How to Make Lips Bigger Naturally

How to Make Lips Bigger Naturally

Beauty requires efforts sometimes and having effective and naturally beautiful looks can be tricky in fact. There are a number of things about which you need to think in order to improve them or maybe get rid of some. Making lips look bigger and catchier is one of the most desirable wishes of many ladies. Some women have naturally big and beautiful lips, while others need to put some extra efforts for improving their looks. This can be done both naturally and with surgery, still, what we do recommend is trying out the former before passing to stricter measures. Thus, here are some useful tips and tricks for you to learn how to make lips looks bigger naturally.

How to Make Lips Bigger Naturally

Take Time for Exfoliating and Brushing Your Lips

This is the very first thing you need to concentrate on. Rubbing your lips slightly with a dry toothbrush can be really beneficial for their texture and their looks in general. This way you remove the dead cells from the lips and make the lips smoother and softer, also improving the blood flow and the circulation there, enabling the lips to look plumper. Using honey or Vaseline can be another great way for enhancing the effect of brushing.

In addition, you also need to exfoliate the lips regularly, to have the most impressive and complete results. This will also contribute to the good blood circulation and will improve the texture of the lips. As a result, the lips will look fuller and rosier. You can also prepare a natural scrub with a little sugar and water mixed into a thin paste. Further you also need to add some moisturizing oil to this paste and apply it to the lips. The massaging motions need to be circular. When done, you can wipe the lips off and pass to applying your fave lip-gloss. This mixture may have some slight irritation as a side effect, but that’s not dangerous and too catchy and will fade off quickly.

Always Go for Natural Remedies and Treatments Instead of Chemical Products

You can easily prepare your own lip scrubs and plumpers for the best results without spending tons of money on the chemical products. For instance, you can use essential oils and other natural ingredients for preparing some DIY treatments. Some of them are presented further:

1) Cinnamon Oil Lip Balm

The very first option that you can use for the plump lips effect is cinnamon oil. It is one of the basic ingredients that appear in the formula of many lip plumpers. It has very many benefits for the lips, encompassing the blood flow improvement, the rosy texture it gifts the lips with, and the lip capillaries stimulation. For using this oil you need to add a small drop of it to the balm or the gloss and apply it to the areas, where you want the lips to be catchier. You might feel a light burning right after the application but this will fade away quickly and will produce the ideal results for you.

2) Peppermint Oil Lip Balm

The following essential oil in our list is peppermint, which has nearly the same function as cinnamon. Blood circulation improvement and the proper blood flow are some of the basic ones. So you can make a natural lip balm mixing a teaspoon of petroleum jelly with one or two drops of peppermint oil. In addition, you need to use this balm regularly to have good results.

3) Cayenne Pepper Oil Lip Balm

As for using cayenne pepper oil, you need some one or two drops of it added to your lip balm for making the glam lip gloss of yours at home. Also, you can mix 1 tbsp. of coconut oil with a 1/3 a tbsp. of melted cocoa butter and add 20 drops of sweet almond oil to the mixture. 2 drops of cayenne pepper oil will be enough for perfecting this gloss.

In addition, you can use a small amount of ground cayenne pepper with a small amount of water rubbing it to the lips focusing on the areas, which you want to accentuate.

Still, you should not go to extreme lengths with cayenne pepper oil as large amounts of it can end up with burns. Very small amounts are enough for the good results.

How to Make Lips Bigger Naturally

Repeat Regular Lip Exercises

Like in any other beauty regimen, the processes making lips more beautiful and plumper also need to be complemented with exercises. The techniques we will present further are some of the most impressive and effective options you can try out. The frequency of the repetition of these exercises should be daily at least for a month, then turned to some 3 times a week. Thus, they go as follows:

1) Whistle

Have you ever looked at the lips of men and women, who play some wind musical instruments with their lips? If yes, then you must have noticed that they are very catchy and big. This is explained with the exercises that they continually do when playing a certain instrument. You can follow the whistling technique as well, picking a fave melody and whistling it for 3 to 5 minutes every day as strongly and loudly as possible.

2) Smile and Kiss Frequently

The next cool and nice thing you can do is smiling and kissing frequently. This doesn’t mean that you always need to find someone to practice! You can just do that for yourself, keeping your lips closed and smiling as broadly as you can. You later need to hold that smile for some 5 seconds and push the lips forward like blowing a kiss. Hold that for some 5 seconds more and smile again. This exercise needs to be repeated for some 20 times.

3) Move Your Lips from Side to Side and Rotate

a. For doing this exercise you need to press your lips tightly together and start moving them to one side getting as far as you can. This stretch needs to be held for 5 seconds, after which you need to shift them to the left. This movement should be repeated for 15 times.

b. For the next exercise you need to keep your mouth closed and stretch the lips forward making a kiss. Then you need to rotate your lips slowly clockwise twice and repeat that motion in the opposite direction as well. This exercise should be repeated for 10 times.

If having plump lips without serious professional interference is what you would like to have, just follow these simple tips and tricks and the great outcomes are really secured!

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