Facial Fitness: The Trick to Always Radiant Looks of Celebrities

Facial Fitness Tips: Facial Massaging

Being a model, a celebrity or just a famous person isn’t an easy task, since you need to take lots of efforts and spend lots of money and time to secure your always radiant and perfect looks that inspire commoners. Saying that celebrities and models have their own tricks for looking always stunning won’t be big news to you, however, revealing about innovative beauty techniques that say no to cosmetic surgery and to too expensive beauty products, yet guarantee a flawless and smooth complexion is definitely going to interest you! Below, we present 9 facial fitness tips or better to say facial massaging tips that famous beauties use to always look youthful and just incredible!

Facial Fitness Tips: Facial Massaging

What Is Facial Fitness?

No wonder, the modern world offers various methods for having a luminous and healthy face. Some women prefer cosmetic surgery, some turn to laser procedures and expensive beauty products from famous brands, while others give preference to natural treatments, using products straight from their kitchen to prepare DIY facials or turning to their own fingers to work the magic. The latter is the exact thing we are going to discuss today, inspiring you to spend no more than a few minutes a day on your face to prevent premature aging, pimples and other unpleasant skin problems. It’s facial fitness, the trick of many A-list supermodels and celebrities to having a glowing complexion, removing under-eye bags, dark circles, fine wrinkles, first signs of sagging and the dullness from the face. It’s a type of facial massage (which is by the way very pleasant and easy), the effect of which you can notice almost momentarily. Based on a Japanese massage therapy, this facial fitness technique takes some 20 minutes a day and requires only your own fingers and a mirror from you! So the steps are presented below!

Step 1: Working on The Forehead

This is how your facial fitness should start in order to improve the expression lines of the forehead and the area around the eyebrows, as well as to reduce the possible swelling of the face. Flex the four fingers of both of your hands except the thumbs and press your forehead three times with your hands from inside to the outside. Repeat this exercise two times.

Step 2: Eye Fitness

The second exercise is to improve the blood circulation around the eyes and to prevent under-eye bags and dark circles. First gently massage the area around the eyes with your fingers with the inside out movements. Next, gently press the eyebrows and temples on both the sides of the face simultaneously. For lymph drainage, you need to move the pressure from the temples down past the front part of the ears. Now, it’s time to work the thumbs pressing the four ends of the eyebrows, also gently pressing the nose bone from the inside part of the eyes with upward movements. Again repeat this exercise twice.

Step 3: The Mouth Exercise

This movement serves for strengthening the mouth muscles, lifting the corners of the mouth and alleviating the fine lines. You need to use the internal area of your thumbs and forefingers. Place your forefingers under the chin and the thumbs on both the side of the nostrils creating a triangle with your hands. Press the area with your hands twice, repeating this exercise again twice. For the second massage technique of the mouth, you need to use your index and middle fingers. Strongly press the center of the chin, the corners of the mouth and the area under then nose. Again, repeat this twice.

Step 4: Nose Massage

This technique is to reduce the swelling of the nose. Put your thumbs on both the sides of the nose and massage the area with semicircular movements, doing it 15 times. You need to rest a bit now, and repeat the same movement 15 times more.

Step 5: Cheeks

To remove the rigidity of the cheeks and the jaw and to give a better definition to the facial contours, you need to make the shape of a fist with your hands and use the second knuckles of your fingers. Place the knuckles on the jawline and press the area with upward motions. Nod your head down and move the fists up and down to massage the muscles. Slide the punches sideways and do a lymphatic drainage downwards, past the ears. Repeat this twice.

Step 6: Jawline

To sharpen the facial contours and to get rid of the rigid and chubby jawline, you need to repeat this exercise twice. Place the index finger above the chin and the middle finger underneath it. You need to pull your hand up hard against the front part of the ear.

Step 7: Cheekbones

This massage is done to lift the cheekbones. You need to use the entire area between the thumb and the forefinger. Hold the cheekbone, lean the head on your hand and lift the cheeks for 3 seconds. Slide the hand towards the ears without exerting much pressure and do lymphatic drainage towards the neckline. Again do this twice.

Facial Fitness Tips: Facial Massaging

Step 8: Muscular Relocation

Again you need to use the entire area between the thumbs and the forefingers. Put your thumbs under the chin and the forefingers between the eyebrows, creating a triangle. Look up and move the hands gently towards the ears, doing lymphatic drainage towards the neckline. Repeat this twice.

Step 9: The Final Steps

Slide your index and middle fingers with an upward motion from the tip of the nose towards the brow line. Use both the hands and do this 10 times. Next, use the 3 middle fingers and apply a gently pressure in the center of your forehead and on the temples to finish the facial fitness. At the end remove the excess oil from the skin using a toner.

Before and After

The fantastic results of this facial fitness are sure to pop out instantly, as you notice the disappearance of the dark under eye circles, the fine lines around the nose and the lips, as well as the significant brightness of the skin and the cheekbones looking higher. Do you know any other more effective, cheaper and safer way of boosting your beauty? Hardly!

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