Skin Care Tips for Every Age

Skin Care Tips for Every Age

Perfect looks are neither easy to achieve nor too hard to maintain and what you actually need to do is pay attention to every single detail and condition that you happen to face. Thus, in order to stun everyone with your never-fading beauty at every age, you can try out a number of magic skin care tips, so that your skin has enough resources and assets for looking fresh and beautiful irrespective of your age! So here we present essential skin care tips for every age that will help you maintain the fresh glow of your complexion.

Skin Care Tips for Every Age

Best Skin Care Tips in Your 20s

The very first thing that you need to know about your skin at this age is that it is in the most ideal and healthy condition now. The only problems that you might be facing are those connected with the hormones that may give birth to acne, as well as problems like oily skin, also contributing to the appearance of some not big skin problems. Thus, the array of activities that need to be included in your daily routine basically is the following:

1. Start with figuring out your skin type and creating a beauty regimen for you. Knowing the basic characteristics of your skin, you’ll be able to go for the correct and useful activities.

2. Take time to clean your skin properly. For this you need to wash your face twice a day, using a gentle cleanser and a toner, both of which should be appropriate for your skin type.

3. If you have oily skin or if it is prone to acne, you should pick products, which have ingredients fighting against oily skin, since this is one of the primary necessary conditions for its appearance.

4. Don’t forget to use a light moisturizer after cleansing. The main reason for emphasizing its importance underlies in the fact that after cleansing your skin might go too dry and you will need something to protect it from the outer influence when it is so vulnerable.

5. The following necessary product you shouldn’t forget about is sunscreen. You don’t need a super strong and intense option, still it should be enough strong to protect you against excessive sunlight during hot and sunny days.

6. Ingredients like salicylic acid, shea nut oil and Vitamin C can be a great help for you to fight off the hormonal issues in case of the first and to secure the proper hydration of the skin in case of the rest. Other useful details you can make use of are fatty acids like omega-3s, which you can find in flax, walnuts, and wild salmon, which will help you balance the oil production of your skin, as well as Vitamins A and B6 complex for the complete effect.

7. Pay attention to picking an eye cream as an essential part of your routine as well. If apart from general preventing measures you need practical help with eyes as well, for instance, when having dark circles, you can use the diverse masks and treatments or hide them with a concealer.

8. In addition, if you don’t have time to get rid of blemishes with long-lasting procedures, you can temporarily hide them with a lightweight tinted moisturizer and a stick foundation with the exactly matching tone.

9. Quit harmful habits like alcohol or smoking if you have them. They are the number one enemies of imperfect skin.

10. Go for the craziest experiments! One cool thing about your skin at this age is that it looks great even without makeup and foundation and you don’t need them for perfection. Bronzers and tinted moisturizers are absolutely enough for providing you with enough coverage not hiding away the natural glow of your kin, either.

11. As for the lips, you should generally make use of neutral shades in order to keep the focus on your skin, and for doing this you need to avoid too dark and catchy shades.

12. Have enough sleep every night in order to help your skin stay healthy and cute.

13. In addition, try to avoid the long exposure to pollution, smog, etc.

14. Include natural fats like nuts, olive oil, and seeds into your daily food regimen to supply your organism with all these ingredients so that the skin has a chance to preserve the healthy and glowy condition it is in.

15. Try to avoid tanning beds, since apart from damaging the skin, they also contribute to aging. Instead you may use a self-tanner or a bronzer if you really need to have it at the moment.

16. If you can’t give up the idea of partying and drinking, smoking, etc., at least you should use some antioxidants, which will somehow counterbalance the effect that these habits have on your skin.

Best Skin Care Tips in Your 30s

At this stage your skin undergoes certain processes and significant changes. The very first thing is that due to the fact that your skin starts drying, the acne problem is gradually fading. The bad thing is that other problems like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dark circles, sunspots, etc. will start being visible and that’s well, frustrating. Thus, what you can do to avoid these problems is the following:

17. Pay more attention to what you eat. If you consume food that’s rich with ingredients like sugar, you are making things worse. That’s why you need to cut down on such food and eat kale, Greek yogurt, almonds, blueberries, olive oil or dishes containing it, white fish, etc. Also drink green tea and red wine and take fruits and vegetables with anti-oxidant function. Dark chocolate is another magical thing you can use for good results.

18. Still you need to go on cleansing the skin twice a day and finish off the procedure with a toner. This way you’ll be able to narrow the pores and prevent them getting clogged.

19. Don’t forget about sunscreen, since it’s never useless for anyone at any age! Before applying it be sure to use an antioxidant-rich moisturizer, serum, or lotion.

20. Also you should use a moisturizer and products containing antioxidants. Finishing all off with a night cream, adding the use of retinol a few times a week is just what you need for the perfect results.

21. Using the above-mentioned retinol will help you improve the production of collagen in your skin and ingredients like hyaluronic acid will make it softer, while effective antioxidants goji berry and Vitamin C will fight the effect of fatigue. Finally, it’s the glycolic acid that does the greatest part of the job, improving the change of the dead cells and generally refreshing the skin.

22. Though all of these ingredients are extremely useful separately, overdosing them or using too many of them together can end up irritating your skin, so try to have everything properly balanced.

23. Go for ideas like taking up Botox, which will really be effective for improving your skin condition.

24. Another simple trick to slow down the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes is taking big sunglasses out with you, thus covering and protecting the skin.

25. Go on using antioxidant-including, oil-free lotions, preferably with SPF in it. Still, before going to bed you can also use products like retinol to improve the renewal of the skin.

26. Start exfoliating every day in order to have better results, providing your skin with more chances to revitalize and keep healthy and fresh. In addition, it is rather preferable to include such products that contain SPF and ingredients for removing makeup. The combination of chamomile and Aloe Vera can be a great help here.

27. Focus specifically on the eyes, paying attention to finding proper products and treatments to work on making the areas around the eyes good looking and young. For instance, you may use an eye cream for day and night, preferably picking one that has SPF in it.

28. At this stage having enough hours to sleep is also important, since this is one of the major conditions that later on act as primary factors for shaping your looks.

29. As for makeup, you need to extend the number of blushes used, getting it to two, one being used for the foundation and the other for brightening the face and gifting it with a natural glow.

30. Have a neutral lip shade at hand in order to be able to refresh your lip shade wherever you want.

31. Pay a bigger attention to the concealer, if necessary also mixing it with a dab of foundation or moisturizer, being sure that it works with your skin tone well. In addition, you need to pat it on the face rather than moving back and forth.

32. Use products like retinoid to improve the overall skin condition. You can combine this with a moisturizer in order to avoid drying the skin in the end.

Skin Care Tips for Every Age

Best Skin Care Tips in Your 40s

This is a specific peak of many skin problems like dryness, big pores, need for collagen, pigmentation, etc. That’s why you need to be especially attentive and cautious when entering this stage, since your skin becomes more vulnerable and needs more care. Thus, what you can do to keep it fresh and healthy goes as follows:

33. Use the hydrating cleanser twice a day for extra protection. A treatment serum should come right after the application of this product. This will also be useful when you apply it in the morning and go to bed in the evening applying your night cream. The serum should, of course, also contain SPF.

34. Using facial oils is also highly recommended, since they help the skin to regain its capability of holding moisture inside. With age, this capability is gradually fading and these oils are important to keep the healthy looks.

35. Ingredients like Retin-A and alpha-hydroxy acids are important for stimulating the production of collagen in the organism. Products like Aloe Vera and chamomile are essential for hydrating, and the essential oils of yangu, marula, and passionfruit are the main products for rehydrating the skin and securing the moisture.

36. Try to avoid products, which contain drying ingredients. Those can be the acne-fighting means and the chemical exfoliators.

37. On the other hand, you also need to stray clear of the products like exfoliating alpha or beta hydroxy acids.

38. Again coming to retinol and peptides we can also say that they form an essential part of the daily regimen and the healthy condition of the skin.

39. You can also use a supplement regimen, like A supplement regimen, which should include a complex of amino acids, glucosamine, vitamin B6, antioxidants, including grape seed extract, and vitamins A, C, D & E.

40. Don’t miss out the areas like décolleté. This is one of the areas, which gives away your true age, if you don’t take a good care of it. That’s why you also need to specifically concentrate on the areas like this. Supplying your makeup there is an absurd.

41. Coming to makeup again, we can suggest that you have a creamy foundation with moisturizers in order to have a counterbalance for the treatments.

42. Using cream blushes is also a great idea for accompanying the basic makeup and for gifting your skin with a natural and cool glow and peachy or pinky shade.

43. Go for spot-applying the foundation to thoroughly conceal the redness and to even out the skin tone quickly and effectively.

44. Try out eyeliner and mascara to add some definition to your makeup.

45. Don’t avoid going for experiments! You can easily and nicely cover your gray hair with just a single brushstroke!

46. Go for a heavier moisturizer instead of a lightweight and heavy option.

47. Start or better go on with exercises, which will help you keep the skin and the body in general in a fit and sporty state.

48. Don’t forget to drink eight glasses of water a day. This is the best way of getting rid of the toxins and promoting the skin hydration from within.

Best Skin Care Tips in Your 50s

Coming to this stage, you are obliged to face the beginning of the most serious and undesirable side effects of aging ever. The very first thing is sagging, which is characterized by the loss of skin elasticity and the necessary proportions of collagen. As a result, problems like jowls, loose skin, smile lines, etc. start appearing. Thus in order to prevent these problems or overcome them as much as possible, you need to follow these tips:

49. Putting the accents on hydration is your primary mission. Thus you need to cleanse your skin twice a day with a super-hydrating face wash, which needs to be followed with a facial oil, a retinoid, an anti-oxidant-rich moisturizer and an SPF, of course. Increase the intensity and frequency of the usage of these products and don’t forget about the facial oil and the night cream.

50. You will also need ingredients like vitamin C to preserve the skin’s protective layer, some growth-factor peptides to improve the production of collagen and elastin, as well as 10%-15% concentrations of glycolic acid in order to facilitate the absorption of retinoids.

51. Try to avoid surgery, using procedures like lasers, and peels instead. On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to not overdosing or overgoing with the home-made treatments always bearing in mind that before applying something to our face, you need to know exactly what it is for and how it exactly works.

52. Again try to pay attention to your neck, since it has all the side effects as the rest of your skin. So it also needs a special consideration.

53. Go on using your creamy foundation with moisturizing ingredients since hydration is your primary focus now.

54. Use lip pencil for some more definition and catchy effect and accompany that with the effect of eyeliner to have a full impression.

55. You might need to apply the foundation all-over and the concealer to the spots, which are really necessary to hide.

56. Don’t go for too much eye makeup, since there is a risk for the skin around the eyes to sag and result in the pigment to settle unevenly.

57. As for the lipstick, you need to pick lighter shades and also use a liner, since there is an actual possibility of the lipstick to go beyond the boundaries and just not look cool.

58. Pay an utmost attention to SPF, since retinol makes the skin very vulnerable for the sun and you need an extra protection for that.

59. Another simple and cool way for locking the moisture inside is using a simple petroleum jelly. The thing that you need to remember is that this jelly prevents the water to be lost but doesn’t mind absorbing more and more.

Skin Care Tips for Every Age

Best Beauty Tips Beyond 50s

Finally, whatever you were obliged to face during the earlier stages are happening with a more noticeable intensity now. This is described with the appearance of vertical lip lines, a significant loss of lip volume, as well as in some cases it is at this stage that precancerous lesions or skin cancer has the possibility to appear. So, what you need to do for all that goes as follows:

60. First of all you need to go on exfoliating the skin twice a day, this time using a super gentle cleanser, after which you need to apply the antioxidant, your facial oil, and the SPF, of course, since it’s for all the times and for all the occasions.

61. Be sure to use a rich night cream to your routine. This will enhance the skin’s barrier function greatly.

62. Ingredients like anti-oxidant borage seed oil can gift the skin with it natural glow, hyaluronic acid can fill in the lines, and shea nut butter can provide the skin with a deep hydration, while retinoids as you already know will stimulate the production of collagen and the last product will speed the cell turnover.

63. For those who are older than 70 already, skin dryness is a major concern. Thus apart from preserving and following the routine you have, you also need to add ceramides for deep moisturizing, some low-dose alpha-hydroxy acids and Retin-A for the turnover and the sunscreen for the final touch.

64. Try to avoid harsh treatments, since the skin is more fragile and sensitive than ever. This means that even the peels, scrubs and high-dose retinols can now damage your face rather than fix it.

65. If you have been using the same makeup over and over, it’s high time you changed it.

66. Be careful with the eye makeup, and go for changes here too, for instance, you may use the soft brown or gray options that might serve as a basis for experiments. Use eyelash curlers for extra effect too.

67. Start including food like carrots, sweet potatoes and oranges in your daily diet, which will enrich your organism with Vitamin A or C, both of which are irreplaceable for stimulating the production of collagen.

68. Go for cream blushes with an extended fresh glow function for refreshing the skin overall.

69. Switch from heavy foundation back to light ones, since now the heavy makeup may seem mask-like on the face.

70. Fill in the eyebrows using an eyebrow brush for a cool natural look.

71. Drink milk-thistle tea to get rid of toxins easier.

Here were the main skin care tips for every age that we would like to introduce to your attention. We do hope this will be useful for you, giving you a chance to create impressive and sassy looks no matter how old you may be! So go for them and you are sure to have the most impeccable looks ever!

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