Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Nearly every girl, who has small eyes, is in a constant search of new ideas and techniques for making them look bigger and catchier. Sometimes this can be a difficult task and these girls might be going through quite hard times striving for perfection. Still, there are some basic makeup tips and tricks that they use in order to have maximum effective and pleasing results. So that’s what we are going to speak about right now and you’d better look through these makeup tips for small eyes in order to use them and to enjoy the outcomes.

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

How to Pick the Exact Shades

As you will notice further also, there are a number of shades that fall under the category of don’ts when speaking about different products used for accentuating the eyes. One of the primary tones that we can speak about here is black. This is the biggest don’t in terms of using lower highlights. The technique and the principle by which you can be guided is the contrast of this or that shade with the natural tone of your eyes. Thus, for brown eyes for instance the best pick is purple and the tones having the touches of purple as well. As for the blue-eyed ladies, brown shades with all of their overtones are recommended.

In addition, it’s also recommended not using shades, which are close to or exactly match the natural shade of your eyes. This way you will lose the proper look of the makeup and your eyes will “get lost’ in the overwhelming shade of your eye makeup. It is also important not to pick the exactly same shades for eye makeup and garments, especially if the latter are generally created with monochrome inclinations and with minimal color contrasts. Doing so you again risk having less effective and catchy eye makeup.

When picking eyeshadows, you may also use the three tone technique, thus starting with a lighter shade for the inner corner, going a little darker for the center and finishing up with the darkest tone for the outer corner of the eye. In addition it is also important to blend the borders of these shade transitions to have them maximum natural and effective.

As for the basic background shades, tones like white, nude, cream, beige and peachy are definitely included in the top list. They are good both for providing you with the versatile background for other tones and for smoothening the overall texture and the looks of the eyelids and the eyes in general in order to be able to apply the rest of the products effectively, too.

The final step is picking the right eye pencil with which you are going to highlight and line out the eyes with shades matching these base colors. This way you’ll go even further with the accents of the eyes and will create even more effective and correctly accentuated eye makeup as a result. Picking gray, peachy, nude, white, or cream tones can be an ideal solution. Pearl shades taken with slight shimmer can also act as great accompaniments to your looks. Still, what you need to remember is that using the pearl shades as shadows is not really recommended, since their bigger proportions can only create exaggerated and not that suitable makeup accents.

General Tips and Tricks for Ideal Makeup Details

In addition, here are some basic and essential makeup tips and tricks that you can confidently use in order to have the most successful and exactly worked out eye makeup. Instead of getting into despair about your small eyes, just use these techniques and enjoy all the benefits!

1. Work Well on the Brows

Brows make an essential part of the overall makeup accents and especially those connected with eyes. Thus in order to have properly accentuated eyes you need to work well on the brows first. They frame the eyes and can, indeed, make them look larger, if you manage to properly accentuate them. Try not to leave any stray hairs at the bottom of the lid, for instance, because this way you’ll get your eyelid appear smaller. On the other hand, if you focus everyone’s attention on the messy hairs at the top, you’ll have the results you want. So first of all remember this when plucking, brushing, and penciling your brows. In case you need a guideline for filling in your eyebrows, check out our step-by-step brow tutorial!

2. Get Rid of the Dark Circles

Dark circles are one of the biggest enemies of beautiful looks in general, not speaking about the negative effect they have on the eyes. They do make the eyes look significantly smaller and what you need to do to avoid this is concealing the dark circles. In order to do that you can use a number of techniques and treatments. Applying a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone can be one of them. In addition, you can also use any of the big range of natural treatments for having ideal results and getting rid of dark circles instead of just hiding them.

3. Use an Eyelid Primer

This is the following useful technique you can use for the beginning. Using an eyelid primer you’ll provide your eye makeup with a soft and smooth base also making sure that any eyeshadow you use later will be firmly sticking to the eyelids and not falling off some minutes after you apply it. This can also be important for accentuating smaller eyes.

4. Work on Highlights Under the Brow

When you highlight something you make it more noticeable. That’s why you always need to use a lighter shade for the areas under the brow in order to properly accentuate it. This accent needs to go right under the arch of the brow. In addition, you can use the same shade for coloring the areas, where you are planning to apply an eyeshadow. This concerns even the lower lids and lashes, in case of which you can make the accents more defined and catchier. You just need to blend the shade in properly.

5. Apply Some Lighter Shades to the Inner Corner

Using white eyeliner to the inner corners of the eyes is another great idea you can try out. This is one of the basic tricks you can use for smaller eyes and have the unfailingly great results. This way you elongate and brighten the eyes providing the ideal start for the further accents as well. You can also go for shimmer options for an even more dramatic looks.

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

6. Use the Eyeshadow Correctly

The next thing that you need to focus on is the way according to which you use your eyeshadow. The very first thing you need to remember is that lighter tones like lavender always make your eyes larger and that’s why you need to apply a light color for the upper lash line coming instead of the highlighter or vice versa. Still, you also need to use a darker color to create some contrast and depth. You may thus pick some mid-tone options like light brown, avoiding shades that are too dark, since this will visually enclose the eyes and make them look heavier. You need to apply this shade to the very crease of the eyes first to make them catchier and further pass to pulling the shadow up and out to the outer corner to make the eyes look lifted and extended. The trick here is to keep the darker shades as far from the tear duct as possible so that you’ll have the right accents for making the eyes look bigger.

7. Use the Eyeliner Correctly

The following aspect of eye makeup is the application of the eyeliner. Try to always concentrate on the upper lids and lashes only. In addition, you also need to wing it out at the end, to make the eyes more extended and pulled upward. If you don’t like black eyeliner, you can also use a navy tone instead in order to tone the black down a little. This tone is especially recommended, as it brings out the white of the eye thus momentarily making the eyes look more extended and bigger. If you also usually apply black eyeliner to the lower lid you should stop doing that, as it only works worse for small eyes. Instead of black you can try out alternatives like white, nude, or peach shades for the opposite and great effect.

8. Curl the Lashes

Accentuating the eyelashes can be one of the most effective ways of properly accentuating the eyes in general. The principle is that when you curl your lashes you widen the eyes, and they become more noticeable and larger. This is one of the simplest and the most significant steps you can go for.

9. Use Mascara, More Preferably a Lengthening One

The next step you can do after curling the lashes is adding some more accents to them, which can be achieved with the help of mascara. For the best results you need to use lengthening mascara, applying it with two coats after curling. You should specifically concentrate on the central part of the upper lash line to make the eyes drawn upwards.

10. Don’t Forget About the Lower Lids

Even though we don’t recommend using black eyeliner for the lower lids, you can still use some accents for the bottom of the eyes as well. For accentuating the lower lids you can use some subtle shades of eyeliners, or just use the wand left from the application to the top lashes. After this you should also take a flat brush and apply a little of orange or champagne cream liner to the central part of the lower lid and blend the shade in well.

11. Try to Avoid Techniques Like Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes generally concentrate on darker hues, which only make the eyes look smaller no matter how perfectly the shades may be applied. The main reason for this is that those shades especially when taken with bigger proportions will absolutely “devour’ the eyes inside and they will by no means look bigger and catchier.

12. Use a Nude Liner After Getting Done with the Eye Makeup

This is another resourceful trick you can try out in order to make sure that the mascara and the shadows don’t leave any stains or dark spots on the lines of the lids. This is the exact way of accentuating the lower lids especially, for which you just need to draw a line of nude liner along the inner lower eyelid.

13. Go for Straight Arrows If Your Eyes Are Narrower

If you have smaller and narrower eyes, then the traditional straight arrows are the correct forms or eyeliner accents. This way you’ll make your eyes look like the almond-shaped ones, thus visually making them wider. For the correct application you need to start the arrow near the lashes drawing the line further and taking it a bit further from the natural crease of the eyes.

14. Try Accentuating the Lips

The following useful technique you can try out is accentuating the lips instead of trying hard to make the eyes pop. With the help of properly accentuated lips you can draw everyone’s attention to that part of your beautiful makeup, only working on making the eyes match those accents.

15. Contour the Eyes Correctly

The following thing you need to be cautious about is that properly contouring the upper lid is also very important for such makeup accents as arrows. Thus in order to apply the contour correctly you need to apply some nude shades to the central part of the upper lid, leaving the lighter tones for just framing the areas around the eyes and acting as a background for the rest of the products line eyeliners and shadows.

Thus, here were the most useful and great makeup tips and tricks for small eyes that you can try out in order to enjoy the properly accentuated and extremely eye-catching eye makeup. Following these principles you’ll be able to secure your shiny looks for any occasion and style!

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