Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

You may not believe it, but in order to find the most useful and time-resistant beauty tips, you just need to turn to your grandma for advice! Yes, she is the one to have enough experience and knowledge to be able to give you the very exact advice and to share precious beauty tips and tricks you would never think of! To help you perfect your looks in the most trustworthy and resourceful way, here we present a thorough review about the most efficient and precious beauty tips and tricks from our grandmas!

Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

1. Taking Milk Baths

This is one of the most luxurious and coolest things you can ever do to perfect your skin and to make it look revitalized and fresh. Taking milk baths is quite an old treatment, since even Cleopatra is known to have paid great attention to the milk baths frequently. You may soak in milk baths for 20 minutes, and the acids containing in milk will diligently help exfoliate the skin and moisturize it.

2. Don’t Forget About the Lipstick and the Blush

In fact, what accentuated beauty meant for our grandmas didn’t go far beyond the duo of the simplest products: a lipstick, and a blush (or rouge as some call it). This was the key to their successful and bedazzling looks, and this does prove to be effective and ethereal even now, when we have a huge arsenal of all types of makeup products.

3. Practice Some Wet Set

This is the following absolutely damage-free option for beautiful looks. During the times when there were no curling irons, no harmful treatments for perfecting the hairstyle and no lotions to make everything stay as it is after all is done, women opted for the so-called “wet set’. During this procedure, they washed the hair, detangled it, and used special rollers into which they pinned the hair and let it dry. This was, indeed, a bit torturing, but the results were really worth the try. The exclusion of heat also presents another advantage for this option.

4. Think of a Signature Scent

Having a concrete signature scent means evoking memories about you whenever and wherever even the slightest hint of your perfume may be felt. This was one of the most significant and important things in the beauty to-do list of our grandmas and that’s really gorgeous!

5. Let the Cold Cream Nightly Make Some Magic for You

When it comes to the procedures taking place before going to bed, using the cold cream for removing the makeup every night is the best skin treatment you may opt for! Sinking in, this cream hydrates the skin and makes it soft and smooth. That’s one of the secrets of grandmas’ adorable and charming skin.

6. Nails Are Indeed Important

Even though nail salons didn’t exist during the times of our grandmas, they did pay attention to nails. Options like the effective hand creams softened the skin, while regularly applied nail lacquer helped to preserve the gentle and nice shapes of the nails. Polishing, generally made with DIY principle was another ideal final touch for the manicured effect.

7. The Way for Glowy Looks

In case you want to have some natural skin glow, there are many tips and tricks you may opt for. For the first simple option, you may just try using some slices of cucumber over the skin, especially applying it on the areas creating those puffy eyes. Cucumbers soften the skin and work well on the complexion.

8. The Best Way to Fight Inflammation

However surprising it may sound, garlic is one of the best ways of fighting skin inflammations. Garlic has an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effect and will shortly become your best friend for preventing this problem and getting rid of it.

9. In Case You Have Dry Skin

There is also a very easy and useful treatment for naturally dry skin. In order to get rid of that unpleasant feeling, you just need to grind four to six almonds and apply the paste to all over your face. After leaving it for 20 minutes just rinse it off with warm water and there you go with the ideal results. All this success underlies in the function of omega-3 acids and protein, which really work well with the revitalizing the skin and repairing the dry areas.

10. If You Just Want to Revitalize Your Normal Skin

There is a good treatment in this case, as well. For having natural exfoliator, all you’ll need is mashed pineapple, or papaya, capable of smoothening your face and working on the replacement of the dead cells with new ones due to the bromelain enzymes they both contain.

11. A Treatment for Pores

In case you just want to remove the clogs on the pores, a simple method might help you. It can be done with just some slices of potatoes, which will quickly unblock the pores and help the skin to get rid of those imperfections.

12. Just Another Method for Avoiding Skin Irritation

For the next most frequent skin problem, honey may come to your rescue. It doesn’t even need to be combined with anything else. You just need to apply some one or two tablespoons of it to the face and wash this away after some 10 minutes. This will nicely soften the skin and moisturize it, killing those blemish-causing bacteria effectively.

13. Lips are Also Important

The next point you need to focus your attention on is the lips. Using products like Vaseline with cinnamon is a good way of having effective results. In case you are fighting against chapped lips, you may mix the coconut oil with almond oil, both taken with equal proportions. Use this coat and leave it for the night. After two weeks’ time you’ll see the positive results. Nutmeg, fresh butter, and turmeric are in their turn the best treatment for the cracked lips.

14. And It Comes to Hair Again

Hair is without any doubt one of the best guarantees and one of the most important aspects of beauty. Thus having healthy and good-looking hair means securing your flawless looks. And in order to do that, grandmas suggest doing some olive oil massage into the scalp. This will strengthen the hair and make it look healthier. This will work especially well, if you cover the hair with a hot towel for some hours or wrap it with a shower cap for letting it stay like that the whole night. Later you just need to remove the oil with a shampoo or some small proportion of vinegar and repeat this procedure twice a week.

15. Some More Tips for Hair

Going on with the theme of the hair care, you may also try eggs as natural conditioners. The way to make them is beating three of them and massaging them into the hair. After leaving the mask on for some 20 minutes, you need to rinse it off. You shouldn’t use hot water, since it will cook the eggs and that’s definitely not what you want.

Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

16. If Dandruff is the Reason of Worry

Eggs may be very useful for dandruff as well. For this treatment you need to mix egg yolks with olive oil and massage the scalp with this paste. After waiting for an hour, just shampoo the hair. This is also a great mixture for making face masks, in case of which you’ll need one egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil, the mixture of which needs to be kept on the face for 15 minutes and rinsed off with a moistened cotton ball soaked in hand-hot milk in advance. This will nourish your skin and moisturize it. Another option suggests rubbing tea made from the leaves and bark of a willow into your scalp. After the application, rinse the area with marshmallow tea.

17. If Hair Growth is Your Concern

In order to work on the stimulation of hair growth, you may use the mixture of honey and water taken by 9 to 1 proportions, massaging it into the scalp for 2-3 minutes. After this, you need to leave it there for up to 3 hours and rinse off with warm water. This needs to be repeated every week.

18. Additional Treatments for Shower and Bath

For such treatments, you also have a wide arsenal of options. For one variant you may just use half an orange for knees and elbows before a shower, which will help you get rid of the dry skin, while the natural acids will also contribute to the skin’s effectiveness. Also, you may try mixing two tablespoons of honey into bath water for using it as a conditioner. For another option you may also take olive oil to protect skin from pollution and damage and apply it after showering. Mixing it with water and using it for damp skin is another option.

19. Let Vaseline Do the Magic

Vaseline is another super useful treatment not only meant for moisturizing the lips, but also for being used in a number of ways for various purposes. For instance, you may use it as a highlighter on cheekbones, and have that special and charming dewy look.

20. Vaseline: Part 2

Using it on the areas, where you use perfume is another great idea for helping the perfume last longer. So this is efficiency and ease in one cup!

21. The Third Purpose of Vaseline

If you want to have an effective and easy-to-make scrub, mixing Vaseline with sea salt is the next good idea for you.

22. Vaseline for Eyes

Vaseline is effective for the eyes as well. It can secure the shiny effect of the eyeshadow if coming applied under it. Smoothening it over the eyebrows is another great way of properly accentuating the look. Using Vaseline for eyelashes is also a great idea, since sometimes it works even better than waterproof mascara, gifting your lashes with a thicker and softer look and just staying longer.

23. Vaseline for Hair

In case you want to hide the split ends of your hair or to have a choppy look, you may use some Vaseline for applying it to the hair.

24. Coming to Honey-Made Fantasy

Coming to the next section of specific products, which work especially well with your skin, we may talk about honey first. Apart from the treatments we spoke about above, there exists a number of others meant for the most multi-functional purposes ever. Thus for brightening your skin complexion, you’ll just need to apply a mask of honey, yogurt, ground sesame, and milk, all taken with equal proportions. Then wash it away after some minutes.

25. Honey, Honey, Honey

Another great treatment may be created for the glowing skin. In this respect, you may use a mixture of honey and tomato juice for the face and the neck. After leaving it on for some 15 minutes, just rinse it off with warm water and you’re done.

26. When Honey Meets Almond

The following fantastic mask you may make with honey is the mixture of honey, almonds, soaked in water overnight beforehand, and some lemon juice. This mask is to stay on the face for 10 minutes, after which you need to rinse it off with hand hot water.

27. Fenugreek Mask for the Total Stun

Coming to more sophisticated skin care options, you may also use the great Fenugreek mask for the ideal treatment against pimples, wrinkles, dry skin, and many other skin problems. All you need to do is mix and mash the leaves of Fenugreek into a paste and use it applying to the face every night. This should be rinsed off with warm water in the morning.

28. Turmeric Mask

In case you want a shinier look, the mixture of turmeric paste, cucumber juice and lemon juice applied daily on the face may be the ideal solution for you. This mixture needs to be rinsed off with hand hot water.

29. When It Comes to Almond

Almond is also quite useful for smart beauty tricks. Particularly, you may use the mixture of almond oil and olive oil for the hair, leaving it on for some 10-15 minutes after the application and washing the hair afterwards.

30. Almond for Dry Hair

If you want to get rid of the feel of dehydration and dryness of your hair, you may try mixing almond, coconut, sesame, and avocado oils, not forgetting to add a spoonful of honey. After letting the mixture stay on for an hour, just wash the scalp with warm water.

Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

31. For Coming Closer to Jet-Black Hair

In case you want to make the shade of your hair darker, there is a natural way of doing that instead of using those chemicals. You may just rinse your hair with coffee brew. You should apply it to the scalp, leave it on for some 30 minutes, and rinse it off with shampoo and warm water. However, this is color-specific, and in case you have blonde hair, the mixture of chamomile and yogurt is the way for you. As for the red shades, the duo of beet juice and carrot juice is what’s required. As for the grayish shades, you’ll need to boil an ounce of chamomile or sage in a quart of water for 20 minutes. After this, just rinse your hair with this infusion, and use a hairbrush dipped in strong chamomile or sage tea beforehand.

32. Say Goodbye to Pimples!

You would never believe it, but toothpaste is the best treatment against pimples! You just need to apply the toothpaste on the blemishes and wait for some 10 minutes, after which just wash it with warm water. The mixture of lemon juice and water is also a good way to get rid of pimples.

33. When You’ve Run out of Shaving Cream, Soap is What You Should Never Use

Everyone has this kind of problem at least once in her life, but using soap is not really a good idea. Instead, you may use a conditioner, which will keep your skin moisturized.

34. Shaping Eyebrows

If you have bushy brows and don’t know how to shape them, start with a toothbrush for brushing them and giving them a form, also removing the skin flakes. Additionally, you may fix them with some Vaseline.

35. Don’t Rush to Throw Away the Bottles of Your Old Perfumes

Just keep them closed in the place you have some materials you use, and they will have that fave scent of yours out there. That’s pleasant.

36. When Scrub is The Thing Missing

There is an ideal mixture you may use instead of a scrub for normal skin. For this, you just need to mix some sugar with olive oil and liquid soap. In case you have oily skin, you’ll need to use soap instead of oil, still the softening results will be equally effective.

37. Henna Hair Therapy Magic

An ideal and universally useful treatment for hair may be made mixing boiled tea leaves with henna powder, egg, curd, and some lemon juice. After making a paste from these, just apply it to the hair and let it stay there for 3 hours. This is a perfect treatment against hair loss, dandruff and other kinds of hair problems.

38. The Secret of Milk

The ideal way to remove makeup is using cow’s milk instead of those sophisticated creams. Also, you may use fresh whole cream as a treatment for making your skin more beautiful and revitalized.

39. Milky Pinky

Another great mixture may be made boiling rose petals in water for 15 minutes, be those fresh or dried. You then need to wash your face with the filtered and cool mixture.

40. Those Irritating Spots

You may say no to those frustrating spots and marks with the help of a lemon, which needs to be rubbed over the spots for 10 minutes and rinsed with tepid water. This is, indeed, super effective and easy.

Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

41. If Those Blackheads Spoil the Party

There is one effective treatment against those irritating blackheads that you may try. For this you’ll need to make a paste of one tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil, two tablespoons of oatmeal, and four tablespoons of plain curd. This paste is required to stay on the face for 5 minutes, after which the blackheads with disappear instantly.

42. In the Morning, Make the Proper Treatment

For the ideal start of the day, you need to mix a handful of oatmeal with spring water to make a paste, and apply the mixture you’ll get on your face and neck. After leaving it dry, you just need to rinse the paste off with whey, then with water, and tap your skin dry with a soft cloth.

43. Night Skin Care

For letting your skin get ready for the morning procedures and makeup application, you need to rub a mixture of honey and glycerin onto your face, then after some time just wipe the mixture with a soft cloth.

44. Once a Week

For treatments, which are required to repeat with frequency like once a week, you may try adding a teaspoon of honey to one mashed apple, mix them together. Apply the mixture to your face and neck. After leaving it stay there for a while, just rinse it off with whey or cold milk.

45. To Smoothen Wrinkles

This is also very easy and effective. You just need to apply barley water and a few drops of balm of Gilead to your wrinkles every day and let it do all the magic.

46. If You Want to Have Soft Hands

In this case mixing half a cup of glycerin, half a cup of rose water, and a quarter cup of witch hazel in a jar is the start of the preparation of the exact treatment. Apply this to your hands after they’ve been in water for a while.

47. To Heal Chapped Hands

All you need to do in this case is just rub them with damp table salt. Easy, cheap, quick, and effective!

48. For Bright Hair

After knowing how to make the shade of your hair darker, you may also need to know how to make it brighter. Thus, for doing this you should add vinegar to the water and apply it to the hair after washing it. Otherwise, make a rinse of mullein, nettle, sage, or burdock tea.

49. Tips for a Relaxing Bath

If you want to enjoy your bath to the full, besides adding some honey to water, you may also hang a bag of dried comfrey or rosemary in the bath water.

50. Tips for Perfume

Another breathtaking and enchanting way to make your bath a double or even a triple pleasure is filling a jar with pressed rose petals or some other flowers having a sweet scent. Add as much glycerin as the bottle you’re going to keep those petals in, and cover it tightly. After three weeks, you can pour the perfume off into another bottle and enjoy that dumbfounding scent every time.

51. Tips to Make a Sachet

Finally, for the ultimate pleasure and delight, you can make a sachet combining one ounce each of powdered cloves, caraway seed, nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon with six ounces of powdered orrisroot. Put the mixture in fancy bags keeping them in closets and dresser drawers. The scent that they are going to be filled with is, indeed, worth the efforts!

Precious Beauty Tips and Tricks From Our Grandmas

Here were the basic beauty tips and tricks from grandmas that passed from generation to generation. We hope these tips will happen to be useful for the perfection of your looks and for the creation of the totally bedazzling healthy appearances of yours!

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