Beginner’s Guide to Running

Beginner's Guide to Running

Running is one of the most popular and effective activities practiced not only for purposes like losing weight, but also for just keeping fit and healthy and for starting the day with a great mood and lots of energy. Thus if you are thinking of going for running, here we have the useful beginner’s guide to running, providing you with the basic insight you need to be able to start everything in the right way and to use the maximum of the benefits that running presents for you.

Beginner's Guide to Running

What to Start Running With?

This is the primary question that most of the beginners usually have when starting running. The answer is very simple: you just need to run! If doing it once you feel you like it, then the next step is the correct choice of the necessary equipment. First of all you need to have a type of sportswear or sporty shorts. And of course, what’s no less important here is having the comfy and cool running shoes (Learn: How to Choose Women’s Running Shoes).

Running is an activity, which can be carried out alone or under the surveillance of a trainer, who will help you organize the schedule and the plan of the activities better. Still, you can do that yourself too and you just need to know all the details and the peculiarities about running to be able to put everything correctly.

Picking the Running Shoes

As we noted above, the choice of the running shoes is the one of the first things that you need to do when starting running. They are the most significant attributes for the whole period of running and you should really be careful and wise when picking the running shoes in order to avoid the possible traumatic injuries and the feeling of discomfort. The details like pronation and supination should be taken into account, joint with the correct structure of the foot. You thus should be attentive for every single element and detail that may matter for the running process later, and if you have troubles choosing a single option you can turn to specialists for advice, also looking through the options suggested and recommended by world renowned brands, which offer some tested and absolutely guaranteed alternatives, which will become your best friend while running.

The Interchange of Running and Walking

Regulated and organized pattern of the whole process is just as important in running as it is in case of the number of other activities. The main aim of this interchange is the chance to enjoy the running and follow the comfort and the rhythm exactly and concretely. In addition, you should be attentive for finding the correct rhythm of running, being neither too fast nor too slow. You may do this going for running with a friend for the first time and just talking to him during the run. If you have no difficulties breathing then the rhythm is suitable for you. Still, if you do have some discomfort, you should slow down the speed accordingly.

You may also use a number of gadgets, which measure your pulse and heart rhythm also suggesting the suitable rhythm of running. The gradual increase of the miles you run is the following necessary aspect for the beginning. Don’t go to extreme lengths trying to cover maximum of what you can at the cost of getting exhausted. Whenever you feel you are getting tired pass to walking for a while, and recommence the run only after you’ve had enough rest. The most important thing is not passing the whole of the distance running, but just moving on. You should also keep in mind that speed, the length of the step and the distance are totally different aspects of running having different values. Before starting you’d better consult an experienced trainer or find some exact and trustworthy tutorials.

Running for Losing Weight

There are very many ladies, who use running for losing weight and there are a number of things that they should take into account when opting for running for weight loss. First of all they need to find out the maximum HR (heart rate) of theirs. For the majority of people it’s determined by means of subtracting the age (the number of fully covered years) from 220-200. It’s also important to know that the 65-75% of the whole range of HR goes to the intensive burn of fats. For instance, if you are 30 years old, the maximum HR is 170. Later this value goes multiplied by 0.65 and 0.75, with the help of which we can figure out that the optimal pulse while running for this person is 110-130 per minute.

Afterwards, it’s also important to figure out the correct period of time required for running. The burn of the fats generally starts after some 40 minutes of work. This is what you should aim for. However, preserving the moderate and regulated proportions of everything is of utmost importance and that’s why we should also note that the first training may be limited to some 15 minutes too.

The Rest Is Just As Important

No matter how enthusiastically you may try, besides doing your best in running, you should also pay attention to having enough of rest. If you feel that you don’t need a complete rest throughout the whole week, you may divide your schedule into intensive and passive periods. Still, you should also remember that at least one day is required for totally recovering during which you need to exclude running at all. The 8 hours of sleep is also vital for runners joint with the correct diet. After the training you should eat food with high consistency of proteins, being the building material for the muscles.

So here was another useful range of tips and know-hows that we wanted to share with you. Taking them into account you may go for running confidently and boldly, being sure of the perfect and healthy body and the great mood you will have as a result!

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