Kefir Diet Tips and Benefits

Kefir Diet Tips and Benefits

It’s no news that every girl wants to look cute and sassy irrespective of the season and occasion. This perfection refers not only to the stylish combinations with the garments and the accessories, makeup trends, etc. but also to the condition of the body, which enables them to enjoy all the rest. In fact, we can find very few ladies, who are absolutely pleased with their body and wouldn’t change a thing about it. For most of them having a flawless figure is an endless struggle for which they use a myriad of weapons and strategies. Diet is one of the most effective and coolest alternatives they usually opt for, and the diversity of the diet plans is no less big and comprehensive than the range of other means. The kefir diet is one of those types and what we are going to discuss now is the kefir diet tips and benefits that we think you need to know.

Kefir Diet Tips and Benefits

Kefir Diet Characteristics

Kefir diet is one of the most popular alternatives for many women. Still, as it is in case of many other diet plans and daily nutritional regimens, you need to consult a specialist before opting for it to be sure that your body is really ready for it and that this diet will not have any harmful consequences on the organism later. After such examinations many ladies might discover that they are not actually ready to go for such a diet. Among the contraindications we can note gastritis or ulcer. In this case you’d rather pick variants with richer “menus’ and milder restrictions.

Kefir is a universal product, which can serve as a source for calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, which are so essential for the human organism. In addition, this product is also useful for the eyesight, the digestive organs, and the skin, due to the vitamin A included in its formula. As you might have guessed, kefir is also used for cosmetic products, and various nourishing masks for face and hair are made with kefir.

Speaking about the value of kefir diet, we can note that it’s an effective way of losing weight very quickly and easily. In addition, this diet also cleans up the organism from toxins and regulates the weight. The advantage of this diet is the absence of too strict and almost strivingly limited regimen of daily nutrition. The low cost is the other plus. Finally, the quick results also make it a noteworthy option, since even from the first day you might be able to see and feel the results. Also, for having effective outcomes, you need to use low-fatty variants to limit the amount of fats consumed by the organism during the diet. As for the regular type, it’s just a useful product for everyone.

Discussing the essence of kefir diet we can note that the key for the quick and great results is the low calories that this product contains. It has just 1% of fats and is easily assimilated by the organism helping it to get rid of additional and excess liquid. In addition, kefir is said to be suitable for managing stresses and depression that are inevitable in our everyday life.

Kefir diets are divided into two main categories being stricter and milder types. You should take into account your own strength and power of will since not everyone can afford going for such a diet and handling it properly. Being more specific we are going to speak about the kefir diet for 9 days and the one for 3 days.

Kefir Diet for 9 Days

Starting with the option, which lasts longer, we can note that on the first three days of this diet you may only drink 1% fatty kefir throughout the day. It’s preferable to drink at least 1.5 liters of kefir daily, but if you want more, you can have more, too. You can increase the proportions whenever you want to.

Despite the fact that you actually need to include only kefir in your diet, you should be attentive to follow the breakfast, lunch, and dinner pattern.

During the coming three days you may add fresh fruit, more preferably apples or vegetables with proportions of 1 kg daily. In addition, we would advise you to eat green apples. The combination of kefir diet with fruits is a great variant for gradually losing weight. The most essential thing is not to add any sugar or salt into the diet. It’s also very essential not to mix the fruits with vegetables, and to pick one of them for joining it with the kefir.

As for the remaining 3 days, kefir is again the only and unique ingredient, and you again need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of it per day. If there’s the need you may drink more, too. Excluding salt and sugar is the most important principle here.
You may also look through the following scheme to have one more great option for the 9-day kefir diet.

1. This is the day of preparation. On the first day you need to start excluding the fatty and oily products from your diet, along with the bread and the products made of flour. And you also need to start drinking kefir with the proportion of 2-3 glasses.

2. For the second day you may have 5 boiled potatoes and 1.5 liters of kefir.

3. For the third day 100 g of boiled chicken meat and 1.5 liters of kefir is enough.

4. As for the fourth day, you need to eat 100 g of boiled meat and again the 1.5 liters of kefir.

5. 100 g of boiled fish and kefir make up the fifth day.

6. Fruits or vegetables (except for bananas and grapes, since they contain too many calories) plus the same amount of kefir are for the sixth day.

7. Only kefir is for the seventh day.

8. Mineral water should be the ingredient for the eighth day.

9. Finally, the ninth day should be the day of smoothly getting out of the diet. You can have boiled chicken, kefir, and cereals made of water and broth.

This is quite a widespread option of diet among the young ladies with the help of which they lose up to 8 kg at the same time cleaning the body. The only thing that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t go for this diet more often than once in 3 months.

Kefir Diet Tips and Benefits

Kefir Diet for 3 Days

Coming to the kefir diet meant for a way shorter period of time, we can first of all note the extremely effective results for the extremely short period of time. There’s absolutely nothing hard here. You just need to add some fruits and vegetables to 1.5 liters of kefir daily and that’s it. Watermelons and apples are especially suitable for this since they are effective for ridding the organism of the toxins and the excess liquid from the body.

This diet is an ideal alternative for those, who need to lose weight for a very short period of time and to acquire impeccable figure as soon as possible. This might be very actual in case of a special occasion or event. For preserving the results after the end of the diet it’s important to resist the temptation of rushing to the foods you quitted. Otherwise you risk having all the problems back again. The best way of getting back to the usual diet is doing that gradually, of course taking into account that you shouldn’t overdose with the daily amount of food consumed. You can thus start with light soups, broth, boiled meat and fish and vegetables. Adding regular exercises and sports activities will be just awesome. You can also go for fitness exercises. This will secure the ideal condition of your body. With the help of regular exercises and moderate proportions of food consumed daily, you’ll be able to enjoy the long-lasting and thorough results of your diet.

In order to get rid of the excess kilograms and to have impeccable body you don’t need too much. Power of will and persistence are quite enough. If you have these two components, finding the rest will be easier. This type of diet is just an effective method for accentuating your beautiful looks and for having sassy and alluring appearance for everywhere and everyone. Still, it’s you who is to decide whether or not you are ready for it. After consulting the doctor and making sure your body is ready, you need to make sure that your mind and soul are ready for that change, too. And only after having everything in harmony can you think of having effective and pleasing results. What this diet has as an advantage is the quick period required for noticing the results and the number of benefits that the product itself has for the body. Thus, go for it if you dare and the results you have will not make you wait long!

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