15 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

15 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

There are a number of small, but at times really frustrating problems that each of you happens to face from time to time and that gives you a lot of trouble if not solved quickly. Strange stains on tops, rumpled garments after a long trip, a zipper that’s not working or jeans having stretched after you washed them for the first time. All of these are included in the list of the most frequent and most annoying everyday problems and here we are going to present some very impressive and cool methods for getting rid of these problems quickly and easily. Thus, here are the 15 fashion hacks every woman needs to know in order to make her life easier!

15 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

1. How to Fix the Zipper

The simplest and the easiest way of fixing a zipper that won’t work as it did before is using a simple pencil. The time you might need to save for visiting an atelier you can easily change with the minutes you’ll spend getting a pencil.

2. How to Replace a Metallic Button

Replacing a metallic button on a denim jacket can be done with the help of a metallic lock or a small brooch. This is one of the most favorite tricks of the followers of street style.

3. How to Get Rid of Pilling

There are two ways of getting rid of pilling on sweaters: either doing that with a women’s razor or using pumice. The latter will be especially suitable for delicately knitted fur like angora or cashmere. In addition, if you need to clean you sweater but you don’t have any delicate a gentle washing powder around, you can use a children’s shampoo instead.

4. How Not to Make a Mess in a Box

In order to have everything better kept and easier to manage, you can put your T-shirts, jeans, and pants in movable boxes, arranging them vertically and not horizontally. Though you won’t economize on space this way, you’ll be able to have everything accessible and at hand whenever you need anything without making a mess.

5. How to Free Some Space in the Wardrobe

The two problems that every woman appears to face are that she has nothing to wear and that her wardrobe is too small! Thus, if you appear to be facing the same problem, you need to start thinking about freeing some space in your wardrobe for both getting rid of the old clothes you don’t need and for making the range of garments you can pick out of which. In addition, you can place the garments of the previous season in the far away corner of the wardrobe, taking those you need for the season closer to your reach. This way you can also figure out which garments you use less frequently.

6. How to Protect Summer Shoes from Rain

The following thing you might be wondering about is protecting your summer shoes from rain. The most effective thing you can do is using a transparent wax, with the help of which you’ll be able to protect your espadrilles, converse, and open-toe shoes on platform from the disastrous influence of rain.

7. How to Iron Shirts Correctly

The following thing you need to master is ironing shirts. Thus, you need to start ironing them inside out, being able to work out the line of the buttons not spoiling them with heat. You also need to dry the shirts firmly buttoning all of the buttons including the one on the very top. This will also help you to keep the collar straight. Still, if you already have it done unevenly, you can use a hair straightener to fix that.

8. How to Get Rid of Stains from Clothes

Every stain has its antidote. There are some stains that require special treatments, but still, there are some that we can suggest some effective and quick solutions for. For instance, in order to get rid of the stains of antiperspirant on clothes, you can rub them with tights. As for the red stains, you can use white wine for getting rid of them. The yellow stains of oil can be removed with lemon juice.

9. How Not to Spoil the Tights

Tights are details, which you are going to need for important occasions even on the sunniest and hottest days. Thus, it’s important to keep them safe from spoiling and for doing that you can use some hair spray spritzing it all over them to make them less fragile and likely to spoil.

Fashion Hacks for Women

10. How to Refresh Suede Pieces

Refreshing suede pieces can be done with just a piece of hard stale bread. Just rub it over the dirty areas of the pieces. You can also use children’s dusting powder for effectively cleaning your suede pieces.

11. How to Bring the Shine of Shoes Back

If your fave oxfords have lost their initial shine and good looks, you can use any spray for washing the glass for them. For refreshing the looks of the soles you can also use a transparent nail lacquer.

12. How to Make Jeans Stay Tight

It’s really sad and not cool to say farewell to your fave jeans just because they’ve stretched after washing. In order to prevent that, you can add a little of white vinegar to the water while washing the jeans. Also, dry the jeans on a horizontal surface.

13. How to Choose the Right Bra

If a bra happens to be too tight, it can be just as unpleasant for you as anything else in this list and even more. That’s why it’s important to pick the right shape and form, being guided by a simple trick. If when trying it on you don’t manage to place your two fingers under the clasp, then it’s small for you and if you manage to place three, it’s too big.

14. How to Wash Shoes Made of Cloth

You can actually wash your shoes made of cloth including converse sneakers in the washing machine, but don’t forget to remove the insole and clean it separately.

15. How Not to Rumple Clothes in a Suitcase

If you are planning a trip and you don’t want the pieces you pick to end up looking absolutely and hopelessly rumpled, you need to roll them instead of folding, being sure to put a thin tissue inside the roll beforehand. If you still have some slight rumples after the trip, you can hang those pieces near the bathroom so that they get easily straightened due to the moisture.

So here were the most important fashion hacks for women that you really need to know in order to make your life easier. Just keep them in mind and enjoy your happy and joyful life looking beautiful and always having the correct solutions for any problematic and annoying situations. The most important advantage of these tips is that being really simple and cool they will be easily memorized and used further!

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