The New Trend of Thigh Gap: An Obsession or a Fitness Rule?

The New Trend of Thigh Gap In Fitness

The ideas about impeccable and flawless figure keep changing and new characteristic features keep on appearing every now and then. Thigh gaps are the next in the row and nowadays more and more girls are getting obsessed with the desire to have that sassy gap between the inner thighs that is visible whenever they stand with the feet kept together. This is currently becoming a criterion for beautiful and flawless figure for a big “army’ of ladies. In addition, some of them erroneously associate it with extreme thinness and that’s one of the main reasons that some girls even go to extreme lengths of such magnitude that they risk to end up having anorexia. Even some of the celebs try to work on having thigh gaps or at least go for photoshop tricks to create them artificially. The question is whether having thigh gaps is something obligatory for having flawless beauty and whether being thin is the exact solution for having thigh gaps.

The New Trend of Thigh Gap In Fitness
Going deeper into the origins of this phenomenon, we should go back to 2012, when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place and during which absolutely gorgeous super models came out on the runway with those gaps and thin bodies, and the thigh gap rush began. After that a number of books, tutorials, and tricks appeared, which discussed the easiest and the most effective ways of having the thigh gap. On the other hand, there has also been a fierce backlash for this drive supported by many specialists and experts, who argued that the thigh gap is something natural and innate and those who want to create it artificially are just becoming subjected to “just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body”, as Australian plus-size model Robyn Lawley described it. Specialists like the clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg supported that idea also adding that “most women are not built that way to have that space between their thighs”.

In addition, we can point out some basic reasons of why some girls have thigh gaps, while other don’t even when being equally thin and slim. One reason is the developed adductor muscles located on the inner side of the thighs. Another possible reason may be the little muscle tone on the inner side of the thighs. Finally the genetic predisposition and the body shape in general can also play a major role in the existence or the absence of the thigh gap.

Coming to celebs and after discussing a whole range of names, who have been trying to photoshop the thigh gaps to make them more noticeable in photos like Beyonce once did it on Instagram, we can state that this crush has invaded the show biz as well.

Still, the criticism of this phenomenon and the extent to which it’s given importance didn’t stop so easily and the struggle goes on up to now. Fortunately, the approach towards thigh gaps has a tendency to go for accepting the artificial and unnecessary role of thigh gaps for beauty and everyone can make sure that having thigh gaps does not necessarily mean being beautiful or extremely thin very easily.

Along with celebs, who try to fake thigh gaps, we can also speak about others, who, not being skinny, still have the magical gap and do look gorgeous! Just look through the beachy shots of Elisabetta Canalis, Julia Pereira, Kelly Brook, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lawrence and many others and you will understand what the healthy version of the thigh gap means, excluding the dangers that ladies are being exposed to when trying to have thigh gaps by means of diets, which lead them to starving more or even going for plastic surgery.

On the other hand, we can also discuss the case when naturally having thigh gaps some ladies do not actually have them to a noticeable extent because the excess weight doesn’t let them enjoy the benefits of their body to the full. In this case, there is, in fact, a range of things that they can do, which may include the healthy diet and the workouts. Before getting into panic or having that extreme desire to obtain thigh gaps, it’s important to find out whether thigh gaps are actually possible for that certain body shape and genetic characteristics or not and only after making sure that there are some chances pass to the activities that may contribute to making the thigh gaps visible. Still, it’s also essential not to let the thigh gap fever overtake everything else and turn into an obsession, thus not going to extreme lengths and giving up the intentions of having it, if the basic tips and tricks do not give the expected results. In the long run being beautiful is not all about having thigh gaps!

Talking about the tips that can be used if the thighs are genetically set far enough to let a gap appear between them, we can note such pieces of advice as cutting down on junk food, for instance. Apart from being an essential thing for losing excess weight, it may also be a contributing factor for shaping thigh gaps. The fats and sugar that fast food contains are the number one enemies of healthy and slim looks, since apart from contributing to gaining excess weight, they also present a real danger for health because of the increase of cholesterol in blood caused by their consumption. Instead it is highly recommended including more of the healthy food in the daily diet, eating fruits and vegetables, for instance, and replacing the unhealthy products with natural ones with non-chemical components. Still, the proportions are also important and avoiding overeating is the next essential thing to consider.

Exercises and stretches are the following important thing to include in the daily routine practicing exercises like the butterfly stretches, leg lifts, and inner-thigh presses.

Thus, these were the basic things that we would like you to know about thigh gaps and the basic characteristics and ideas existing about them. In the long run, you are the one to decide whether to go give that a try or not, but if you ask us, if you are slim and thin still not having thigh gaps, this means you are perfect enough even without them!

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