Hair Masks for Dry Split Hair Ends

Hair Masks for Dry Split Hair Ends

Many ladies and hairdressers think that the most effective way of fighting the split hair ends is using scissors. In fact, this is an option in some cases, especially the gravest ones, but when we have some not very serious and irrecoverable problems of this type, or when, for instance, the hair is just prone to having split and dry ends, there is an array of other treatments, which will prove to be very effective and cool for preventing this kind of problems. On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your hair properly, you are most likely to have these problems as well as have them repeated, even if at the given moment you don’t have any. Thus we are going to speak about some basic ways and treatments that you may use in order to avoid this kind of problems, particularly concentrating on the natural hair masks for dry, split hair ends.

First of all, speaking about the frequency of trimming hair, we can note that it should be once in some 2-3 months and this doesn’t necessarily have to be done with special products or tools. What you may try out is the following masks that go as follows!

Hair Masks for Dry Split Hair Ends

Fruit Hair Mask for Dry and Split Ends

The first and most effective salvation of hair having these problems is juicy peach, which needs to be cut into pieces and blended with a blender or it can be substituted with an apple, which needs to be peeled and grated again. In the fruit mash you get (out of which you might need to remove some of the juice so that the mask won’t go too fluid) you need to add 3 tbsp. of milk with 5 drops of oregano oil previously added into it.

This mask should be applied to the hair, especially concentrating on the ends. Then you need to wrap your head in a towel and keep it like that for half an hour. Next, wash your hair with warm water. For your information, we may also add that the frequency of the treatments introduced here should be twice in a week with the overall duration of at least a month and a half or two months after which the treatment is recommended to change. At the same time, you may reduce the frequency to once in 7-10 days. One more tip suggests using the infusion of plantain leaves for washing the hair after the fruit mask. Thus a cup of boiling water should be added to 2 tbsp. of the crushed plant and filtered an hour later.

Carrots and Oil Hair Mask

This is the second effective way of treating the dry and split ends of hair. This is also a very simple and easily prepared mask. You just need to take olive or sunflower oil and fresh squeezed carrot juice with equal proportions, carefully mixing all. This mask should be kept on hair for some 20 minutes, after which you just need to wash it with warm water. One important fact that needs to be noted here is that the existence of split ends doesn’t exclude the possibility of having oily scalp, which is especially frequent in case of having long and thin hair. In this case the mask should be applied with massaging movements starting from the middle of the hair, applying something else for the scalp. In this case you need to wash the second treatment for scalp after some 15-20 minutes.

The most widespread masks for split hair ends are prepared on the basis of olive or almond oil, burdock or flax. Those oils need to be applied to the ends when the hair is clean, as well as some half an hour before washing or while styling it. These oils act as nourishments and create a protective layer against the drying effect of the shampoos. Analogically, you can also use the oil mixture of vitamin E, which you can get very easily.

Aloe Vera and Brandy Hair Mask

To prepare this mask you need to take one tbsp. of burdock oil, brandy, and Aloe Vera juice. Mix the ingredients afterwards and add egg yolk and a spoonful of lemon juice to the mixture. This extremely popular mask needs to be left on the hair underneath a warming cap made of a layer of nourishing film and a towel for an hour.

Hair Masks for Dry Split Hair Ends

Sour-Cream Hair Mask

Making a sour-cream mask is extremely easy. You just need to add a tbsp. of olive oil to 100g of sour-cream and mix them well. Apply the mixture from the middle to the ends of the hair, put on a shower cap and wrap the head in a nourishing film and a terrycloth towel, waiting for an hour. In order to enhance the effect of the treatments including this one, you can also pick specific shampoos and products of hair care, including shampoos, lotions, and masks. Thus, what they need to include in their formula is extracts of wheat germ, flax, sunflower, coconut oil, jojoba and avocado. Among your best friends we can note the oil solutions of Vitamin E and A.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Finally if you would like to pick the mayonnaise mask for your hair, you can prepare it taking a tbsp. of mayonnaise, a tsp. of honey, an egg yolk and 2 cloves of onion, previously grated. All the ingredients need to be mixed well. Further, you should apply the mask to the whole length of the hair, wrap the head with a nourishing film and a warmed towel and wash it after half an hour.

Try out these useful and cool hair masks for the best results and you will, indeed, have them quite quickly. At the same time you should not forget about the trimming once in 2-3 months for the absolutely secure and rapid growth and health of your hair. Use these cool treatments and have the perfection you wished for!

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