresponding cool and tastefully “crazy’ looks that we’ve encountered with an uber-big number in the fashion shows of the season. Finally, if it weren’t for that huge variety of looks, the trend of the shiny and shimmery textures might not have been invented at all! So find the correct inspirations and go for the most amazing and catchy looks all around! Make the coming fall a super sunny and colorful period of your life and charge everyone around with your energy too! Fall isn’t mean to be boring and gloomy!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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