DIY Facials To Remove Acne Spots

DIY Facials To Remove Acne Spots

Acne has always been one of the most annoying skin problems of ladies and there exist so many methods that are meant to help them fight this problem and enjoy their lives without acne. The diversity of diets, facial masks, treatments and procedures are all included in this list. Frustrating acne spots often appear on the skin after all the acne is gone. This is at times troubling, and of course, there are a number of ways to overcome that problem as well. So there’s no need to get into panic if you discovered the second problem after getting rid of the first. Thus, the DIY facials to remove acne spots we suggest go as follows!

DIY Facials To Remove Acne Spots

DIY Facial Masks for Removing Acne Spots

White or Green Clay Facial Mask to Remove Acne Spots

This mask clears up the skin, lightens it and improves the blood flow, thus helping you get rid of the spots quickly and effectively.


• 1 tsp. of dry clay
• A couple of drops of rosemary essential oil
• Water


You need to mix the clay with rosemary oil, and add some cold water to the mixture. All of the ingredients need to be mixed well with each other until you get an even mass having the density of a sour cream. The mixture should be later applied to the face and kept there for 10 minutes, after which it needs to be washed with warm water.

Clay and Parsley Facial Mask to Remove Acne Spots


• Clay powder
• Fresh parsley
• Essential oil of lemon and rosemary
• Lemon juice


First of all you need to prepare a decoction of the greens, for which you should pour some boiling water over the greens and go on boiling it for 15 minutes, after which you just need to filter the mixture. The decoction you get should be mixed with the clay powder, and blended until having the consistency of sour cream.

Finally, 2-3 drops of the lemon and rosemary essential oils should be added to the mixture followed with the lemon juice. The mask should be applied to the face for some 10 minutes and washed off with warm water.

What you need to remember in this case and in any other case when using lemon for face is that after the process you need to hydrate the skin, applying a moisturizing cream.

Paraffin Facial Mask to Remove Acne Spots

Paraffin is the only thing that you need here, and what you should do is melt a little bit of it and apply it with drops to the problematic areas. Before that you should also use a moisturizing cream in order not to damage the skin.

When the drops go dry you should take off the subtle film formed, avoiding getting those drops on the eyebrows. This type of treatment is not allowed for those having the vessels and veins visible and close to the skin surface.

General Tips about Using Facial Masks

In addition, there are a number of tips and tricks that you need to take into account when using facial masks for removing acne spots. First of all you should avoid using lightening masks more often than twice a week. In addition, you should also drink more water and limit the use of salty food. It will help you make the process quicker.

Do not hope for immediate results. As a rule, the effect of acne scar removing masks becomes noticeable after their systematic use.

Another good idea is using these masks during winter when the sunlight is not so strong and the influence of the ultra-violet rays will not be able to make the risk of the pigmentation bigger.

Treatments for Acne Spots Based on Essential Oils

Ointment with Essential Oils to Remove Acne Spots


• Essential tea tree oil
• Rosemary and lavender
• Lemon juice


First of all you should mix the essential oils taken with equal proportions. Then you should add the lemon juice to the mixture and after mixing all again keep everything in the fridge, applying it daily to the problematic areas. This recipe is an ideal alternative for women with dry or combined skin.

DIY Cream to Remove Acne Spots


• Olive oil
• Rosemary essential oil
• Mint
• Lavender
• Carnation
• Incense
• Neroli


Take the olive oil as basis and add a few drops of the essential oil to it. The cream you get should later be applied to the spots separately, or massaged to the whole surface of face and neck. For enhancing the effect even more you should repeat the procedure every night. This cream is a great option for weak and dry skin.

DIY Facials To Remove Acne Spots

Spongilla for Getting Rid of Acne Spots

The positive effect that spongilla has on skin is due to its function of enhancing the blood flow. Such results are achieved due to the irritating influence that spongilla has.

Besides, this treatment has an absorbing function over the hardenings and acne scars, speeding up the regeneration of the skin. Thus, here are some treatments with spongilla you can try out for fighting acne spots.

Spongilla Facial Mask to Remove Acne Spots


• Spongilla powder
• Boiled water


Mix 1 tbsp. of spongilla powder with 2-3 tbsp. of boiling water. After mixing it all well and getting a gruel-like mass, you should apply it to the skin using a cotton wad. You should also avoid the areas around the lips and eyes, since the skin is more sensitive there.

This mask should be kept on for 15-30 minutes and if you need to enhance the efficiency of the treatment you should apply the mask when still warm. Further it should be washed off with water. Massage the remaining parts into the skin.

After the procedure you might feel slight pricking, which is because of the effect of the active elements. Besides, your face might acquire a little redness, which will stay on for a couple of days; that’s why it’s not recommended going out after the application of the mask.

Spongilla and Clay Facial Mask to Remove Acne Spots


• Spongilla powder
• White or black clay
• Water


Mix 1 tsp. of spongilla powder with 1 tsp. of clay, after which add some warm water to the mixture. The mask you’ll get after mixing all should be applied to the face with a thin even layer. The duration of leaving it on is 20-30 minutes, after which the mask should be removed with warm water.

Do not use such masks if you have sensitive or thin skin.

In addition, these masks are not recommended for people, who have inflammations of skin, widened blood vessels or skin damages. The use of spongilla in such cases will cause strong irritation. In case the masks appear on the mucous membrane, you should immediately wash it off with a lot of water.

Products from the Pharmacy to Remove Acne Spots

If you would not like to spend time on the preparation of DIY acne spot removal treatments, you can get some readymade treatments from any pharmacy. For instance, you can opt for different ointments based on salicylic, glycolic, or azelaic acids.

Whatever option you may opt for, you need to remember that you should apply it to the problematic areas and let it stay there for about an hour. After the ointment exercises with its influence you can wash it off with water. Repeating the procedure daily you will have the desirable results.

The overall process of struggle against acne can happen to be quite a long and time-consuming period, but you need to be sure that the results will really be beyond pleasing and sufficient. This is true both about the DIY homemade treatments and those bought in the drug store. Still, if you have extremely serious cases, it’s recommended consulting a specialist before passing to any kind of treatment.

Persistence and aim-oriented approach is what you need to have in any case, because getting disappointed when not noticing any improvements from the second application is not the best way of getting rid of acne spots. So take all these tips into account and don’t forget to follow the instructions to have maximum effective results!

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