How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

Fluffy skirts are one of those garments, which are simply ideal for accentuating your figure, visually making the waist smaller and creating a nice shape for the hipline. Their next advantage is the compatibility with other pieces and the versatile nature, enabling them to match perfectly with a number of garments. This is the ideal way out for those, who want to combine the modern, stylish, and feminine looks in one. However, you still need to know some basic principles and fashion tips on how to wear fluffy skirts in order to be able to create maximum effective looks with these whimsical pieces. These know-hows touch upon questions like successfully matching fluffy skirts with accessories, and the general principles according to which you can decide whether fluffy skirts are for your or not. That’s what we are going to speak about now, introducing the main ways of wearing fluffy skirts.

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

How to Choose a Fluffy Skirt

The variations of fluffy skirts are many, so it’s really a hard and quite time-consuming job to find one particular option that will go best for you. Try to enjoy the process of picking the right type of fluffy skirt in order to be maximum effective at the end. When preparing to try on some options, be sure to take a good top and some accessories with you to be able to find the very concrete and exact shape. So when choosing a fluffy skirt first of all try to figure out the purpose and the occasion you are going to wear it for. The next step is finding the right length for you, about which we will also talk here. In any case try to avoid the exaggeratedly fluffy options for all lengths in order not to have funny or unnaturally pompous looks.

To Wear a Fluffy Skirt or Not To?

You can surely wear a fluffy skirt if:

You have broad shoulders. This is the best guarantee of having the chicest type of hourglass figure. The fluffy skirt will nicely accentuate your shoulder line making the best results.

You have narrow hips or wide waistline. The fluffy skirt will help you to visually make the hips wider and will create a cute and feminine silhouette along the line of hips and waist.

If you are of medium height. The ideal length of your fluffy skirt is the knee length and the maxi one. The fluffy skirts below the knee like tea options will visually make you look shorter and will add some extra undesirable volume to the looks.

Do not wear fluffy skirts if:

You are very short or plus-size. In this case the fluffy skirt will only make things worse, accentuating the imperfections and making you look even shorter and plumper.

You are very tall. The short fluffy skirt is what will make you look like a schoolgirl, so you’d better avoid this type of skirt.

You have narrow shoulder line or plump hips. Fluffy skirts will make them even curvier. So the type of skirt for you is pencil or options with A-line silhouettes. Still if you really want to go for it, you can complement it with some tops, which visually make your shoulders wider or go for not too fluffy options.

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

What to Wear Fluffy Skirts With

The Different and Creative Solution

Breaking all the stereotypes, you can combine your fluffy skirt with garments like relaxed tops, still you need to know how to do that. For this kind of look, you can use some voluminous options of sheer and delicate tops, mainly worn for summer and fall. You can complete these looks with accessories like belts, which can be of elastic, textile or any other type. This will help you accentuate the waistline so this trick can also be used for tunics and elongated tops.

In addition, you may pick some tops having volume for the top part and being tight-fitting around the waist. Belts are not needed in this case and you may nicely put an accent on your shoulders thus creating a great solution in case you want to make your shoulders visually wider.

Fluffy Skirts With Tight Tops

This is the following creative solution for you, especially if you have a nice figure and want to accentuate it even more. Turtlenecks, long sleeved tops, tight fitting tops and other garments of this type will do the magic for you.

The Simpler, the Better

Going for simple solutions is also an alternative here. You can simply pick some ordinary tops or boleros of various types and styles. However, try to avoid strict jackets or suits when picking the fluffy skirt. The best solution will be the light cardigan of the feminine light jacket.

Picking the Top

When picking a top for the fluffy skirt you need to know that the top should only complement the look created with the help of the skirt and not conceal it or contradict it. That’s why when picking a certain option you need to make it either repeat the style of the skirt or be short enough for not hiding it. In this respect we may advise you to pair the fluffy skirt with leather jackets reaching the hips, furry waistcoats, retro-inspired coats and trench options.

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

When It Comes to Styles

The Retro Style With Fluffy Skirts

This is the first variant, for the creation of which you can freely use the flare skirt. Matching it with some cute blouses and classic shoes or some pointy flats is the ideal gateway to retro chic and glam. As for the color palette, it may also be diverse and versatile, including combinations like black and gray hues. Outerwear garments may also be used for complementing the looks. Another cool combination may be created with a corset or a jacket. Nevertheless, you need to avoid the provocative looks, which you risk to have when opting for a corset and a short skirt in one look. So in order to avoid this, you may just pick some longer alternatives reaching the knee level or a bit shorter.

The Neoclassic Style With Fluffy Skirts

Neoclassic style is the following wonderful thing you may opt for. Of course, when adding the prefix neo we make a clear hint about the piece being uber modern and renovated. And this is, indeed, true about the fluffy and flare skirts, too. Whatever we see in this style is a one level up repetition of whatever we forgot about ages ago. The blend of the new and the old can be created combining the shades and the shapes, as well as spicing up the looks with typical accessories and details. For instance, you may opt for combos like fuchsia flare skirts with bold accessories and bright plays like the ones created with scarfs. The next never-fading look can be created with the help of the timeless beige shades coming as subtle tops in combos with black fluffy skirts. When dealing with longer options, you may also match them with blouses, sweaters, tops, and T-shirts. Décolleté may also be uber useful for completing the combos with maxi fluffy skirts.

The Street Style With Fluffy Skirts

When the combos you create are meant for summer and don’t have anything “cold’ about them, you can also experiment with the street style when trying to find some suitable options for their flare skirts. You may match them with shirts and blouses. As for the footwear, options like flats, booties and even military boots may be compatible for the looks. Creating color contrasts with shades like pure white and red are also a do.

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

Paris Street Style With Fluffy Skirts

Talking about the basic directions towards which you can direct your looks and style them, as well as concentrating on the street style, you can go for the very specific and extremely feminine Paris street style, which can be created with the help of matching some short fluffy skirts of beige or some brighter tones with black leggings or stockings and some lighter accessories and details.

London Street Style With Fluffy Skirts

Continuing our array of chic street style looks, the following option we would like to talk about is London street style, which is exemplified with the traditional English checkered patterns for skirts, completed with a black sweater. This kind of combination will really make you look like a real English lady. In some special cases and for special occasions, brighter tones like red can also be used for the creation of this style.

Fluffy Skirts for Fall

When we think about the compatibility of fluffy skirts with a variety of pieces, the idea of it being extremely versatile arises. We discover how ideal it is for pieces like trench coats and other garments meant to wear during the colder season. The color combinations may also vary in this case going from traditional to modern and creative.

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

Best Accessories to Wear With Fluffy Skirts

One general principle that you need to remember about the fluffy skirts is that the accessories like handbags should be picked according to the level of fluffiness of the skirt. The fluffier the skirt, the smaller should the accessories like handbags be. Small clutches or smaller handbags with chains are an ideal piece in this respect.

Shoes to Wear With Fluffy Skirts

Picking the right shoes is also important, since they are one of the most important details creating the wholeness of the image. Thus, you may go for some flats and ballet types, boots and booties and even wedge heels. The most significant thing for you to know is that the shapes need to be tight fitting without any relaxed and loose parts, especially in case of boots. Still, you can create some looks with such boots, if a country style inspired look is your aim. One more vital nuance you need to know is that it is extremely not recommended matching fluffy skirts with boots reaching the half of the calves. This will make your legs look significantly shorter.

Don’t Forget to Use Some Belts

This is the very detail that can nicely accentuate your waist and complete the chic look of your skirt. You may also opt for belts with plissé skirts. Consider tucking the blouses and tops into the skirt depending on the absence or the presence of the belt.

How to Wear Fluffy Skirts

There were the basic tips and tricks on how to wear fluffy skirts that we would like to share with you. We hope this was useful and that using these tricks and pieces of advice you’ll be able to create maximum effective and cool looks for any occasion!

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