20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Diane Kruger Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are always a great alternative and you might especially feel the need to opt for such when planning to go out on a hot summer day! These hairstyles will provide you with great resources for having chic looks, at the same time feeling not too hot as you would in case of having hair hanging freely. Besides, you will also have a universal hairdo matching any makeup accents and any type of looks perfectly. Thus, what we are going to speak about now is the top 20 celeb inspired braided hairstyles you can confidently go for this summer!

1. Diane Kruger Braids

The chic and relaxed hairstyle of Diane Kruger also spiced up with a tricky small French braid running beneath the main relaxed layer is probably the first option we may speak about, not forgetting to note the loosely left front framing hair and the central parting.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Diane Kruger Braided Hairstyles

2. Blanca Suarez Braids

The following beauty in our list is the one gorgeous Blanca Suarez had for a red carpet look of hers in Los Angeles. Combining the wonderful updo vibes with the braided details and spicing up the look with sweet floral accessories she managed to come up with the most impressive and chic looks ever.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Blanca Suarez Braided Hairstyles

3. Heidi Klum Braids

If bold, youthful, and even revolting is what you would like to have for your second-to-none summer looks, then the cool Mohawk with braided hairstyle of Heidi Klum is the best thing you can go for. Styling her hair with dual parallel French braids running on the one side, she came up with quite an effective and try-worthy hairstyle you can go for too.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Heidi Klum Braided Hairstyles

4. Charlize Theron Braids

The following elegant and beautiful hairstyle that you can try out is that of Charlize Theron, who has been seen with a cute and charming low side bun all made with braided strands and matched with the delicately side swept bangs and the nicely laid down texture. This is a really cool alternative for combining it with universally chic looks of any style from casual to classic.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Charlize Theron Braided Hairstyles

5. Jennifer Morrison Braids

Another great alternative is suggested by Jennifer Morrison, whose choice is the milkmaid braid, running above the forehead and matching it with the low side swept ponytail for the absolutely girly and feminine feel. The sun-kissed blonde shade of hair is an especially suitable option for a relaxed and graceful do like this.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Jennifer Morrison Braided Hairstyles

6. AnnaSophia Robb Braids

The magnificent hairstyle of Anna Sophia Robb is the next one to catch our attention here, coming with some cute mini braids covering one side, leaving the rest of the hair delicately parted with a side parting and also including some effortlessly left small strands for the natural and girly feel.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: AnnaSophia Robb Braided Hairstyles

7. Jessica Chastain Braids

Jessica Chastain also has an impressive alternative in this respect, presenting a curious combination of classic and creative solutions, thus coming up with a side parted hairdo adorned with a small mini braid running across the area behind the ear up to the very bottom of the nape. The sweet shade of her hair does match this option a lot.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Jessica Chastain Braided Hairstyles

8. Cara Delevingne Braids

Cara is in our list as well, and what she has to offer is the ultra-bold combination of the braids and the straightened hair, each occupying a section of her hairdo and carrying a certain type of vibes, be those the youthful touches and the revolting attitude of the punk subculture or the classy looks perfect for any occasions.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Cara Delevingne Braided Hairstyles

9. Victoria Beckham Braids

For all messy yet cute looks you can always turn to the looks of Victoria Beckham, who really loves the effortlessly styled and spiced up looks, characterized with loosely hanging strands of hair, front framing asymmetrical locks, and relaxed side swept braids completing the image perfectly. This is a really great alternative for walks and summer hangouts with friends.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Victoria Beckham Braided Hairstyles

10. Maria Menounos Braids

For the absolutely gorgeous and flabbergastingly feminine dos you may look through the looks of charming Maria Menounos, whose looks will provide you with some great ideas for coming up with girly braided hairstyles, which may, for instance, have central partings, messy details and, of course, braids framing the front and turning into updo details like buns for the final touch. This does look effective and dreamy too.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Maria Menounos Braided Hairstyles

11. Ashlee Simpson Braids

Yet one more comfortable and cool option of hairstyles can be found with the looks of Ashlee Simpsons, who presented her top knot made of braided locks and finished off with the sleek front part and the impressive eye and lip makeup for the total perfection. So go for it especially if you love dos like knots and high buns.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Ashlee Simpson Braided Hairstyles

12. Kesha Braids

Kesha has always been one of the boldest and the coolest celebs of the fashion world, and if we are to have a look at the braided section of her beauty arsenal then we may discover looks like the side parted and wavy dos, completed with the braided strands for the one side and the extravagant accessories like those she likes to use as her earrings.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Kesha Braided Hairstyles

13. Kim Kardashian Braids

Fishtail braids may also be found in our list and Kim Kardashian is one of those beauties, who have been seen wearing a messy and chic do of this type, which was finished off with a messy fishtail braid swept to one side and spiced up with the freely hanging strands of hair on the opposite side. With the bangs delicately laid towards one side, she really managed to create a perfect and catchy do suitable for everything again.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Kim Kardashian Braided Hairstyles

14. Florence Welch Braids

Styling a braided hairstyle with an accessory is also a good idea and the look of Florence Welch comes to prove that right away. The way she styled her braid running across the crown with a small golden chain is just incredibly chic, especially if you also manage to have some short bangs left underneath the chain and joint with some messy accents.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Florence Welch Braided Hairstyles

15. Taylor Swift Braids

Taylor Swift is the following great fan of braided looks and for another look of hers we may note the chic updo created with the braided strands for the back and the nicely central parted and cute part for the front. Her sweet classic bangs also have their important role in the final effect.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Taylor Swift Braided Hairstyles

16. Vanessa Hudgens Braids

Combining the gorgeous hair shade plays with the braided looks is the say of Vanessa Hudgens, who has been noted with a cute milkmaid braid, again coming with some messy touches for front face framing and having the cool plays of blonde and brown on the very texture of the braid for the complete stun.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Vanessa Hudgens Braided Hairstyles

17. Poppy Delevingne Braids

The absolutely charming and traditionally cute alternative of braids has been observed with the looks of Poppy Delevingne, who decided to go for the strictly central parted do joint with the milkmaid braid running on the back part of the head near the nape and also featuring some tiny strands of shorter hair left for framing probably.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Poppy Delevingne Braided Hairstyles

18. Emma Watson Braids

In order to have the girly and impressive do of Emma Watson, you just need to take a delicate and small side wept braid, add some volume to it in order to secure the effortlessness of the hairstyle, and also secure the slight volume of the scalp finished off with the side parting and the front framing few strands.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Emma Watson Braided Hairstyles

19. Eva Mendez Braids

Eva Mendez decided to add even more volume and effortlessness to her braid, leaving really big proportions of front framing hair on both sides of the side parting, not forgetting about the messy side braid either.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Eva Mendes Braided Hairstyles

20. Nicole Kidman Braids

Finally, the last astounding look that we would like to speak about is that of Nicole Kidman, who decided to have everything at once, thus going for the braided details, adding some considerable proportions of volume to them, and combining all that into a sassy updo, which remains with significant masses around the area surrounding the nape.

20 Celeb Inspired Chic Braids To Try This Summer: Nicole Kidman Braided Hairstyles

Thus, here were the most significant and eye-catching braided hairstyles that we would like to speak about. We do hope that this array of looks will be useful for you, enabling you to come up with some fresh and creative hairstyle alternatives, which will secure your good looks and your charming appearance joint with other styling combinations and garments too. In the long run, it’s all about creating the combinations correctly preserving the harmony of the looks and being sure of the occasion you are going to attend. If the latter is a summer walk with friends, or better a day out on the beach, then braided looks are just what you need. So go for them and you are sure not to regret for the absolute fun and enjoyment that you will definitely have when securing your beautiful and comfortable looks. The catchiest looks of the celebs will only help you to have some more ideas and variants to think over for the most correct and greatest picks. So don’t waste your time!

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