Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate

Fashion trends are diverse and multi-functional and when it comes to the approach of men and women towards certain fashion trends the ideas and the impressions differ even more. In addition, there is a considerably big number of most popular fashion trends that evoke the delight of the ladies and on the other hand make men just hate them! Sometimes the disagreements in this respect go so far that it doesn’t put them off from asking different questions about this or that piece or its comfort all the time. Thus, that’s what we are going to speak about now, discussing the top women fashion trends that men hate and prefer their girlfriends not to wear them.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate

1. Neon Tones of Any Shade

The very first trend that we would like to speak about in our list is neon (Learn: How to Wear Neon Colors). This is the case when ladies think that opting for bright shades they enhance the overall look and charm and become cuter and catchier, while most of the men just get annoyed because of the blinding and the acid-like tones put all-over the pieces and combined with the most incredible duos and compositions ever. For instance, shades like orange or light green frequently create associations with schoolish disco looks matched with daring vibes for girls while being pieces resembling the uniforms of firefighters or road workers for men.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Neon Colors

2. Oversized Sunglasses

While big sunglasses help the girls to create a girly image like that of Audrey Hepburn, for men it’s rather a piece of accessory seeing which they can’t but state the dragonfly-like looks such sunglasses evoke according to their “flight of imagination’. In addition, these sunglasses also have some practical use for ladies since they protect them against sunlight better and just look cool with almost any type of clothing combination.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Oversized Sunglasses

3. Retro Swimwear

The retro style has always been one of the most useful and cool ways of accentuating the style and the personality for the girls, while for men such pieces and accessories look kind of “old’ and “borrowed-from-grandmas’. This does refer to swimwear, since the retro alternatives generally have shapes that conceal more than they reveal and differ greatly from the modern sassy bikinis, which is, of course not the most preferable option for the guys. In addition, the imagination of men work in this case, too, making them suspect that the high-waisted bottom hides the belly fat inside!

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Retro Swimwear

4. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have always been the most fave piece of the ladies especially if we consider the comfort and the stylish looks that such pieces enable us to create (Learn: How to Wear Jumpsuits). But still, for men it’s just another way of looking simple and at times even resembling the clothes of the field workers! The biggest target among all the diverse types of jumpsuits is the denim alternatives, which are subjected to the strictest criticism by men and evoke the strongest reaction. The shorter variants can also be added to this list, especially when men appear to be not capable of telling them from dresses!

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Jumpsuits

5. Peplum

You have just seen a super cute peplum top and can’t help imagining the wonderful combinations you can create using that piece but you don’t even think that beyond your imagination and creativity there will always be a man to tell you that you look like you’re pregnant! This is, well, frustrating, but still, peplum dresses and tops are the next fashion trend that men can’t stand (Learn: How to Wear Peplum). In addition, the same suspicions reaction about your having excess weight will definitely work in this case as well.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Peplum

6. Very-Very-Very High Heels

While high heels are an irreplaceable tool for you to look irresistibly beautiful and chic, for men they are a big reason to be alert and anxious in case you twist your ankle or fall in the worst case! If you would like to overcome this frustrating situation, you can reach a compromise going for combinations, which include shoes that are really comfortable for you, and only pick high heels instead if you are a real professional in walking on heels and will not have any type of failure.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Super High Heels

7. Leopard Prints

You think leopard prints are sassy and sensual (Learn: How to Wear Leopard Prints)? Wait a moment because most probably the men seeing you think there’s something mysterious on your mind! The “carnivorous’ feel that such prints create sometimes make the impression of being light-minded and at times even vulgar, so be attentive especially when picking this print with bigger proportions. Still, if you want to feel secure you can go for combinations including this print using it for small details, parts, or just accessories.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Leopard Prints

8. Harem Pants

Inspired by the Eastern world, harem pants enjoy a great love among many women due to their comfort and versatility. And if you ask men, these are the ugliest pieces that conceal a woman’s beautiful curves and make them look really unflattering.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Harem Pants

9. UGG Boots

Finally, the last trend that we would like to speak about refers to the UGG boots, which are the unquestionable favorites of many girls, but if you ask some men, they will say they are not really cute, to put it mildly. Being accustomed to feminine and subtle looks, they often find it difficult to fit these uber-warm and comfy boots into those patterns.

Women Fashion Trends That Men Hate: Ugg Boots

Here were the basic fashion trends that we would like to introduce to your attention pointing out the main reasons and associations that most of men have when seeing this or that piece or combination, also providing you with the necessary answers to your possible questions and misunderstandings most often occurring because of this or that fashion trend you really love. Taking these tips and ideas into account, you will be able to come up with more effective and cooler combinations and to surprise everyone including men with the stylish and comfortable looks at the same time not giving way to questioning looks of the men surrounding you. The secret of success is picking everything with moderate and suitable proportions and not overdosing with anything, because no matter how stylish a certain trend might be, you will not go too far with it if you unexpectedly overdose with it. So be the fashionable and desirable star all around and stun everyone with the coolest looks of yours!

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