Fitness for Pregnant Women for an Easier Labor

Fitness for Pregnant Women for an Easier Labor

Many doctors recommend cutting down on physical load as much as possible during pregnancy. But this physical load does not refer to physical exercises and sport, since fitness and sports are exactly what’s recommended to go for before the delivery of the child. Doing so, future mommies will have considerably less difficulties after the delivery, especially in terms of getting back the slim figure and fitness. Doing physical exercises regularly helps to regulate the functioning of the lungs and other organs due to the special type of workout program. In addition, the regular trainings contribute to the creation of endorphin, which has a slight pain killing effect. Today, we are discussing workout tips and fitness for pregnant women for an easier labor!

Fitness for Pregnant Women for an Easier Labor

Is It Allowed To Do Fitness During Pregnancy?

This is a question, which occurs for every future mom. The main reason for doubts is that she has to take care of the baby apart from thinking about preserving the figure. But still, the answer is definite and certain: yes! The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that before passing to fitness exercises it’s important to consult the doctor in order to make sure that there are no contraindications for it. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is that during this period, only mild and easy exercises should be practiced without excessive load. Those may be the warm-up exercises as well as the general strengthening ones.

After you have the permission of the doctor, you should pick a suitable place for regular exercises. In addition, you should also think of having a special trainer, who will show you the right ways of making the exercises in order not to harm the baby. Your trainer should have experience in working with pregnant women and have medical education to be able to provide correct guidance for you. In the long run, you should be careful and attentive realizing the responsibility you take for your health and for the health of your baby.

Fitness for Pregnant Women

In order to have maximum effective results while doing fitness exercises, you should take several tips into account. They go as follows:

• Do not reach the maximum level of physical load while exercising. You may have positive results with little or medium load, too.

• Do not be lazy. You should by all means repeat the exercises regularly to have the desirable outcomes.

• It’s important to remember that women start breathing heavier during pregnancy. That’s why it’s required to constantly change the intensity of the exercises and to pay attention to breathing exercises, too.

• In order to secure the full development of the baby, you should also follow your proper nutrition. You should not exercise for losing weight. That’s a very natural phenomenon for pregnancy. Instead, you should focus on training our muscles.

• Follow your pulse regularly during exercising and don’t forget about the complete rest, which is compulsory for future mommies.

• Don’t forget about drinking enough water during pregnancy.

• You should also pick the clothes you wear correctly. The choice of the bra is also important. It should support the breast but not be too tight.

• Never hold your breath while exercising. It adds the load of the pelvis, which may cause strong dizziness.

Fitness During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Before passing to the choice of exercises, you should know for sure all of those, which are not allowed during pregnancy. For instance, all types of bending, twists, etc. are all included in the don’ts list. During the first trimester only light and easy exercises are allowed, since there still exists a risk of losing the baby.

Many pregnant women refuse to do any type of exercise because of the strong toxicosis. The unpleasant feeling of sickness doesn’t allow them to do any kind of exercise properly. But that’s not the right way to go. After some 20 minutes of easy exercises it’s possible to reduce or get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy causing the feeling of discomfort.

Thus the following range of exercises is allowed for the first trimester:

• You should stand behind the back of the chair, legs open at the width of the shoulders and holding the spine straight. Holding the back of the chair you should raise on your fingertips. While going up breathe in and while getting back down breathe out. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

• Keeping the spine straight and the legs on the width of the shoulders you should make rotations with the pelvis. While doing this you also need to keep the hands on the waist. First make 10 rotations to one side and then equal number of rotations for the other.

• Squat on the floor making a Turkish cross-position with the legs and having the arms maximum relaxed touching the floor with the fingers. You should then make stretches lifting the right hand and making a bending to the left until the elbow of the left hand touches the floor. And then repeat the same exercise for the left hand, repeating the exercise not less than 10 times.

• You can also make swings with legs. For that you should stand straight, hold a back of a chair and make forward swings and backward swings repeating all 10 times for each leg.

• In addition, you can also move away from the chair, open up the legs on the shoulders’ width with the hands touching each other in front of the chest. Then with great effort you should press the palms against each other and count up to 5 after which you can release the pressure. This exercise should be repeated 10 times again.

Fitness for Pregnant Women for an Easier Labor

Fitness During the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Starting from the second trimester, you should stop doing any kind of exercises requiring lying on the floor on the back. It’s very possible to cause insufficiency of oxygen for the baby while doing such exercises. In addition, while having such positions while exercising you put too much pressure and load because of which the blood flow to the brains may also get reduced. That’s why it’s necessary to do the exercises under the supervision of a trainer.

The second trimester is one of the most favorable periods of pregnancy during which the toxicosis and the unpleasant feelings connected with it fade away and you are full of energy and strength and apart from fitness exercises, you should also lead an active lifestyle.

During this period you should go for exercises, which are aimed at strengthening the muscles of press, spine, and legs, due to which you will be able to go through the rest of pregnancy easier. The last trimester is the very period during which the organism is going to have the biggest load.

Thus for the second trimester the following exercises are allowed:

• Stand straight and hold the back of the chair putting the legs on the width of the shoulders. Later while breathing out you should squat and stay in that position for a couple of seconds, putting the strain on the muscles of the hips, buttocks, and perineum, and keeping the muscles of the press relaxed. Then you need to go back up. Then you should repeat the same exercise keeping the muscles of the press strained instead of the rest. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

• Then you can also lie on your right side holding the head with the hand and leaning on the floor with the elbow, while the other elbow should be simply put on the floor. Then you should lift the left leg and make front and back swings not less than 20 times. Further repeat the same for the other side.

• In addition, you can also stand on your knees, lean on the floor with the hands and keep the spine bent like a slight arch, after which you should stay in this position for a couple of seconds and get back to the starting position. This exercise should be repeated for 10 times.

Basic Principles of Exercises for Pregnant Women

• You should follow your breath with a special attention. Do not hold your breath at any moment of exercise. This may cause oxygen insufficiency for the baby.

• The exercises should be repeated regularly. You can do fitness exercises 3-4 times a week, but not more. The organism should have some time for rest. You should also remember that the infrequent exercises (e.g. once a week) will not give the desirable results, but may cause harm at times because your body may be not ready for the load.

• You should also follow the temperature of the body while exercising. Accordingly, you should also avoid overheating. It will appear to have negative impact on the baby.

• The exercises should have little intensity. You should avoid the high load and pressure. It may cause big harm for the future mommy and the baby.

• In addition, you shouldn’t forget about nutrition. You should follow your daily regimen and be sure to have enough of food and liquid before and after the exercises.

Thus, these were the basic things you need to remember about fitness during pregnancy not underestimating its importance, but not going to extreme lengths either. Moderated amounts and proportions of everything will only help you go through the process of pregnancy easier and better and enjoy your fit and healthy body condition after the delivery.

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