Way to Perfection: How to Reduce Waist Size

Way to Perfection: How to Reduce Waist Size

Having a perfect waist without any extra curves and weight is the dream and probably the aim of many ladies. And there are a big number of methods they practice in order to reach that aim. Actually, this is nothing new since even in the 19th century ladies used tight corsets and garments tight on the waist in order to have nicely accentuated and perfect waist size. However, nowadays these methods have changed significantly, and we are now going to introduce some basic ways of reducing the waist size naturally without practicing any physical and direct interference.

The owners of the hourglass type figure are lucky enough to have the advantage of the naturally set difference of hips and waist, and this task is much easier for them because no matter how much they may gain weight, the outline still remains. As for the others, the efforts required are a little bit more but this doesn’t mean that they are facing a problem that can’t be solved. So that’s what we are speaking about right now, presenting the main tips on how to reduce the waist size.

Way to Perfection: How to Reduce Waist Size
The very first thing you need to remember is that this process is not something you can go through too quickly. It is quite time and effort consuming and can’t be done in some 7 days. The very first results will be noticeable in two weeks’ time if you follow the exact routine and never postpone any of its components.

Daily Routine

Thus, one of the primary and most important aspects for the reduction of the waistline is exercising. The proportions of aerobics and physical exercises should be 3 to 1. If you don’t follow this protraction you will even risk creating the opposite effect, working on the side muscles and losing the chances of reducing the waist.

Diet is the following significant aspect of your daily routine, especially in terms of excluding food that is harmful for the waist size reduction. Thus keeping the right diet concerns not only the quality of the food, but also the quantities and the proportions of food in relation with the physical activities and exercises. One of the basic things you need to remember is that you should absolutely cut down on food containing simple carbohydrates. These elements are the primary causes for excessive weight gain and curves. Excluding food like pasta and noodles is also a good idea. In addition, this don’t also goes for food rich in sugar, chemicals, and fats. From the cereals you may leave buckwheat, temporarily quitting the rest.

After 2 weeks you may also include oatmeal and millet, while rice is not allowed throughout the whole process of the regulatory diet. Fruit and vegetables should be the basis for your nutritional regime. They are useful for the body due to their low glycemic index. Fish, seafood, and meat may also remain in the regimen. You may cook, bake, braise or steam them thoroughly. As for the dairy products, you can use any product with any proportions of fats. The calorie supplements are what you will need to pay attention to.

Coming to the daily organization of your activities, we may point out the following essential points:

1. Always take time to have breakfast. You can even divide the consumption of food early in the morning into two parts, if it is too time-consuming for you to have everything at once. Still, you need to manage to have more and enough of food for lunch. In between these two it is recommended having a snack with fruits or nuts.

2. Do not eat anything 1.5 hours before doing physical exercises. After the training you should also wait for an hour or half an hour more. This is explained by the fact that whatever you eat during that interval will be worked out for your energy, while the exercises you take up are meant to burn the fat of your body that already exists there. Still, you may drink water whenever you wish.

Exercises for Reducing the Waist Size

In order to reach the desired results you need to go for some exercises, which can be aerobic and physical. The first should be taken with bigger proportions. They help to get rid of the reserved fat, while the physical exercises regulate and fasten the process of burning them.

Thus, the exercise is divided into three stages, which go as follows:

1. Warm-up

This stage should not be more than 20 minutes. You need to warm up your muscles with the help of circular and bend-lean motions. The direction should go from top to bottom. That is from the neck to toes. The work should be done with an active rhythm, accompanied with jumps and running in place. The result comes as easy perspiration and increases the frequency of heart contractions.

2. Central Stage of Activities

This stage takes up to 10-15 minutes. Activities like gymnastic exercises and physical exercises without any weightlifting are what you need to do. The rhythm should start with a middle speed and should speed up to high, but without any feeling of pain.

3. Hitch

Most of the times this can be a stretch and in case of working on the waist, you can try out the bends of different types. This is important for recovering the basic working muscles and for not letting them pump. This stage should take some 5-10 minutes.

You should also have a look at the most effective exercises for reducing the waist size. Those, who have just started, need more than 20 repetitions. As for those who are physically well prepared, the proportions of physical activities should be increased twice.

However, the most effective technique is the scheme of the interval training when all of the components go one after the other without any rest and break. Thus, the basic exercises go as follows:

1. Spread your leg shoulder width apart. Hold your hands onto your elbows and put your wrists on the elbows starting to make rotational movement leaving the bottom stable and still.

2. By the same position presented previously you should also bend forward and backward with an active rhythm.

3. Not slowing down you should also continue those bends, further matching it with moving the waist round. The waist should go the right and bend forwards parallelly to the floor. The same should be repeated with the left side as well.

4. For another way you may lie on the ground, bending the knees and lifting them a bit from the ground. Then bend back and forth without moving the hips.

5. The bent legs should be securely standing on the ground. The arms stretched forward should be holding dumbbells. Opening up the legs and stretching forwards with the toes you need to move them from one side to the other and vice versa, making the circular motions for the back when lifting.

6. Turn on one side, stretch the legs and join them together. Further raise them to the side and up without helping yourself with any body parts like hands.

7. Coming back to the starting position, you just need to be lying with a perfectly straight line. You also need to stretch the straight legs and arms, etc.

All of these techniques present a special basis for the central block of the exercises. Stretching is the following attention-grabbing technique, which in its turn should be carried out with half a minute intervals.

Following the Results

After 1.5-2 weeks of having this special routine everyone wants to see the results. And the reflection in the mirror will not help you. It is very difficult to find out the changes that have taken place. That’s why many ladies prefer to take up other tools of measurements. Still, not all of them know how to use those tools correctly and the false results they get might tell them that there is actually no improvement. In order to measure the waist you should draw a line by the narrowest points of the waist, wrapping an elastic band around it and making it parallel to the floor. That’s where the tools should run along for measuring.

Thus, as you saw there are a number of activities that you can carry out in order to reduce the waist size. You should make a complex treatment made of physical activities, correctly picked diet and daily routine and proper control over the daily activities of yours, which need to regulate the amount of time you dedicated to each activity and, of course, carry out a proper time management for the most effective results. Moreover, this surveillance doesn’t have to be preserved for the whole week, since you can successfully manage everything with a telephone call once a week as well. We hope these tips and exercises were useful and that you will have very significant results in the shortest time possible and will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that a beautiful waist may present.

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