How to Get Rid of Bikini Hair

How to Get Rid of Bikini Hair

In order to be a well-groomed woman, you need to pay attention to everything from garments to skin care and teeth! In addition, there are a number of other details that a lady should pay attention to and that are not immediately noticeable to others. Such is the skin softness, for instance. And one important ingredient of preserving the skin smooth and soft is removing the hair on certain areas. Bikini hair and its removal are one of the most controversary and problematic matters of discussions for many specialists and doctors and there isn’t, in fact, a joint agreement on it. First of all it is the decision of each woman, whether or not she wants those areas to be free of hair. Thus, that’s what we are going to speak about right now, noting the cons and pros of getting rid of bikini hair, as well as introducing some effective techniques on how to get rid of bikini hair that at home.

How to Get Rid of Bikini Hair

The Pros and Cons of Getting Rid of Bikini Hair

The very first thing we would like to note as a disadvantage of shaving the bikini zone is that this is the very area, where the skin is especially sensitive and fragile for cuts and injuries, which will subject you to the risk of having infections in those parts. But speaking generally, this is something that can happen anywhere and you can also pick such methods of removing the hair, which will exclude the injuries as such. Laser epilation is one of such methods, which works on hair only and doesn’t touch the skin in any way. But this type of epilation along with photo-epilation are those you can have at beauty salons and at times they are really expensive. Other cheaper methods like using chemical treatments can really damage the skin, so you need to be extremely careful when using them.

The Main Methods of Removing Bikini Hair

First of all you need to know that in order to get rid of bikini hair, you may use two types of treatments: epilation and depilation. Despite the similarity of pronunciation they differ significantly. In case of the first you have the hair removed with the roots, while the second is just the result of some mechanical treatments, which only remove the upper visible part of the hair.

After epilation your skin remains soft and smooth and the hair that grows out later is softer and less noticeable. Eventually you may even reduce the frequency of visits to the beauty salon to once a month. But in case of depilation this won’t work, as it only removes the visible part of hair and after some days you’ll see the hair without any changes in looks.

The main plus of depilation is that it’s absolutely painless. This is one of the basic reasons why many women opt for depilation rather than epilation, because they are not ready to stand the pain epilation sometimes causes.
Depilation can be carried out with a number of ways, too. One of the most popular ways is using the razor or making use of special creams. The latter is comparably more comfortable and safe to do. You only need to apply the cream and take off the hair with special tools after a certain period of time. On the other hand, using the razor can be dangerous in terms of getting injuries and cuts.

As for the chemical depilation, there are certain contraindications here, as well. It is not allowed to use this kind of treatments if you have damaged skin, even the tiniest ones.

When it comes to epilation, it can be of the following types:

1. Waxing
2. Laser epilation
3. Sugaring
4. Using electro-epilators

We will discuss some of these methods right now. But before that, we will introduce the advantages of laser epilation and whether it is worth the efforts and money spent in the salon or not.

The main positive aspect of laser epilation is the momentarily noticeable result and the painlessness of the whole procedure. Except for the slight tingling feel and the flow of warmth to the areas of application, you don’t feel anything else. This kind of procedure is carried out with courses, including 8-10 visits to a salon. After this some 5 years of break is made and after the first course such results as the total absence of hair around those territories can be achieved.

Still, even having these wonderful aspects in mind, it’s not recommended going for laser epilation earlier than 17 years, and during pregnancy. In addition, laser epilation is prohibited in case of eczema and psoriasis. Diabetes of any type are also included in the list of contraindications.

What refers to the feedback about this procedure, the ideas vary depending on the individual characteristics and the condition of the endocrine system and the hormonal balance and, of course, on the level of the qualification of the specialist doing everything. Some people have great results from the 3rd time, while others may complain of the fact that even though the growth of the hair slowed down, the hair didn’t disappear in the end. In addition, others note experiencing pain during the procedure.

How to Get Rid of Bikini Hair

Getting Rid of Bikini Hair at Home

There are two main ways of getting rid of bikini hair at home, and they both have certain popularity among women. The first is using the razor and the second is using electric epilators. Still you need to figure out which type you like most, and for that you need to take into account the following points:

1. Working with the razor is very easy, but the results you get are not long-lasting at all. The hair starts appearing in some two days and in case of using special creams you can slow down the process to two days more maximum.

2. It’s extremely not recommended using razors that are created for the legs and disposable options. They will simply not secure the results you want. It’s interesting that the razors meant for men will prove to be even more effective in this case.

3. The procedure needs to be carried out after shower on warm skin. This will smooth the feel of discomfort a bit. Besides, the bikini area needs to be some type of cover, like cream or gel applied on it some 1-2 minutes beforehand in order not to get it irritated.

4. The hair removal should be carried out with movements going in the direction of their growth and not against it because this way you risk getting serious injuries in addition, even making the process of growth faster. After the application, you also need to use some smoothing and calming creams.

5. As for the electrical epilators, what you need to remember here is that this process is quite painful. Though after the 2-3 applications, the pain gets less and less disturbing. In addition, in case of many women the results are worth the try because the frequency of use of this tool may reduce to once in 15 days.

6. The preparations are the same as in case of using the razor. Still you might need to make some changes. Particularly, in case of some ladies, the process may require being completed in water, which will enable them to weaken the pain. After the procedure, you need to disinfect the skin.

Waxing is a less popular technique used by women at home, accompanied with the other technique being sugaring. Many doctors do not recommend going for this type of epilation, because of the high level of risks of getting injuries. The abrupt movements that are made while removing the hair can result in serious inflammations and redness.

The essence of both methods is applying the warm dense mass to the areas required and removing the special sticking paper with an abrupt movement thus also removing the hair under it. The effect of such procedures lasts up to 3-4 days.

For some women, however, waxing has an equally great effect as laser epilation, helping them to get rid of hair for quite a long time. After several procedures, the hair stops growing, but this is true about the girls, who naturally have thin and less hair.

In case of genetic predisposition, the hair removal may be a lifelong activity, because girls, who are genetically predisposed to having bikini hair will not reach any effective and lifelong results with any type of epilation.

How to Get Rid of Bikini Hair

Thus, we again come to the conclusion that it is the question of every woman, and she is to decide whether she wants to go for removing the bikini hair or not and what method might be maximum suitable and effective for her. What every lady needs to remember is that removing bikini hair, she will really boost her flabbergasting looks and be even more unforgettable and perfect, especially for such occasions as a rest on the beach.

Thus, now you have the insight about getting rid of bikini hair and all you need to do is think over them and choose the best option for you or not choose anything at all!

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