Perfect Egyptian Makeup Tips

Perfect Egyptian Makeup Tips

The best way of finding the most time-proof and exact methods of having perfect and cool looks is turning to the most ancient beauty tips and tricks that we know in the human history. The ancient Egyptians were really poplar with the intricate and extremely effective beauty techniques they used to look beautiful and healthy. This is especially true about the Egyptian queens, who, indeed, knew all the secrets of being the mistresses of that never-fading beauty and charm! So that’s what we are going to do now, looking through the perfect Egyptian makeup tips and tricks that can really have the best effect on your looks and makeup in general.

Providing you with a historical insight, we can note that makeup was not only a way of looking beautiful and chic, but also a social marker of status, combining that with the religious interpretations and the medical benefits.

Perfect Egyptian Makeup Tips
Thus, talking about the basic Egyptian makeup tips and tricks more in-detail, we can speak about the following points:


Foundation is one of the most important aspects of the beautiful looks of Egyptian ladies. They really liked applying heavy layers of foundation before passing to the other products. Thus if you would like to have an Egyptian look for a costume party, you do need to focus on foundation, applying it to the whole face, including the eyelids for that “waxed’ look. Still if you do not plan any occasion of this type, we should pass to the next steps, since heavy makeup will definitely not be an option for your everyday looks.

Skin Tone

Talking about the skin tone, we can suggest that you go for bronze shades or options that are similar to it. For having this kind of looks you’ll probably need to cover your face, neck, ears, and even shoulders if necessary with a bronzer, which is meant to act as your natural skin tone. So be careful to cover all of the areas for the natural effect. The next important detail that you need to remember is that you should match the tone of the bronzer with your skin, picking some two tones darker bronzer shades for the best results.


You might remember those long arrows along the eyes of the queens and even pharaohs of Egypt. So yes, eyeliner is, indeed, a key detail for the Egyptian makeup. Black shade is unquestionably the primary and best pick. Still you can also try out some other shades. The almond-like shapes are what you need to create. For the absolutely naturally Egyptian look you can also darken the inside of the lids, especially concentrating on the lower lid.


The following accent your makeup should preserve is the eyebrows. For having the exact shapes, you will most probably have to pluck the eyebrows and draw the desired arches yourself in practice. The biggest height possible is what you should be aiming for. Eyebrows are the part of the makeup that needs to remain subtle and thin unlike the other bold accents.


Finally, passing to eyeshadows that you need to use, we can note that the basic and the central detail of the Egyptian makeup is the eyes, of course, and properly accentuating them is the key to the overall success of the looks. Thus, in order to create effective and cool eye makeup, you need to find the exact eyeshadow. Soft shades need to be left aside. Instead, you should concentrate on tones like purple, midnight blue, and emerald green for the most ideal results. You can also use glitter for the top glam effect. As for the don’ts, we would note the tones like apricot, grayish hues, and browns, since they will create an overload with the bronze shade of your face.

When it comes to the final brushstrokes, you can use a translucent lip-gloss in the end.

So these were the basic makeup tips Egyptians have left for us to follow and if this type of glam and chic is what you are trying to get, then following these steps can be the best way to achieve your goal. In the long run, these techniques have survived the test of time and have become an example of timeless beauty nuances that every lady can go for! So be one of them!

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