Stylish Retro Hairstyles for Women

Stylish Retro Hairstyles for Women

Retro hairstyles are really having a moment right now, giving their fans a great chance to enjoy the glamorous comeback of this ultra-feminine and interesting style. Thus, it’s really stylish and unique but you really need to know how to pull it off correctly in order to have a flawless retro hairstyle and to make it yourself, you need to follow the tips and tricks we will speak about right now.

Stylish Retro Hairstyles for Women

How to Style a Retro Hairstyle

If you have decided to style a retro hairstyle, first of all you need to figure out what decade exactly it should be inspired by.

Decade: 20-30s

For instance, you can go for the finger wave ‘do of the ’20s or the ’30s, created with the delicately laid down wavy locks and the overall short cut or the faux bob accompanied with the side part or the side sweep. This type of hairstyle will nicely accentuate the beautiful neck of a lady. For this decade the diversity of waves and curls is common, taking into account that they refer to the bottom of the hair only. In addition, it’s common to sweep the hair to one side thus covering that side of the face gently.

Stylish Retro Hairstyles for Women

Decade: ’40s

Coming to the hairstyles that were common in the ’40s and that are regaining their popularity nowadays, we can speak about the clearly put and styles curls. The impression created was that there were rollers inside those curls. Those curls were generally situated on the front, while the rest of the hair was either swept back or left free with voluminous locks. Besides the curlers, the rollers were also used for the creation of the retro looks, which were rolled inside the hair and fastened at the area of the scalp, also often including artificial bangs going to the center of the forehead.

Decade: ’50s

This is a transitional period, during which fashion was in search of something new and fresh. That’s why the retro hairstyles of the ’50s can be described with the blends of the old and the new. The hair was styled into curls positioned at the ends, curled, being straight or voluminously teased in the scalp. Despite all this, the main aim of the decade was to create such ‘dos, which will accentuate the face shape and the beautiful features it has. That’s why very often the hair was lifted at the roots around the areas going along the face line or was thoroughly swept back. Such ‘dos were an ideal occasion to demonstrate the beautiful jewelry. The icon of this decade is unsurpassable Marylyn Monroe.

Decade: ’60s

This is the decade of voluminous crowns. Teasing is what became the new hit of fashion, forming those special chignons and rollers, which were placed underneath the hair. The alternatives of the hairstyles were diverse: from hair teased thoroughly to the back to well-noticeable bangs and straight or curly finishes for the rest. The Babette type ‘do was especially popular and widespread created with voluminous hair on the crown.

Decade: ’70s

Speaking about the ’70s, we simply can’t ignore the influence of the super powerful subculture being hippie, which came as a whole philosophy of natural approach towards everything and being characterized with the very unique and specific style inclinations having penetrated into the highest levels of fashion. So this was true about the hairstyles as well. And the light and effortless locks were the most popular and encouraged forms then. The use of headbands also became tremendously popular during this decade and a huge diversity of headbands taken with the most different materials and colors could be found.

Stylish Retro Hairstyles for Women

Retro Hairstyles All By Yourself

One of the most widespread associations you have when thinking about retro hairstyles is the beautiful bangs having that wavy texture, a charming headband on and a hat adorning the ‘do. So yes, wavy locks are one of the brightest examples of retro style. Thus, in order to create this kind of ‘do you need to follow these steps:

1. Creating a retro hairstyle is not difficult and you don’t even need any special techniques for that. For instance, if you want to create a retro ‘do with a bow and retro bangs, you need a hair iron, wax and foam, and some pins.

2. First of all you need to apply some foam to your hair, separate the bangs and layer it out with wavy shapes using a thin comb. The rest of the hair should be gathered into a ponytail on the nape.

3. The hair gathered at the back should be divided into three sections, two being similar and one thinner, which will be used to make the bow.

4. The bow should be made this way: first of all you need to comb through the two strands and tuck them to the inside, after which secure it with a hair spray. The third strand should be layered to the center and fastened firmly, later making the bow of it.

5. As for the waves, they should be created with wet hair, using the cold styling, wax and a comb with thin teeth. You need to go some 1.5 cm far from the roots reaching the point, where the supposed wave should start and putting the finger of the right hand there, while stretching the strand further with the left hand and going on stretching it with the right one later. Going 1 cm forward from the left hand you need to make a blunt shift to one side, putting the comb right where you get and press it towards your index finger. After 1.5 cm you need to make the following shift with the same principle, thus laying all of the length of the bangs.

Stylish Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Stylish Vintage Hairstyles for Women

So such retro hairstyles are rally worth giving a try, especially if you are planning to have a dinner out or a romantic date. Don’t forget to pick the suitable dress and the exact type of makeup and you’ll have picture-perfect looks. In addition, retro hairstyles can also nicely complement your everyday looks and become your best friends for having fresh and chic looks all the time. Thus follow these tips and learn about the different styles of retro ‘dos and it will be easier for you to make up your mind about picking the exact type of retro ‘do you would like to have!

Stylish Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Stylish Vintage Pinup Hairstyles for Women

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