10 Nail Care Tips for The Perfect Hands

10 Nail Care Tips for The Perfect Hands

Nails are a basic concern for many ladies and women and some of them really do spend significant amount of money for the regular visits to beauty salons and different types of expensive treatments. Still, there is actually no need for that, as there is a range of magical nail care tips and tricks, following which you’ll be able to have absolutely all the benefits and positive effects of those treatments not leaving your home and spending minimal amount of money on having impeccable nails. Today, we are presenting 10 useful nail care tips for perfect hands that work like magic!

Nails are, indeed, important and attention worthy and they do tell a lot about your personality and about you in general. That’s why it is really important to keep the nails healthy and beautiful in order to have the flawless looks all of you certainly want. Thus, here are the 10 magical nail care tips that will totally secure the ideal condition of your nails easily!

10 Nail Care Tips for The Perfect Hands

1. Choose a Specific Period of Time for Your Nails

The number one enemy of beautiful nails is when you are in a rush! That’s why it is really important that you manage to set aside some time to be able to organize your routine properly to be able to have the good background for the further success. In order to be more relaxed you can accompany the activities you carry out with the company of good music or a TV show. If you take your time throughout the process you are sure not to regret that in the end.

2. Get Ready to the Full

Like anything else, nail care procedures require proper preparation. First of all you need to have a clear idea about the condition of your nails, and later you need to get everything you’re going to need so that all of those things are around you when you start. When having to scramble around looking for things with painted nails you do risk spoiling everything you have been making!

3. Clean the Nails Properly

Clean nails and cuticles are the following important factor you need to consider when thinking about nail care. Thus before passing to any type of nail polish application to your nails, you need to be sure that they are properly cleaned. You can do that with the help of nail polish removers, rubbing the traces of oil from the surface, so that the polish will stick to the nails better, too.

4. Don’t Forget to File Your Nails

The following way to make sure your nails are ready for the treatments is filing. This way you can be sure that the nails are in a good condition and that they don’t have split parts or rough edges. Thus, you need to file your nails when they are dry. Refrain from metal files, going for emery board instead. Figure out the clear direction and follow it so that the nails don’t suffer because of that in the end. File from the downwards for getting the shape you want. Still, it’s a good idea to stick to the natural shape of your nails for the best results.

5. Take a Good Care of the Cuticles

We know that sometimes you just can’t resist the temptation to cut the cuticles away and get rid of them. Still, you really don’t have to. The main reason for that is the protective function the cuticles have securing the protection against infections. Thus instead of removing them, you can soften them with a cuticle cream, or better with baths or olive oil. Further you need to push them with a cuticle pusher being sure it’s wooden, and finally use cuticle oil.

6. Take Time to Buff

The next important step you shouldn’t omit is buffing nails. This smoothens out the uneven ridges and helps you get rid of discoloration, gifting your nails with a healthy shine. Still, if your nails are in an ideal condition you may not need to buff them. The same is true if you usually go for matte colored nail polishes. But if you prefer to leave your nails bare or if you are short of time, then you should do this. Thus for effective results you need to use a buffer block and rub it over the nail in short stokes going from the cuticle to the nail top. Don’t overdo with buffing since buffing too often or too hard will only damage your nails. It can be repeated once a month for having the best outcomes.

7. Use a Base Coat

Never ever omit the application of the base coat before passing to the application of the color. This will prevent the nails from staining and peeling. In addition, it will help the color last longer. When picking a base coat, you should go for the options having protein and vitamin E within them to hydrate and strengthen the nails. Furthermore, you can also pick ridge filler base coats to use them as primers for the nails and to have smooth and soft nail surface.

10 Nail Care Tips for The Perfect Hands

8. Pick the Shades Yourself

When you visit a beauty salon, you generally get your nails painted with tiny proportions of a shade not having the chance to own the shade for further application and always have to come back to the salon for having the same shade applied once more. But what if you shop the colors yourself and enjoy the multiple application? This does sound more appealing.

9. Paint Carefully

This is quite time consuming and you definitely need to practice and go through some trial and error before learning to paint the nails like a professional. Still, if once you pull it off correctly, it will be much easier for you to paint the nails like a professional later. For the beginning, you need to place a drop of the nail polish at the bottom of the nail and carefully push the drop towards the cuticle gradually. Then you need to drag the brush upwards 3 times using the 3-stripe technique, going through the middle first, and once on either side later. You should be careful to have even strokes in the end.

10. Use a Clear Polish

In addition, you should also apply a thin coat of clear polish for about twice a week to keep the color and prevent the nails from chipping. Also you need to keep the frequency not repeating this process too often. If you use it too frequently, you may end up having too thick nail polish layers, which will certainly chip faster.

Here were the main nail care techniques you may use for having the ideal nails not leaving your home and at the same time enjoy the ideal nails not even spending money on that!

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