7 Reasons You Should Start Using a Makeup Primer

7 Reasons You Should Start Using a Makeup Primer

There exist different opinions about applying a makeup primer. Some say it’s just an unnecessary waste of time, while others believe it is, in fact, an essential aspect of flawless makeup application in general. Every woman wants to have a flawless skin and the role of the primer is perceived differently by different people.

7 Reasons You Should Start Using a Makeup Primer

Still, apart from using exfoliators, moisturizers, day and night creams, and high quality foundations with extra ingredients that are said to secure the flawless looks and the ideal complexion of the skin, it’s also important to use a makeup primer. Here we are going to present the 7 reasons you should start using a makeup primer, which will let you decide whether or not you should be applying it in the future.

When speaking about makeup primers, the very first thing you need to know is the purpose they are meant for. Their primary function is preparing the skin for the application of foundation and for laying the proper background for the other creams and products to get absorbed easier.

Being more particular about the benefits of using a primer, we can note the following points!

1. Less Money, Less Time

The very first benefit about makeup primers is the multi-purpose character most of them naturally have. This breaks the myth of primers being a waste of time, since there are so many primers, which combine the benefits of a moisturizer, an eye-cream, and sometimes even sunscreen. In addition, very small amount of primer is needed for the application and this is, indeed, more preferable in terms of saving your money and time.

2. Longevity of Makeup

The next important function of makeup primer is the long period of time during which your makeup remains unchanged and undamaged. The principle that works here is meant to prepare a background for foundation to better stick there and to absorb oil for the good look.

A certain type of primer can also be used for the eyelids specifically helping to get your eyeshadow stay maximum long and effective. The one important thing you need to remember here is that the primer should by all means match the foundation and the same is true of oil products as well.

Compatibility is the key here, since you might never be able to get good results matching oil-based products with water-based options, for instance.

3. Getting Rid of Oily Glow

Due to the function mentioned a bit earlier, primer miraculously absorbs the oil and helps you get rid of the annoying and undesirable glowy skin. There are some really impressive and high quality products, which will definitely manage to gift your skin with a luxurious and cool matte texture all day long, thus suggesting an efficient shine control.

4. Working on the Pores

The problem of large pores arises directly from having oily skin. So if you have one, you most probably also have the second. And if a product fights one, it automatically fights the other, too.

And yes, primer can do that too, reducing the look of the large pores, smoothing the skin and closing the pores against outer influence. Some primers even include useful vitamins and anti-aging ingredients, thus being even more effective and wanna-have.

7 Reasons You Should Start Using a Makeup Primer

5. Evening out the Skin

Going on with the diverse functions and possibilities that makeup primers suggest, we can’t but speak about the types, which also enable to even the skin tone and make the color correction before you may apply the foundation and the concealer. Thus for yellowish tones you should go for the purple primer, while for red tones the green types are the way to go.

6. Do the Retouch

Besides working on diverse characteristics of a skin during such a short period of time, makeup primers also fill in the lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections that your skin has and create the Photoshopped effect for your skin. Here as well, the importance of natural ingredients is especially recommended and effective.

When correctly picked and combined, those natural ingredients can be a great help for hiding the imperfections and toning down the skin.

7. Look Brighter

The last great thing about primer is that some types can even substitute for a highlighter, being just as effective for brightening up the skin and having specific reflecting pigments for creating that impressive and cute healthy look on your face. So if you don’t feel like or don’t have time for applying a highlighter, primer can again come to your rescue.

So now the choice is left to you whether or not you should use a primer before passing to makeup application. If you ask us, we would definitely say yes, since makeup primers are universal products encompassing the advantages of many useful and also expensive products. So why to spend those big sums on different products if you can have all that in one place?

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