How to Slow Down The Graying of Hair

How to Slow Down The Graying of Hair

Aging is a natural process and so is the graying of the hair. No one can avoid facing this problem, still there are certain ways of slowing down the process and enjoying the natural shade of your hair longer. This is especially true about the premature aging and the premature hair graying correspondingly. So here we will speak about the basic hair care tips and tricks with the help of which you can slow down the graying of hair and reach effective results.

How to Slow Down The Graying of Hair

The Nature of Gray Hair

Before passing to taking measures, we need to find out the nature of gray hair and the reasons why this appears. When our hair starts losing the natural color pigments-producing cells, which are named melanocytes, the other pigments mainly having the gray shade become more visible and eventually constitute the whole of the hair texture.

Hair graying generally comes as a process connected with aging, but it can also have some other reasons. Factors like genes, stress, malnutrition or other types of health problems and disorders can all bring to hair graying. Still, if you follow the correct tips and procedures in your daily routine, you will be able to prevent this problem for as long as possible.

The Daily Activities and Habits You Need to Quit or Take Up

There are thus a number of activities that you need to quit and some other you need to take up if you want to avoid facing gray hair as much as possible. They go as follows:

1. Smoking

You might have come across very many warnings and caution notes about smoking, in terms of the harm it generally presents for your health in general. And, of course, when speaking about gray hair, smoking comes as one of the basic causes of premature hair graying. So if you want to avoid this, you definitely need to go through the hard process of quitting smoking.

2. Alcohol, Coffee, and Junk Food

The same goes for this trio of unhealthy activities and habits you might use very frequently in your daily routine. Too much proportions of alcohol and caffeine, accompanied by the unhealthy diet and devitalizing foods can become the biggest enemies of your skin and hair in general, and, of course, have their influence on premature aging as well. In order to take this danger out of your daily routine you just need to avoid using junk food, limit the consumption of white flour and refined sugar, as well cut down on alcohol and coffee. Instead, you can include food rich in vitamins and drink a lot of water for getting rid of toxins. Fruit and vegetables can be a good substitute for you.

3. Stress

Stress is the following main reason for gray hair. The prolonged periods of anxiety, tension, nervousness and worry can in fact cause a rapid process of hair graying and you definitely need to overcome such situations as quickly as possible. Use relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing, meditations, etc.

4. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is the following important thing you need to focus upon. It is useful not only for having good-looking hair and for slowing down the graying, but also for your body and your skin in general.

5. Leading a Too Passive Lifestyle

In order to keep fit and healthy in all aspects, you do need to exercise. Improving the blood circulation and securing the proper blood flow can be an irreplaceable asset for you to face may beauty problems. Without regular exercises, you won’t have any improvements even if you preserve the right diet and quit the unhealthy habits. You can also go for regular massage of scalp in order to secure the blood supply to it. Using appropriate oils. Combining that with exercises will be the best technique to have successful results.

6. Include Protein in Your Diet

Proteins are essential elements for the production of melanin, which is the pigment that proves the color to the hair and the skin. So eating food rich in protein can be a good way. Chicken, turkey, sprouted whole grains, cereal, and soy can be a great source.

How to Slow Down The Graying of Hair

7. Include B-Group Vitamins in Your Diet

This group of vitamins stands for the best guarantees against premature graying of hair. Eating products that are rich with vitamins B2, B6, and B12 can be a great complementing detail to your routine. Such are the whole grain breads, cereal, bananas, eggs, dairy products, poultry, meat, and green leafy veggies.

8. Pay Attention to Other Elements Like Copper, Too

Copper is the following significant and important element that should be present in your daily routine. Thus you can include food like turnip greens, spinach, beef liver, sunflower seeds, cashews, lentils, almonds, clams, crabs, oysters, egg yolk, and mushrooms into your daily routine and have the most impressive and great results.

9. Next Element: Iodine

This is the next mineral that has to be in your diet. Food you can have for the proportions of iodine in your diet are bananas, carrots, spinach, and fish.

10. Don’t Forget About Selenium

Finally, the last but not least important element that you need to have in your diet is selenium, which is contained with essential proportions in shellfish, tuna, salmon, corn, wheat, soybeans, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds.

Some DIY Treatments for Gray Hair

In addition, you can also try out some homemade treatments, which will also contribute to slowing down the premature hair graying. The regular use of the following options is the key to success.

1. The first magical product you can try out is Amla. This is Indian gooseberry and traditionally it has been one of the most effective treatments for gray hair. For enjoying its benefits you need to rub the Amla paste into your scalp and be sure to repeat the process regularly.

2. As for the Chinese traditional products, you can go for Fo-ti, which is a Chinese herb also known as the longevity tonic. The name speaks for itself and the timeproof effectiveness of this herb does secure the ideal results. Thus you can also go for massage with this herb. For your info we may also add that if you translate the name of this herb you’ll have something like “black haired Mr. He’.

3. Finally, you can also use coconut oil and lemon for massaging into your scalp.

How to Slow Down The Graying of Hair

Here were the tips that you need to take into account when thinking over overcoming the problem of gray hair. Accompanying these treatments with the correct diet and routine you will have maximum effective and impressive results.

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