Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

As we all know, wedding is one of the most anticipated and important events for any girl and the preparations for a wedding day can even start half a year before the special day. Every detail of the look of the bride should be considered scrupulously. Hairstyle is not an exception and picking the correct option with the makeup can be quite a troublesome job to accomplish for some. Thus, bridal hairstyles with bangs are just an option that you can consider and that’s what we are going to speak about right now, presenting some lovely wedding hairstyles with bangs that will be a great solution for your special looks!

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

When You Choose a Bridal Hairstyle with Bangs

If it’s been a long time that you’ve been styling a particular type of bangs, then you should know best and everything about how to style bangs well. You must know the tools that will be suitable for usage and all the rest of the details, too. Still, if you have decided to cut your bangs a day before the wedding, we would advise you to put it off. You can’t be sure about the results and they may, in fact, be not really pleasing. Besides, you may also risk spoiling your mood with unexpected surprises, which may occur while having this kind of cuts. Those women, who have passed through this occasion once, advise to try out all the possible variants beforehand and to use some photo examples for this.

The tricky parts increase more if you also have bangs and need to style them. The choice of the hairstyles actually depends on the style of the dress and the accessories. What you need to remember is that the hairstyle itself is an adornment for your looks. That’s why you shouldn’t overload your looks around the head, opting for balanced simplicity here and for all the rest. In particular, bridal hairstyles with bangs presuppose the absence of “architectural twists and curls’ and the lavishly put flounces, flowers, or accessories either on the head or on the dress. “Mauvais ton’ is the ideal solution for you.

As for the choice of the type of bangs, you should also know a couple of nuances here. For instance, you should know that petite ladies are not born for thick and straight bangs. Asymmetrical and translucent options are way more preferable. In addition, they may opt for sloping bangs, a part of which gets blended with the rest of the hair.

If you liked a particular photo of a bridal ‘do with bangs but you don’t feel like changing your haircut just for having that hairstyle you can look through variants in case of which the front framing hair can act as substitutes for bangs.

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

Bridal Hairstyles with Bangs and Veils

The desire to wear a veil on the wedding day is what every third bride has, especially if walking to the altar is also included in the wedding. In that case it’s necessary to pick this accessory very carefully for the successful outcomes. It should match both the dress and the hairstyle. In any case harmony is the most important thing to consider.

Thus, in case of opting for a long and voluminous veil you shouldn’t go for extremely extravagant experiments with your hair making such ‘dos, which will even compete the chic of the veil and will create especially significant difficulties when styling both. Minimalistic options are the most preferable styles for hair in this case, whereas in case of shorter veils you should, in fact, go for chic and luxurious hairstyles for accentuating it properly.

Talking about the hairstyles with bangs, we can point out the Greek inspired bridal hairstyles as one of the most popular ‘dos. Veils of different lengths and volume are compatible with these ‘dos. The versatility also refers to the dresses, still, opting for delicate lace patterns, pearls, and creamy overtones will be especially effective.

The classiest form of styling hair is making buns or knots. They may be located at various heights and positions like central, swept to the right, or the left. They look perfectly with wavy locks and for delicately straightened options. Any type of bangs can do here, too.

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs
In addition, various retro-inspired styles of the ’20s can also be a great accompaniment for veils. They will add the proportions of elegance and will not overload the image. Any type of veil can be suitable here, accompanied with any accessory.
Thus for making an impressive ‘do you may:

1. Start with washing your hair with a shampoo, thoroughly cleaning it and applying a bit of mousse to make it easily manageable.

2. Further, you need to curl the hair and use a hair spray for fixing the texture.

3. Right after this, the next step is gathering the hair on the scalp and the areas around it, leaving some hair in the lower parts, just like when making a French bun. You need to make two buns for each side and join them on any height you wish.

4. After this, the free locks need to be passed through the nape and the place, where the buns are joint going from the bottom to the top, inside.

5. Finally, you just need to form and fix the bun using bobby pins and hair spray. You can also use hair accessories matching your dress.

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs and Without a Veil

This kind of ‘dos can be high and can allow creating something less complicated. For instance, they may be based on buns or even ponytails. In this case it’s recommended adding some pearl accessories, flowers, lace details to the ‘do for maximum chic results. As we noted before, the most important thing is to avoid the overload of jewelry and accessories, since what needs to be noted first is bangs.

For instance, you can:

1. Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo and apply a moisturizing conditioner. It’s important that you don’t use products like hair masks, which will make hair heavier. You may dry the hair with pulling your hair downwards leaning forwards and curling it with a brush. You may also use a conditioner beforehand.

2. Afterwards, after letting the hair dry you need to curl it using a curler with a big diameter to have big curls. Hair spray is the following necessary product for you. Then you need to sweep all the hair of one side to the other and secure it with a thin elastic band and make a ponytail.

3. Finally, you need to cover the ponytail with accessories like brooches with pearls or rhinestones and also curl the bangs with a brush and fix all with a spray. This way you will get a simple and chic ‘do for bridal looks. It will be especially good-looking for darker hair shades, mermaid type dresses or those of empire style.

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

The Greek bun is another great hair ‘do for long hair with bangs. Soft locks are the most exact and popular accompaniment for this style.

However, for those ladies, who want to break all the stereotypes about the traditional image of a bride and would like to opt for some short bridal dresses and experimental details for everything, we can recommend going for a hair ‘do with teased sections on the top and a knot on the nape. The ideal accessory for this ‘do is the satin ribbon of medium width picked according to the shade of the dress and finished off with small earrings. For having this kind of ‘do you need to do the following:

1. Wash the hair and apply some mousse, after which just tease the hair of the crown from the roots and fix it with a spray.

2. Gather the locks on the level of the nape, secure them with an elastic band and tie all in a knot. It would be also interesting if you curled the hair with a curler beforehand a bit. Use long bobby pins for the final fixes.

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

Other Types of Bridal ‘Dos with Bangs

Bangs can become essential accents of your look in general and you really need to accentuate them properly. Particularly, you need to pay attention to the shapes, the styles and the type of bangs in general. Thus, if you have sloping bangs, you’d better let the hair grow a little. In such cases you need to use styling gels in order to make the hair go to the right direction and have the right shape. You can also use some rhinestones for styling the ‘do. For doing this immediately to the surface of hair you might need special gluing products, which are easily washed with a shampoo later.

Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

So these were the most important things that we think you should know about the bridal hairstyles with bangs and the principles of styling and matching them. So use these tips and know-hows for the total success and glam and stun everyone around with the ultra-feminine and charming looks of yours!

Photos courtesy of Avi Malka

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