Detox Diet Recipes from Celebrities

Detox Diet Recipes from Celebrities

The search of diverse and useful diets for having the results you wanted may lead you to a number of alternatives, which differ in their functions and principles, as well as the methods or accomplishment. There might be variants, which will not give the results you expected, diet plans, which will be a total waste of time and such, which will even have some side effects. Still, there might also be options, which will, indeed, prove to be effective and worth giving a try. Thus one of the options that we think is quite effective is detox diet. Detox is detoxification for short, which is the process during which the organism is getting rid of the toxins and unnecessary as well as harmful products that appear in our bodies. As for the detox diets, you may find a big variety of those too. Generally speaking it is meant to get the amount of the chemicals having appeared in your organism to the minimum, enrich it with vitamins thus suggesting food containing vitamins and also food containing high fiber and water, which also help your body to get rid of the unwanted elements. So this is quite a popular diet all over the world and the most famous and frequently discussed celebs also have their recipes for you to know. So that’s what we are going to introduce now, speaking about several detox diet recipes from celebrities, which go as follows!

Detox Diet Recipes from Celebrities

Detox Diet Recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow

One of the main dishes that Gwyneth suggests for those going for detox diet is the soup of avocado, chickpea, and carrot or ginger puree. This is suggested having especially during the winter months. Despite the fact that it is insufficient when taken solely, it can be beneficial as a complementing detail.

Detox Diet Recipe from Valentina Zelyaeva

Beet juice is what top model Valentina Zelyaeva suggests us opting for in order to complete our detox diet. The only drawback is that it’s a seasonal product.

Detox Diet Recipe from Beyonce and Jay Z

The 22-day diet of the celeb couple had such food in its arsenal as mushrooms and quinoa, as well as avocado salad. This is another healthy and useful set of dishes to give a try.

Detox Diet Recipe from Victoria Beckham

The alkaline diet is what Victoria Beckham suggests going for. The essence of this diet is removing the acids from the consumed food, which is mainly meat and fish, in order to regulate the PH of the body. As Victoria notes this has its direct influence on the improvement of skin and the body condition as a whole.

Detox Diet Recipes from Celebrities

Detox Diet Recipe from Fat Tummy Club and Mauritanian Women (Not Really Celebs, but Still)

The following recipe has been presented by Fat Tummy Club and is based on the experience of Mauritanian women, who usually eat a “magic’ broth made with tomatoes and beet.

Detox Diet Recipe from Katy Perry

The super magical recipe from Katy Perry is nothing more than just a cup of green tea, which she said she started drinking after a phase of addiction to fast food. Thus having some green tea instead of alcohol and coffee is what she suggests for healthy diet and for preventing cancer.

Detox Diet Recipe from Robyn Lawley

Green plus white is the magic formula suggested by Robyn Lawley. Particularly, she takes 2 frozen bananas, 2 tbsp. of baby spinach, 3 tbsp. of almond butter, one pear and a glass of almond milk. So this makes the combination of green and white juices, which compose her secret of beauty and health.

Detox Diet Recipe from Heidi Klum

Drinking water is probably one of the most frequently repeated things that we constantly hear about keeping healthy and fit in general. Heidi Klum suggests adding some melon or cucumber to your daily consumed water thus adding the proportions of useful elements.

Detox Diet Recipe from Jennifer Aniston

Suggesting another useful way of getting rid of toxins and unwanted elements, Jennifer Aniston offers adding some lemon to water, of course, not depriving you of the opportunity to add some sugar to the mixture as well.

Detox Diet Recipe from All Celebs

After discussing some separate products and recipes that different celebs suggest including in your daily diet, there is one common product that unites them all. It’s kale that composes a major part of the daily diet of many celebrities coming as an ingredient for salads, soups, sauces, etc.

Detox Diet Recipes from Celebrities

So here were the main recipes and tips for detox diet by celebs that we would like to speak about. If detox is what you are aiming at, these tips might be very useful for your success.

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