Coffee As The Best Means of Losing Weight

Coffee As The Best Means of Losing Weight

There exist so many methods and treatments that are meant to help ladies get rid of problems like excess weight. By the time some of them lose their popularity, others become real trends. Coffee is definitely one of those products that are gaining more and more popularity among the capricious fashionisers all over the world. The usefulness and the benefits of coffee have been known for quite a long time. Still, like it is in the case of any other product, there is a certain list of do’s and don’t’s and know-hows concerning coffee that everyone should take into account when picking coffee as the main means of losing weight. So that’s what we are going to speak about right now, introducing the basic ways and methods you can try out coffee to lose weight fast. Heck, some of these suggested coffee makers can make your coffee weight-loss journey even easier and more fun, too.

Coffee As The Best Means of Losing Weight

Is Coffee Really Useful for Losing Weight?

It’s not a secret that a cup of coffee is what the days of most of us are opened with. And that’s not coincidental because the purine alkaloids that coffee contains are included in the list of effective and legal stimulators, which enhance the activities of the brain and makes us feel more concentrated and refreshed. So it’s not a myth that coffee is a good means for completely waking up in the morning and being energized and fresh throughout the day. But what about using coffee for losing weight?

Before passing to that it is also worth mentioning that throughout the history of coffee it has been accused of a number of things, including the negative influence on cardiovascular system, the problems like weak bones and teeth faults, as well as drug addiction. However, the specialists have proved that if we use coffee with moderate proportions it won’t do us any harm and will on the contrary even have a positive impact on our organism.

Thus, if we discuss coffee for losing weight, the first thing that’s worth mentioning here is that the caffeine that coffee contains is a super great stimulator for the energetic balance of the body thus enhancing the process of metabolism and contributing to burning the excessive resources of elements like glycogen and fats. That’s how coffee also works well for losing weight and that’s the reason why many specialists also recommend having a cup of coffee right before the trainings and physical exercises. The result is the enhanced metabolism, accompanied with the great amount of energy. In addition, coffee also acts as a painkiller reducing the muscular pain, and fighting migraines.

Apart from stimulating metabolism, coffee also reduces the sensitivity towards insulin, which is expressed with the reduction of the “hormonal’ appetite due to which, the regular use of coffee helps to avoid the risks like diabetes especially for those, who are under such risks.

Thus, the use of coffee is really an irreplaceable means for getting rid of big amount of water and useless element. There is also a tricky thing about it. Thus, you should be really attentive and cautious for your hydro balance since using too much coffee might cause dehydration of organism, if you don’t compensate for the loss of water frequently enough.

The high consistency of antioxidants that coffee contains makes it an irreplaceable and cool ingredient for the detox diet.

Looking back at the historical development of coffee, we can also note that the “green beans’ of coffee have been known to people since ancient times and first those beans were used when still raw, and that’s where their name comes from.

The Usefulness of Green Coffee for Losing Weight

Coffee is produced by almost fifty countries of the world including the biggest producer Columbia, joint with India, Brazil, Costa-Rica, Vietnam, and many others. The experts can easily tell everything about the quality and the place of origin of this or that type of coffee learning everything from the traces that the climatic conditions leave on every type of coffee beans.

Still, the inner consistency of coffee changes significantly when it’s being roasted. The carbohydrate balance and the amount of elements contributing to oxidation practically draws to zero. Tannins are one of the best examples of such elements. Chlorogenic acids are other super useful and great elements that fade away when coffee gets roasted. It is really a powerful antioxidant and when using it with the raw coffee beans it’s possible to greatly enhance the exchange of carbohydrates, thus focusing the process of burning on fats, also slowing down the receipt of glucose into the blood.

Is Green Coffee Safe?

This is the next question that arises after the discussion of the potential benefits that the green beans of coffee present for our body. Generally, it’s very hard to find any product, which won’t have any contraindications and will be absolutely useful for the body without presenting any risks to it. The green beans of coffee are not an exception either. One more thing that you need to remember about the use of green coffee is that despite being an effective way of losing weight, it does not make the changes immediately.

Thus first of all because of the high consistency of caffeine, acids, and the weakening influence, green coffee is not allowed for pregnant women and those who are feeding newborn babies, as well as those who suffer from any chronic illnesses including the cardiovascular illnesses and those connected with the gastrointestinal tract. The use of green coffee may also prove not to be so useful for you, if you suffer from high inner pressure of the eyes, hypertension, problems with the nervous system, and violation of heart rhythm.

In addition, it’s also important to take into account the compatibility of coffee with the number of medical means and additives. Not all of them are perfectly and exactly compatible with coffee and its components. On the other hand, there exist a number of drinkable products and medical means, which even enhance the effect of coffee, such are the extract of Guarana and the Paraguayan mate tea. In the case of combining these ingredients with coffee, however, you should be cautious as well, since besides enhancing and speeding up metabolism, they can also greatly increase the blood pressure. To cut the long story short, you should definitely consult a doctor before going for any of these combinations.

How Is Green Coffee Prepared and Used?

Speaking about the ways of preparing and using green coffee for making treatments and for losing weight, we can first of all note the extracts prepared with the roasted coffee beans, which can be used instead of the usual liquids consumed, thus making a great experiment not only in terms of innovative diets but also form the point of view of gastronomy too.

The most popular types of green coffee that are provided for sale are Arabica and Robusta. Caffeine is found with especially big proportions in Robusta accompanied with Chlorogenic acid, while the taste of Arabica is a bit softer. And most frequently, the treatments for losing weight are made with the mixture of these two types.

The taste of the green coffee is not like the standard type at all. It can rather be compared with the taste of strong green tea. Thus the taste of green coffee is what puts many girls off from using it, while in order to reduce the specific taste of green coffee, add some black coffee to it, accompanied with spices, honey, or something else.

In order to preserve maximum of the effective and useful ingredients, you may buy the beans and grind them yourself, thus avoiding buying the roasted and already grinded types. Still, you may also go for the readymade types but the disadvantage of this alternative is that you won’t be able to see the beans, which have been grinded and make sure of their good quality.

As for making the infusion of green coffee, we can recommend adding 2-3 spoons of coffee to 200 ml of water. The principle of preparation is the same using similar tools like coffee makers. The most important is not to boil the drink, otherwise you risk to lose the important elements. In order to make the effect stronger you may infuse it for 5-7 minute, after which you need to filter the mixture and drink it warm or cold.

The daily norm of drinking green coffee is from 2 to 5 cups. Since coffee is a great means for getting rid of the ceaseless appetite, you may drink it in between the meals, thus drinking it neither right after the meal nor right before it. Drinking coffee when totally hungry is not a good idea either. Combining it with additives like ginger, Paraguay tea, Guarana you may drink the mixtures you get not more often than once a day.

Coffee As The Best Means of Losing Weight

Four Useful Recipes with Green Coffee for Losing Weight

In addition to whatever we’ve noted above, here we also present four super useful recipes for using green coffee for losing weight. The list goes as follows:

Green Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss #1

You may take a little bit of ginger, with approximately 2 cm of length, grind it and add into the coffee pot with the freshly prepared green coffee. Afterwards you need to mix it well, heat it until boiling (but do not boil it). You may also add some lemon juice, 1 tsp. of honey, and a small bit of grinded red pepper optionally.

Green Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss #2

Also, you may take 400 ml. of water, 2 blossoms of carnation, 2 tsp. of grinded ginger, 2 tsp. of grinded green coffee beans and heat all these until boiling. Not letting it boil, you should take it off from the heat, let it get infused for 1-2 minutes, add 400 ml. of no-fat warmed milk, and let it go cold until reaching a comfortable temperature. Afterwards you just need to drink it during the whole day.

Green Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss #3

For the next recipe you may take 3 tbsp. of grinded green coffee, half a teaspoon of grinded ginger, 1 tsp. of grinded cinnamon, 1 tsp. of natural cocoa powder, 1 tsp. of anise seeds, a bit of orange rind, and 400 ml of water. Then you need to mix everything, get it reach a boiling temperature, and let it get infused before drinking.

Green Coffee Recipe for Weight Loss #4

Finally, you may also take a cup of water and boil it with 3-4 blossoms of carnation, a stick of cinnamon, some seeds of cardamom, and a pinch of mace and mix all these well. Further you also need to add 1 tsp. of grinded ginger and 1 tbsp. of grinded green coffee. Then add a cup of milk and warm all these together. Take it off, let it get cold and infuse for 5 minutes and only after that drink the mixture.

Thus, here were the main things that we would like to introduce to your attention, also speaking about the benefits and the disadvantages that coffee and green coffee particularly have. If you manage to take everything into account and be careful with the proportions and with the compatibility of certain ingredients with the rest of the medicaments and products you use, you will be able to use coffee as an irreplaceably effective means for losing weight. Despite the fact that the methods based on the use of coffee are comparably new for the modern nutritionists and specialists, the wonders of coffee and especially green coffee have been known to mankind since very early times and it’s not in vain that for some nations coffee has been an almost sacred and high appreciated product. Thus, knowing everything about the useful elements and the contraindications connected with the coffee consumption you’ll make use of the best pluses it presents. Paying a great attention to the proportions and not overdosing coffee is the next important thing you need to pay attention to. Thus go for this innovative and super-efficient method of losing weight and surprise everyone with the stunning results and the slim body of yours!

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