Yogurt Diet Tips and Benefits

Yogurt Diet Tips and Benefits

The question of finding quick and effective means for losing weight becomes actual and essential for very many women at different stages of their lives. What most of them or almost all of them desire is losing weight without harming the organism and without causing undesirable consequences. Thus, there exist a number of ways for losing weight according to this pattern, but what we are going to discuss now is the yogurt diet tips and benefits with the efficiency and the short period of time required for losing weight this way.

Yogurt Diet Tips and Benefits

Yogurt Diet: the Influence on the Body

Perhaps, what we need to start with is the enumeration of the factors that influence the body this or that way also speaking about the ingredients that cause this or that type of impact due to certain functions or characteristics they have. First of all, yogurt is a product being created as a result of milk procession, due to the excessive amount of lactic-acid bacterium. They have the function of filing the intestine with useful microflora, thus also contributing to the process of digestion and the removal of chemical waste from the organism. Hence, if there are no more additives in the composition of the yogurt it can be really useful for the body in all aspects.

Coming to using yogurt for losing weight, we should note that the ultimate result achieved when going for a yogurt diet does not only refer to losing pounds or improving the digestion, but also for perfecting the condition of the skin. In addition, it also works well for the skeletal system. Talking about losing weight we can describe it as the result appearing due to the increased rhythm of metabolic processes, the removal of toxins and waste and the overall decrease of the calorie system of the daily regimen.

Yogurt Diet: Picking the Products

When speaking about including dairy products in your daily diet as basic products, there are a number of factors and nuances that you need to take into account. First and foremost it’s all about including additives in the composition of the products in order to prolong the expiration date, as well as the additional flavoring and coloring elements also used sometimes. The proportions of sugar in those products are also quite questionable and naturally such products will not be of any value for anything, not speaking of yogurt-based diets.

Thus, the very first thing that requires attention is the consistency of lactic-acid bacterium. The more the better should be the principle of your choice. The second important aspect that you need to pay attention to is the presence or the absence of sugar or any other types of nutritional additives. Opting for the plain options without any additional products and adding the fresh fruit yourselves is way more preferable than having all that added and composed for you.

Finally, the consistency of fat is the next essential thing that you need to look at when picking a yogurt. The percentage of fats allowed is not more than 1.5%. Still, if it’s really difficult to find such an option, you can go for other available alternatives with 4% or other minimal proportions included. The expiration date is what comes naturally and logically in the list of things you need to pay attention to.

How to Organize the Daily Regimen

If saying yogurt diet you imagine a daily regimen with only yogurt included, you are wrong. In fact, this diet includes a number of other products, too. In addition, there is even a range of different types of diets classified according to the level of strictness. One of the most popular and widespread variants is the one lasting for a week. In terms of healthy nutrition, it is quite balanced, including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The products excluded from the routine are the cereals, with all of their diverse types and the oatmeal. The use of bread and other flour-based products is also excluded, joint with macaroni and pasta. As for the fruits and vegetables, the diversity of the options is quite big in this respect. It’s allowed to eat up to 400 g of the different types of those daily. Still, there is again a list of exclusions. The latter goes for pumpkin and banana, watermelon and grapes. The dried fruits are not included in the regimen, either. This list is based on the fact that the products included there contain great proportions of sugar and calories. According to the same principle cabbage and carrots are also added to the list.

Coming to meat and fish, we can note the limitation of not fatty options. Those can be the meat of rabbit and chicken, or fish with other types of seafood. As for the latter, there is no need to follow the percentage of fats since it doesn’t actually have any high proportions ever. The overall amount of such food consumed should be 150 g.

Finally, there are no limitations on herbs and greens, as well as teas and decoctions. Mineral water can also be used during yogurt diet. On the other hand, the juices fall under the attention zone, limiting the list by fresh squeezed options only. The overall amount should not go beyond 0.4 liters daily.

Yogurt Diet Tips and Benefits

Yogurt Diet for 7 Days

Being more specific, we can point out the basic ingredients and their proportions that this diet should include. Thus, first of all it’s the 500 g of yogurt daily that should be consumed. The whole of the amount should be divided into 4-5 meals for the ideal regimen. It’s important to have the breakfast, lunch, and diner strictly separated from each other, not forgetting about having snacks somewhere in the middle.

Besides, there is one more unchangeable detail for the yogurt diet. According to that detail, you should drink 200 ml of warm tea or just boiled water some 30 minutes before each meal. The overall calorie system of the day totals to 1100 kcal, which is slightly below the norm. If your daily regimen differs from this more than in 20%, you need to decrease it smoothly instead of an abrupt and immediate shift.

• For the breakfast you can have a cup of herb tea. Actually, it works almost the same way as coffee, but the benefits are more, while the calories are considerably less in amount. You can also eat an apple. It will also improve the digestion and will enable you to eat your meal properly.

• The second meal can include some more food, also encompassing 200 g of yogurt with fruits. Peach or cherries are good variants. On the other hand, it’s not recommended mixing citrus fruits with yogurt.

• A vegetable mash sauce can be a great option for lunch. In addition, you can also try out a vegetable salad. After a couple of hours you can also have a glass of freshly squeezed juice mixed with water, or eat an orange instead.

• As for dinner, you can make some meat or fish, complementing it with a salad and yogurt, of course. The last component can also be put off for supper if you plan to go to bed after midnight.

As for the preparation of the meals, steamed and boiled alternatives are the only variants allowed, due to which the food will preserve as many vitamins as possible, also filling in for the necessary part of calories.

Talking about the efficiency of this diet, we can note that in some cases it appeared to be possible to lose up to 5 kg during a week, without side effects for the body. In addition, there has been noted some improvement of skin and intestine. Still, it is arguable especially if we consider the abrupt and sharp change of kg for such a short period of time and for a considerable part of women it’s not even realistic to lose some 5 kg for a week. But the improvements and the realistic weight loss of 2-3 kg are quite possible and great in this case. What is especially noteworthy in this aspect is the fact that this weight loss happens not only due to the reduction of fats in the body, but also due to the essential decrease of the calorie system.

Thus, here you have another great idea for trying out a fresh and effective way of losing weight quickly and effectively. If you manage to have enough power of will and intention to use this diet for achieving your aim, then you will certainly enjoy it. Combining the useful factors with the effective weight loss improving functions, this diet may serve as a universal means to get rid of excess calories and kilograms and to enjoy the beautiful and sassy figure of yours to the full. All you need to do is follow the regimen and not deviate from the pattern even for a second. So try it out and see if it works equally well for you too!

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