How to Wear Sapphire Blue

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

There are a number of specific colors that are sort of universal, combining the compatibility and the great aspects of many shades in one. Sapphire blue is one of those, miraculously combining the peculiarities of blue and black shades, and consequently offering the opportunity to combine the great color plays that you may make with both. Thus, here we are going to speak about the basic ways according to which this shade may work best with other colors. Learn some style tips on how to wear sapphire blue clothing and master the art of looking magically cool in blue!

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

How to Choose the Exact Shade of Blue According to Your Skin Tone

As we like to start our discussions with, now as well we are going to speak about the overall compatibility of the blue shade with the tone of your own skin, noting once more that this is the first and the most important factor that matters in case of any selection you make with your garments. Talking about the basic compatibility of blue with your skin tone, we want to note that if you go wrong with the tone, it might subject you to the risk of looking too daring, whereas the correctly picked shade will only enhance your beauty, accentuating the shade of your eyes and refreshing your face. Thus, the tips for picking the exact tone of blue go as follows:

• For ladies, who have light hair and a light shade of skin, the Periwinkle blue is just the perfect shade of blue! Due to the existence of the bordeaux undertones, this shade doesn’t seem too cool or pale, being counterbalancing for the pale complexion. So what we strongly recommend them is opting for the bottom garments shaded with sapphire blue, be those skirts or pants.

• For brunettes with matte skin shade, bold experiments are permitted. They can pick from the wide range of pieces from coats to evening gowns. The similar versatility also refers to the diversity of shades, since they can also go for any shade of blue getting equally impressive results.

• For fair-haired beauties the classic tops, blouses, jackets, and suits are recommended for the most effective results.

• Finally, for those who have brown hair, we can advise picking just everything from simple garments to outerwear pieces. As for the concrete shades of blue, we can note pearl blue or the ocean blue as key options. The warmer tones of their skin match ideally with these sweet and pleasant shades.

How to Choose the Exact Shade of Blue Depending on the Season

The next interesting thing that we would like to note is that you can also match the blue shade with the season of the year and the weather outdoors! So talking about the basic options, we can point out the following variants:

1. For winter a lady may need saturated and deep tones of blue also including the dark blue shade.

2. For spring the best are the lightest tones being closer to sky blue.

3. Being just slightly different from the tones of spring, summer also has its pastel set of shades, which also presuppose avoiding too bright solutions.

4. Finally, for fall the top saturated and close-to-warm tones are recommended instead of the cooler tones. Still, there exists an argument about these shades being blue or green.

Starting with the main ways for and by which you can use sapphire blue shades, we can speak about the following alternatives!

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue as an Alternative for Black

Classics are ethereal and always unfailingly effective. This does refer to pieces with sapphire blue shade as well, and what is especially noteworthy and cool about this shade is that it makes your figure look slimmer and more delicate instantaneously. This shade creates a great feel of neatness and good organization, putting a special emphasis on the positive and a bit mysterious vibes and moods unlike the totally negative and enigmatic black. This shade is created with the mix of cobalt, aquamarine, and black and that’s how we can explain the basic character and effect it produces.

So when using this wonderful shade as a substitute for black, you may pick it in solo or in combinations with other matching shades. All the shades of white are the inextricable play pairs of this shade. That will make an ideal business look, as well as looks for going to a theater or a concert. Bright tones like red, fuchsia, berry, lemon, or orange will create a total party look!

What to Wear Sapphire Blue With

Further, coming to the main compatible options that you can opt for when picking a sapphire blue shade we can note that apart from paying an utmost attention to the garments, you should also look for the exact accessories. Thus, cashmere coats, trench, and jackets will make ideal play pairs to this shade. This kind of combination will be especially stunning, if you match it with details like scarfs and kerchiefs with contrastive shades, including red, beige, pink, etc. As for the bottom, we would recommend going for tight fitting jeans and finish all off with a more colossal range of accessories, encompassing sumptuous creams, big handbags, high heel boots, small hats or berets.

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

Basic Combinations with Garments

Talking about the main looks and combinations that are created with the help of this shade, we can also mention the main forms of the garments that can be used for accentuating this wonderful shade. Thus, the list goes as follows:

Suit jackets, blazers, knitted cardigans: These pieces are nicely compatible with golf sweaters having both calm and bright shades. If you need to create some business looks, or just options for work, adding something black item, like a pencil skirt and boat shoes is a good idea. For bolder combinations you may go for a bright red dress and a clutch with a matching shade with the top. If you want to create a retro look, you can use a blue shirt with a turndown collar and tight fitting jeans. The image can be completed with a chic hat, a medium sized beret or just a kerchief. As for the fans of casual style, we can advise picking white pants of relaxed shapes, a white blouse and a tie matching the shade of the suit jacket. Using subtle and delicate prints like stripes can be another do.

Dresses: As for dresses, the textures can go even further with their diversity here. For work, for instance, you may pick a straight dress wearing beige or black stockings along with it, finishing the combo with booties or boat shoes. Adding some bijou of medium size, make the look stricter and more formal. This shade is also ideal for the evening looks, especially when being made of sumptuous and good-looking fabrics like satin, natural silk, guipure, organza, etc. Such dresses can have any length you feel comfy with from flare princess types to body-con silhouettes. For the final touches you may use some elegant golden or silver bijou or jewelry not forgetting about the possibility of using belts either. As for the shoes, heels are what such occasions generally demand and the shades they may come with vary from black to beige and white.

Blouses: These indigo shades can easily substitute business suits. Thus, the combinations with a romantic flair created with details like bows and narrow skirts or classic straight pants can be an ideal blend of the sophisticated style and the business looks. The shades you need to pick for the bottom may be white, beige, black, or red. For every day wear you can also choose pieces with relaxed vibes and combine them with shorts, capris, long skirts, or jeans of bright tones. In this case your choice depends on your taste and perception of personal style.

Skirts and pants: These pieces are ideal not only for the strict business style, but will also give you the opportunity to experiment with the most diverse and cool solutions you can think of. For instance, when going for summer rest, you can pick a stripy top. T-shirts, tops, or other forms in sapphire blue shade can also provide you with the necessary basis for the creation of the navy inspired looks. You can also use outerwear garments like jackets, light tops, ponchos, etc. The bottom created with this shade is also very useful, since you won’t be able to leave stains on it when having a rest on the beach or in the countryside.

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

The Main Styles Compatible With Sapphire Blue

Talking about the basic styles that this shade is made to create, we may first of all note the following:

1. Think classic and elegant options, which are one of the catchiest and the most feminine variants. Thus, using sapphire blue for classic pieces like suit jackets and straight pants will highly and greatly accentuate your chic looks and create that ideal business outfit for you.

2. Other shade of this tone being the navy blue is another widespread options for the creation of certain styles, like the navy-inspired looks.

3. Talking about the compatibility of this shade with the other styles, we can also add the casual, country and at times sporty looks to the list.

4. This shade may also be used for the creation of some romantic and ultra-girly images. The exact and correct pick of the color combinations is the key to success here.

Matching Sapphire Blue With Other Colors

The compatibility of this shade with others is quite noteworthy in terms of the vast opportunities of combinations it suggests.

• Thus, when combining sapphire blue with shades like pastel tones, you automatically soften down its intensity and counterbalance the looks, while in case of matching it with sweet pinks, you tend to enhance the romantic feel of the image.

• As for the combinations of sapphire blue with orange and red, we may note that in this case blue comes to emphasize the energized touches, thus offering a great way to dress up in summer. You can go for combinations created with stripy tops of red, blue, and white colors, which may act as a great third piece for matching the red suit jacket and the blue pants. Similar principles might work in case of blue and white stripy tops, which you can match with a bright outerwear piece and have it accompanied with one or two additional tones.

• The lively and sweet effect is guaranteed in case of combining blue with yellow.

• Coming to the combinations of blue with black, we should note about the danger of creating some boring images because of putting two dark shades with each other. The same can be said about the combinations of sapphire blue and gray. Still, you can create combinations with blue bottoms (skirts, for instance) and gray tops, which can also be made of delicate and soft fabrics. In order to avoid the risk of looking monotonous, you can use a third shade for spicing up the look in general. In this case it may be a belt.

• On the contrary, when matching blue with white or green, you’ll get traditionally beautiful results for the first case and unique and creative options in case of the latter.

• Combining the first type of combos with some catchy golden or red details and accessories is another great thing you may do.

• However, if you want a truly universal look in all respects including age and occasion, the combination of blue and beige is the way!

• As for the fabulous evening looks, you can always try the combination of sapphire blue and purple.

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

Accessories to Wear With Sapphire Blue

Coming to the choice of accessories, we should note some basic alternatives and ideas that you can try out when using the sapphire blue shade. Handbags are one of the primary pieces that come to our minds when speaking about accessories, and in this case what makes sapphire blue accessories and handbags so unique and special is that they are very rare and that they require a certain way of picking and matching them with clothing pieces to have effective combos. Thus, you can match a blue handbag of medium size with a nice blue jacket having color plays of different shades of blue, used for topping a plain white shirt and cool denim shorts and some creamy wedge sandals. Or else you can follow the basic compatibility options of sapphire blue with other shades so that they also look impressive and cool. Metallic accessories, like silver and gold, will all look impressive with sapphire blue clothing pieces.

When it comes to the combinations of blue with black, which can be created with the black shoes, black jeans and a blue handbag are some of the most important options for you to try. Combining chic ultramarine suede booties with a suede blue handbag a tone lighter than the shoes, you again can come up with creative outfits. In addition, we can also speak about the combinations of blue and white, that may come with a special and formal top or skirt or some casual tops finished off with a black flare skirt and sassy black heels. Combining bright yellow plisse dresses with blue heels and an ultramarine clutch is the following do. The same can be said about the coral and pearl shades, which again require some accents on the shoes, coming with the forms of flats, boat shoes and other forms.

How to Wear Sapphire Blue

Follow these basic know-hows about how to wear sapphire blue clothing in order to add some fresh and creative vibe to you every day and special looks!

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