Working Out Fashionably: 2014 Fitness Trends

Working Out Fashionably: 2014 Fitness Trends

Saying trends we don’t only mean the stylish and always changing beauty and fashion trends coming up with renovated and reshapes interpretations for every season. In fact, it may refer to activities like workouts as well, and what’s especially noteworthy here is that you can actually work our fashionably too! So that’s what we are going to speak about right now, introducing the latest 2014 fitness trends for working out and doing that according to the stylish approach. Thus, pointing out the basic trends of fashionable and modern workout techniques, we can speak about the following options!

Working Out Fashionably: 2014 Fitness Trends

Cardio Tennis

Cardio tennis is a great technique for increasing the strength and the stamina of your body, at the same time suggesting a cool recreational activity for your fitness. The essence is playing tennis during 60-90 minutes, returning a huge number of balls and burning thousands of calories! More than three million people worldwide play Cardio tennis in more than 30 countries. The trainings are accompanied with pleasant music, and special balls with lower pressure are used for these trainings due to which they are easier to control, and accordingly the control you have over the hit also increases. Still, there is one more nuance here. During the training you need to move all the time and this factor also works well on the work of the cardiovascular system and will help you overcome the feeling of fatigue easier.

Such trainings will secure your great mood and will help you burn up to 600 calories on average, thus also improving your skills in fitness and sports.

Before the training it’s also important to put on a pulsometer to check out your pulse all the time. The 70 % of the exercises practiced in cardio tennis are the actual activities of tennis itself, due to which the muscular memory and the overall body condition are also greatly improved.


Orangetheory is a fitness program suggesting you combine the physical exercises with the cardio load using two most effective types of apparatus being the treadmills and the rowing machines. The whole process of the workout is carried out with the company of pleasant music. It’s a dynamic and energizing group activity, which is suitable for all the age groups. A training of this type practiced with one-hour intervals is capable of stimulating your metabolism to the full. It will hence allow you to burn up to 900 calories, after which you will still have them burning within the following 36 hours.


This workout improves the posture and helps you wear heels more confidently. Instead of the casual sneakers you can resolutely go for high heels not even worrying about how you’re going to stand on them. The creators of this type of activities called “fitness on heels’ assure everyone that in order to have a beautiful posture and walk you need to work out a certain group of muscles including the leg muscles, those of the hips and the buttocks, as well as the stabilizer muscles. This will help one preserve the balance and follow the correct posture. The basis of stiletto is made up of the rhythmical walks on the runway, made of walks by the diagonal, turns over the shoulder, etc. And all this is, of course, accompanied with good music. Such exercises will help you get rid of the fatigue you probably feel every evening when coming back from work.

Working Out Fashionably: 2014 Fitness Trends

Pop Up

This complex of exercises helps to increase the tonus of the muscles and to get rid of excess weight. This is a dynamic program developed especially for women, enabling them to work out all of the basic problematic zones, which are so frequent among them. The pop up trainings last for about an hour and consists of three main blocks. The first block is dedicated to the enforcement of the hip muscles and those of the buttocks. The second one is meant for the formation of the slim waistline, while the third is all about working out the triceps. In between each of the blocks there is a small cardio-interference, including jumps, running in place, etc. Such exercises are ideal for getting rid of the fatigue and for speeding up the process of burning the calories. Your level in fitness activities is not actually essential here since depending on the overall readiness and the level of yours you will be given a certain type of exercise.

Hoola Nation

This technique allows you to narrow the waistline and to make the buttocks more elastic. This technique is all about using the hoola hoops and making them improve the muscles of the waistline, achieved with the help of some effective trainings with the hoop. The main types of activities organized within the framework of this technique are the group exercises. This also contributes to the development of the friendly and cool atmosphere all around. The exercises are arranged with successive shifts from one type to another, including the most diverse and multi-functional variants of exercises with the hoop. The results are indeed promising, characterized by the better blood circulation and the increased risk of getting rid of cellulite. In addition, you can use it not only for the waist but also for the legs and the hips and the arms. Still, there is a range of illnesses in case of which this technique is not allowed. Such are the illnesses of ovary, liver, and kidneys. In addition, this also goes true for the problems with the spine, and the monthly periods of the girls. The daily activities with the hoop for ten minutes allow the girls to narrow their waistline by 1 cm after half a month.

Belly Fit

This is a way to increase the elasticity and the flexibility of the body, of course making it looks hotter. The curious mix of the elements of the belly dance with the African national dances with the elements of yoga, stretching, and much more make it really a fun workout program. This is an ideal solution for those, who are looking for not only good looks but also for confidence and high self-assessment. This complex includes the workout of the bigger muscles, along with the smaller ones. The muscles of the back, those of the belly, and all of the others are trained and worked out this way. In addition, the constant press and release of the belly sit-up massages the inner organs and stimulates their proper functioning. Every training of this type starts and finishes up with breathing exercises.

Krav Maga

Finally, the last option we would like to speak about is the so-called Krav Maga, which is meant to develop strength and coordination, and speed up the reaction. This is an energetic training complex, which is the fitness option of the fight in extreme situations and is based on the self-defense strategy of the Israeli army. There are elements of boxing, jujitsu, sports fights, and karate. In addition, unlike the majority of the traditional martial arts, Krav Maga uses all of the tricks that you might need for self-defense at a moment. During the training you are asked to overcome a number of extreme situations and to develop special skills for self-defense. Mastering the types of jumps, hits, etc. you’ll be able not only to defend yourself, but also to cause maximum damages to the initiator. You don’t even need special clothes for the training. Don’t forget about moving realistically as if being in a real struggle.

So, pick one of the most popular workout techniques that are also very fashionable and stylish to try out, in order not to repeat the same techniques and exercises over and over again. We are sure of your success more than ever!

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