Embrace Folk Tales This Fall for Maximum Chic Looks

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014

Speaking about the main vibes and trends that were especially noteworthy for the fall/winter 2014 season, we can find out a whole range of creative alternatives and impressive looks, which are at times, indeed, magical and fantastic. The folk tales that served as an inspiration for a number of designers and fashion houses can’t but be discussed, too and that’s just what we are going to speak about right now. Don’t miss the newest folk tales fashion trend for fall 2014, if you really want to stand out in the crowd with your one-of-a-kind and cute looks!

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014
Starting with the super cute folk motives used by Alberta Ferretti we can speak about the wonderful vibes like magical forests and birds that came imprinted all over the sweatshirts and skirts, which made up the basic looks. The interesting solutions that were exercised for the creation of these diverse looks are probably one of the most successful interpretations of the folk tales themes, put with the typical shades of red, pale yellow, pale green, and black.
Fairies and witches were the basic concentration of Alexander McQueen show, including some very impressive all-white semi-transparent dresses, adorned with mythical images of stars, the moon and the sun and completed with just as catchy makeup of the models.
The colorful prints of golden fish, fish skin, and other themes of this type were also present in the range of the pieces, coming with just as suitable and impressive color solutions like red, orange, and gray to counterbalance the whole brighter part of the color palette.
Fringed design patterns matched with the ethnic inspired details and specific thematic prints have formed the unique silhouettes of the fashion show of Tommy Hilfiger, having presented really comfy and cute dresses with knitted fabrics and nice patterns like checks adoring the full silhouettes of the floor length apparel options carrying shades of blue and red.

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014
The fashion show of Dolce & Gabbana was noted with the images of walking knights the models were turned into, followed with the super cute outerwear garments at times also having the wide hoodies like Belle had in the popular fairy tale about the ‘Beauty and Beast’. The images of foxes holding flowers are also remarkable for these looks. The same can be also said about the images of funny owls covering the texture of the following mini dresses with delicate shapes. Squirrels, floral prints with fairy tale motives and the extremely charming color palette really take us to the magical worlds of our childhood.
Another great ethnic folk inspiration was put forward with the totally amazing Polo Ralph Lauren fashion show, which featured some really catchy color and shape interpretations used for straight strapless dresses, which were topped with modern comfy jackets having sheepskin lining. The synthesis of the modern with the folk was thus perfectly and flawlessly worked out this way.
One more cool combination of the folk vibes with the artistic representations was carried out by Rodarte, the show of which was marked with the curious and creative color solutions thus putting the colorful prints and patterns on the grayish background and adding the ethnic folk fairy tale theme to the neomodern looks. Fluffy, feathery, and knitted details only enhanced the effect.
For even crazier interpretations and solutions you can also look through the looks suggested by Peter Pilotto. This show was noted with the abstracted and graphical design solutions coming matched with the interesting themes and thematic prints put all over the garments. Black, red, and white were the key tones for the creation of these looks.

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014
In addition, one of the chicest and the sweetest looks suggested with the folk fairy tale inspiration was the array of the garments we saw during the Mary Katrantzou show, where really angelic fairies and fairy tale princesses were walking on the runway, wearing weightless and sky touching dresses adorned with embroidery, delicate patterns, and design solutions like pleats. Colorful details and at times bold solutions like side splits created a really elegant and personality stating feel.
Outerwear was the hit of the Etro show, coming with a whole range of ethnic inspired outerwear garments, characterized with the muted brown shade as background, and colorful folk-inspired designs and patterns for the decorations. The oversized shapes and the curious color synthesis were really impressive and noteworthy here.
What the Valentino show was marked with is the biggest diversity of the fairy tale inspired details and vibes, put all over the garments that the models came out presenting. Put on the semi-transparent textures of chiffon, these prints and patterns included mages of swans, Pegasus, owls, different birds, butterflies, turtles, flying fish, elephants, octopuses, and of course flowers. In addition, the uber-sweet and charming interpretations with the magical flowers and birds of Eden really secured the absolute stun of this diversity putting the valentine show in the top list of these thematic representations. Combining the traditional types of prints with 3D designs and beadwork, the garments really reached a level of perfection.
However, for the top delicate and scrupulously worked out looks you may also look through the options suggested by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi show. Here the accents were put on textures like all-lace varieties, coming with pure white shade matched with a small detail having a contrasting color like classic red for spicing up the look.
The all-tribal and Indian inspired motives were the overwhelming hit of the Vivienne Westwood show, which was marked with the absolutely cool and great combinations of the modern vibes and looks with the details taking us to the fairy tales like the story of Pocahontas.

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014
Givenchy doesn’t lag behind in creativity and resourcefulness concerning the fairy tale motives either and what we see in this case is the perfect composition of the ultra-feminine looks, joined with the fairy tale inspired colors and prints, combing all these with the delicate layers of sumptuous fabrics and luxurious furry details.
The show of Emilio Pucci can also be noted in the list of folk and fairy tales, suggesting some relaxed and nice silhouettes that resemble ponchos fastened with a belt at the waist, and again featuring the combinations of the ethereal color trio of white, black, and red shades spiced up with fringed finishes.
The specific types of knits and textures we noted at the Tory Burch show also gave us a reason to think of it being inspired by the folk tales too. This becomes especially noticeable when we see the details like furry handbags matched with the main parts of the garments again having some hints about the ethnic motives.
Another classic with folk duo can be found in the Burberry Prorsum collection for the season, this time putting the accents on the details like scarfs and the prints like mysterious florals and brocade design patterns, combining all with the curious shades and the catchy golden color plays put in between.

Folk Tales Fashion Trend for Fall 2014
Finally, it’s the magnificent fairy and folk tale motives joint with minimalistic and at times even monochrome looks that we found looking through the show of Temperley London, the models presenting which did look like fairy tale queens.
Thus do consider the folk motives for maximum chic looks of yours for the coming season and you will also have them combined with the extremely stylish and cool combinations that will take everyone’s breaths away from the very first sight!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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