How to Gain Weight While Eating Right

How to Gain Weight While Eating Right

The sudden loss of weight is just as big problem as the sudden gain of excess weight. It can cause some serious problems with health if not managed properly. It’s out of question that most of the ladies are struggling to lose weight, but still, there are some who really try hard to regain the excessive amount of kgs they’ve lost all of a sudden to be able to regain the normal condition of their figure and body. In this article, we are going to teach you how to gain weight while eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle!

The loss of weight is something that should be fixed as soon as possible, since in case of excessive thinness such problems as the ones connected with the reproductive function may occur. The loss of menstruation can be the first signal about the necessity to consult the doctor about the possible problems. It’s better not to wait until the problems grow too big and serious, and it’s also important to know what to do and how to eat to be able to gain weight at the same time not giving any harm to the body. So that’s what we are going to speak right now, introducing the basic ways and methods you may use for fixing everything.

How to Gain Weight While Eating Right
First of all you need to know that the main problem causing you to lose weight may be right inside your body. If you do not go for any diets and preserve the healthy and balanced proportions of food consumed every day, then you should start thinking over finding the failures and the problems in your body, which, of course, requires the examination of a specialist. This may be caused with problems like those connected with the endocrine system, allergies, tumors, failures of GIT, etc.
What we need to figure out first of all is the types of girls that most often have this problem. This is characteristic of those, who belong to the type of ectomorphs. Those are the girls having long bones, narrow chest and shoulders and highly impulsive reactions. They also have very quick and good metabolism, but they generally sleep not well enough and often have stresses. They react to everything very impulsively and are characterized with sensitive nature. Speaking about their lifestyle we should also note that most often they skip breakfast. The conclusion is that they should change their lifestyle and their habits to be able to work on everything else later.

How to Start Gaining Weight?

Understanding the processes that go on in your body and realizing how you can gain weight you can also have maximum effective results. If you don’t have any problems with your health, you will be able to overcome this problem quite easily. Thus, the very first thing that you might need to do is control whatever you eat during the day. What you should do is write down everything you eat with all the details included, to be able to analyze everything later and to regulate the daily regimen for making up the right ration.

The girls need at least 700 g of food consumed daily including the proportions of tea, coffee and juices. If you suffer from weight loss, try to find out the amount of proteins you consume each day in the whole amount of food consumed during the whole day. The secret of the rapid growth of the babies is the amount of proteins they get from the milk, which totals to the fifth of their total weight. You should thus eat fish at least twice a week, as well as soups and porridge with peas and beans. The proportions of carbohydrates should be the 50-55% of the daily ration.

In addition, to be able to gain weight quickly you should cut down on fast food. Eating fast food you will only harm your body and health and not have any pluses. Fats and other types of fatty food will only have a negative impact on your health. You even risk gaining excess weight very quickly because of that, which is definitely not what you want.

How to Gain Weight and Stay Healthy

Eating healthy food is extremely important not only for the thin girls but for everyone else too. The usual regimen of nutrition is 2-3 times a day, which is most probably not what you need. In order to gain weight you need to pass to 5-6 times daily diet gradually. Saying gradually we mean the step by step transition thus first adding just one more time of meals, and then smoothly passing to adding one or better two more times. The most important thing here is making this shift as comfortably and gently as possible.

Having a full breakfast is one of the most important things. It’s especially due to the first meal that the body gets maximum quantities of proteins and carbohydrates.

Having the meals in a pleasant atmosphere is just as important being sure to have them without any rush, stress and everyday bustle. Your good mood is a very important condition in this case too.

The Suitable Diet for Those, Who Want to Gain Weight

In order to gain weight you will need the following products:

• Fatty sour-cream, better 25%. The reason for including this product in the daily diet is the fact that the proteins and the fats that make up the consistency of this product are easily absorbed by the body thus being provided with the useful components.

• Quality butter, which also includes a great deal of useful components and elements.

• Baked flour products. You can flatter yourself with the whole range of the cakes and pies, croissants, and rolls. Tea, juices, and all the rest of the drinks can also be included in your daily regimen.

• Milk and dairy products are the following things that should be in for you. Fatty milk nicely stimulates gaining weight. You should thus drink some 3 cups of milk daily.

• Rice is the next component, which is a very useful thing rich of proteins and carbohydrates, thus being an ideal option for the quick and effective results. In addition, if you make it on the broth, it will be even more useful and great.

• Meat is the best source of proteins, which you simply can’t avoid. Products like beef, pork, and poultry should be included in your daily diet too. Fish and eggs can also be included here.

• Vegetables are what comes next, including the options like beet, cabbage, pumpkin, and zucchini, which should be added to the meals you eat daily.

• Chocolate is also included in the list, being one of the tastiest components. You should better pick natural types, made of natural cocoa oil. Chocolate products having trans-fats will only harm your body.

• Porridge is a real wonder for you too. Especially if you make them on the basis of milk, you’ll create a quick and magic ingredient for having the best results.

• Fruit juices with the pulp are also required here and should be drunk during the meals filling in the missing calories and vitamins.

• Fresh salads prepared with olive oil or soya sauce come right after, grounding themselves with the high proportions of vitamin E, which will stimulate the metabolism. In addition, they will help you stay healthy and beautiful.

• Up to 2.5 liters of water is what you should also remember to have during the day. You should thus include not only mineral water, but also other useful drinks in your diet.

• You may also stimulate your appetite with fruit or vegetable juices, or products like non-alcoholic beer.

What you shouldn’t eat is the range of refined products, conserved and frozen food and dishes made in oil. The main rule of your diet is that the total amount of calories you take each day should be more than the total of what you burn. This can be done having frequent meals during the day.

What to Eat to Gain Weight

The Main Menu for Gaining Weight

After finding out the main products that should be included in the daily diet, you should also pay attention to the proportions and the combinations according to which you have them each day. Thus, the ideal menu for gaining weight looks like this!

Breakfast: Your breakfast should be composed of a cup of coffee with 2.5% fatty milk, along with 1 tsp. of sugar. Cappuccino, 4 toasts with marmalade, a croissant with jam can all accompany the meal. You may also substitute this meal with a fuller option, having oatmeal with fruit, honey, and nuts.

Snack: After having the full breakfast you might need to have a snack, which can include some pies with meat or fruits, also accompanied with juice.

Lunch: As for lunch, you should eat dishes like soups with macaroni and cheese or fish. You can also add some sour cream to the soup. Also you need to have vegetable salads and two slices of bread.

Afternoon Snack: Coming to the afternoon snack you may have some ice cream with fruits, sunflower of pumpkin seeds, fruits with yogurt or a burger with fish or ham.

Dinner: Your dinner should be some baked meat or fish with vegetables, rice, or bread. Fruit salad and honey are also recommended.

Supper: Finally, for supper you should have a glass of milk or kefir.

For those who like experiments we would also recommend having a protein cocktail, for which you should take 1 packet of curd, 1 glass of cream, 2 spoons of honey and equal proportion of marmalade. Mixing all the components you can make a super tasty and useful cocktail.

Some More Tips for Gaining Weight Quickly

Here are some more nuances you need to take into account when trying to gain weight.

• One easy and effective way of gaining weight is using infant formula, which should be taken instead of milk during the whole day. This kind of formula is also suitable for grownups.

• Make the meals in pots so that they can keep the useful elements including the microelements and the vitamins with bigger proportions.

• Despite the fact that we presented the best diet you should have, you may include the food you like most of all to be able to have the most effective and cool results.

• Still even if the most strictly preserved diet turns out to be not effective, you should consult the doctor to find out the possible problems with your body.

Going for Sports If You Need to Gain Weight Quickly

This might sound surprising but you can, in fact, go for sports, and what’s especially significant in this respect is that apart from providing you with the balanced process of gaining weight, exercises also help you not to have any excessive accumulation of fats in the area of the belly. Besides, those exercises will in their turn add your weight by means of the added muscle mass and not the layers of fat. Running is of course not the most suitable option, but what you can try out is the exercises on trainers. If you have the chance you should also find a good trainer, who will regulate the process of exercising for the best results. The basic types of exercises are the muscle-strengthening options training the chest, arms, legs, thighs, etc. This way apart from gaining enough weight, you will also enjoy being fit and healthy. In addition, you will also have absolutely no problems with the tonus. Finally, after consulting the doctor you may also add steroids in your food.

Exercises for Gaining Weight

So, here were the most important and significant diet tips and know-hows that we would like to share with you. Following them you will be able to gain as much weight as you want, also staying healthy and fit and not risking to overdose with the food further having to face the opposite problem. So just be attentive and watchful for what you eat and how much, and you will enjoy the best of what is possible, also overcoming the problems of health that may arise because of not enough weight.

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