The Bucket Bag: The New Trending Bag for Resort 2015

The Bucket Bag: The New Trending Bag for Resort 2015

Resort 2015 is not so far as you think and the fashion trends that are going to be the overwhelming ones here are already being formed and clearly shaped, being described with a huge variety of comebacks in terms of all-retro and classy pieces and garments. Along with these, we also see the emergence of a number of renovated and absolutely chic accessories, design details, and just pieces. Thus, the bucket bag is one of those trends, making a totally new and universal piece for any combinations and purposes, and also having a moment among very many fashion collections and lines. The especially noteworthy thing about this piece is the big capacity and the extremely comfortable conditions for holding, also featuring a great look and universal compatibility with every style and piece. So here are some of the catchiest and the most fascinating varieties involving the bucket bag trend that we have noted in the resort 2015 collections of the designers and popular fashion houses.

The Bucket Bag: The New Trending Bag for Resort 2015

1. Anya Hindmarch Bucket Bag

The chic and comfy handbag that can be found in the collection by Anya Hindmarch is one of the most effective and noteworthy combinations of style and comfort, also having such design details as tassels and dual handlers for maximum control.

2. Botkier Bucket Bag

The cute backpack-like option by Botkier is also worth mentioning in this list, coming with a range of practical and stylish shades, mainly picked with monochrome options and adorned with a comfortable number of pockets, adding to the usefulness and capacity of this bag.

3. Jennifer Haley Bucket Bag

Another cool interpretation of the bucket bag is the chic and stylish alternative by Jennifer Haley, presenting a totally different yet equally effective texture and shape plays, again presenting a unique and comfy alternative for everyday wear and, of course, for any occasion.

The Trend of Bucket Bag for Resort 2015

4. Treesje Bucket Bag

The next effective example of the modern bucket bags is that we noted in the Treesje collection, coming with interesting reptile skin resembling texture and some golden details for spicing up the monochrome looks. Capacity is definitely not something that’s missing from this piece.

5. Lauren Merkin Bucket Bag

Beige does match the form of this handbag greatly and the variety suggested by Lauren Merkin comes to prove that from the first sight! The golden rings and the other tiny golden details are the next catchy thing about this design solution.

6. Hunting Season Bucket Bag

Reptile skin is again the play pair of the bucket bag, this time presented by Hunting Season. Thus combining these two vibes and further matching them with shades like dark green, the designers did reach a real perfection with the forms and designs.

The Trend of Bucket Bag for Resort 2015

7. Reece Hudson Bucket Bag

The longing for color combinations leads us to the alternative suggested by Reece Hudson, in the collection of which we saw the catchy combo of the quilted texture made with muted purple tone and the black top part, matching the former ideally. This is yet another great variant you may pick for the resort season.

8. Paco Rabanne Bucket Bag

Ethnic inspired vibes were the source of the creation of the super cool and unique interpretation of the bucket bag by Paco Rabanne, in case of which we see the typical red texture with some creative knots and binds finished with the thin handles and the overall leather looks creating a real exquisite perfection.

9. Danielle Nicole Bucket Bag

Ultra-feminine has to be here too and the sweet version suggested by Danielle Nicole is one of the most successful versions of the synthesis of girly vibes with bucket bag shapes. The sky blue shade nicely contributes to the creation of ultra-modern and extremely charming looks, again capable of matching any combo for any occasion.

The Trend of Bucket Bag for Resort 2015

10. Kate Spade Bucket Bag

However, if modern and even neomodern is what you want to have for the resort 2015, the variant of bucket bag Kate Spade presented to our scrutiny is even more noteworthy and tryworthy for you. Having the chicest combo of pure white and royal golden shades, spiced up with text prints and all put for the forms of bucket bangs, this wonder will greatly match your looks and make a clear statement about your personality.

11. Loeffler Randall Bucket Bag

Mini-golden beads covering the whole creamy texture of the handbag designed by Loeffler Randall can’t be left out of attention either, and we should definitely include this option in the list of the best. Matching the golden shades with the black leather texture the designers reached another perfect interpretation with this form of handbag.

12. Vince Camuto Bucket Bag

Another chic and timeless solution for the bucket handbag is that we saw in the Vice Camuto collection, where the leather black was matched with the bottom designed with clear hints of gray reptile skin designs and patterns. Golden tiny details could be noted here as well, but the most important factor here is the absence of shiny and glittery textures and the overall matte inclination even in case of the leather details.

The Trend of Bucket Bag for Resort 2015

Here was another uber imaginative and chic piece that we would like to present to your attention, hoping that after having a nosey at the chicest suggestions from the most popular and stylish designers and design houses you will be able to add one more effective accessory to your looks, spicing them up and adding a renovated and unique flair to them. Whether you plan to go shopping, or to the beach, or even to a hangout with friends, the bucket handbag will always be with you being your faithful companion and holding everything that you might need at any moment, at the same time not toning down the stylish message and the modern touch of your look. So have a look at these diverse and incredibly impressive bucket bag options and make up your mind about the most suitable and fave bag style of yours paying attention to the vibes and design details used for their creation and the extent to which you can go for stylish experiments in case of picking this or that type. What will be left afterwards is just the enjoyment of the classy and cool looks of yours!

Photos courtesy of WWD, Kayture

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