Traveling To Europe In Style: 5 Looks for the 5 European Capitals

Traveling To Europe In Style: 5 Looks for the 5 European Capitals

When summer finally arrives you start thinking about your future plans and the places you would like to visit. Europe is one of the most popular and cool targets for many fashionisers and having suitable garments and accessories is one of the most important things that you need to take into account. Thus, this is what we are going to speak about right now, presenting tips for traveling to Europe in style, opting for the 5 major looks when picking a certain European capital. Going for the appropriate look can only enhance your enjoyment and provide you with the suitable basis for having fun to the full, taking cool pics, and having the greatest memories connected with your visit. Thus, the list of the 5 looks according to the European capitals goes as follows!

Traveling To Europe In Style: 5 Looks for the 5 European Capitals

1. Rome: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Italy and the Italian ladies are known for their energized and enthusiastic temperament. That’s what serves as the basic motivation for them to wear bright and catchy pieces and accessories. Thus, you may create a charming and quite attractive look with the help of colorful and whimsical garments and accessories, which may have the most diverse stylish interpretations and design solutions. What’s most important is the overall “dolce vita’ philosophy that overwhelms the looks. The sunny days of Italy will do the rest of the job. So do practice the famous quote from Julius Caesar for conquering everyone with your style and charm!

What to Wear to Rome

2. Paris: Le Fran‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√ºais C’est La Langue de L’amour (French Is the Language of Love)

Speaking about the world capital of romance we simply can’t omit that fact when styling the looks for Paris. Besides, the iconic image of feminine and beautiful woman created by Coco Chanel also has its influence for your choices. Thus, what you can opt for when dressing up for Paris can be made up of the iconic Chanel-made little black dress (Learn: How to Wear a Little Black Dress), matching it with the comfortable and equally chic accessories, which should, of course, preserve the feminine feel and the romantic effect of the look. The color palette should also be mild but not boring having something catchy and memorable, put on the overall soothing and calm background (Learn: How to Dress Like French Women).

What to Wear to Paris

3. Madrid: De Madrid Al Cielo (From Madrid to Heaven)

Another sunny and attractive capital of Europe that requires your attention is Madrid. Thus, as one of the most common sayings about this amazing capital states, it’s one of the most beautiful and greatest places to visit, and talking about the suitable looks you can opt for there, many options may be discussed. For instance, you may opt for the colorful and energizing hippie-inspired looks, picking some iridescent combinations, of course preserving the tastefulness and the overall feel of style, or go for the feminine and classy style and spice up your classic with casual combination with accessories like hats. So pick any of the contrastive styles and enjoy your stay to the full.

What to Wear to Madrid

4. London: Keep Calm and Go to London

What makes one of the classiest capitals of Europe so unique is that you can opt for the most diverse and incredible solutions and still enjoy the effect to the full without being depressed with the looks people could throw at you anywhere else. It’s the city of contrasts and diversity and you can do whatever you want here! Still, if you would like to feel a part of the royal traditions and classics existing here, the elegant and feminine vibes can become the cornerstone of your look. Thus, it provides you with all the necessary means for looking both extravagant and strictly classic and really enjoy your trip in both cases.

What to Wear to London

5. Berlin: “Berlin! Berlin! Wir Fahren Nach Berlin!” (“Berlin! Berlin! We’re Going to Berlin!”)

If one of the most controversial and interesting capitals is your target location for the nearest trip, then you are a real lucky-ducky! Despite the dark and provocative past, this city is one of the most popular fun spots of the world with the never-ending parties and loud festivals! Besides, it’s the destination where the most famous modern artists meet and apart from having fun also share their latest experiences and works. Thus, if you want to become a part of that you need some comfortable garments and shoes, and suitable accessories for completing the image. The colors may vary depending on the places you are going to visit and the same refers to the style of the combos. Still, what you may take into account in any case is that any crazy experiment and vibe can be picked.

What to Wear to Berlin

Thus, here were the most attractive hot spots of fun we would like to introduce to your attention, and you are to decide where to go and what to wear. Picking the necessary arsenal of garments to secure your looks, you will really enjoy your stay and have fun to the full coming back with unforgettable memories and experiences!

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