Eyebrow Tips for a Round Face Shape

Eyebrow Tips for a Round Face Shape

In order to have ideal looks, you need to have ideal proportions of everything, matching every single detail with the rest. This especially refers to the face, since each face shape requires a certain set of features, which bring out all the beauty of the woman. Rounded face also has its peculiar and specific nuances to follow, about which we are going to speak right now. Particularly, we are going to discuss the types of eyebrows and eyebrow tips for the rounded face shape.

Eyebrow Tips for a Round Face Shape

The Forms of Eyebrows for Rounded Face

Plump cheeks are typical of rounded face forms, accompanied with round chin and cheekbones. So if these characteristics are what you have, then you are an owner of a rounded face, and your main task is making the face look longer. There exist three types of eyebrows for rounded face: kinked, straight, and combined. We will discuss these features more in-detail right now!

1. Kinked Eyebrow Form

This form of the eyebrows makes the face narrower, thus also visually making it longer. Such eyebrows have a rising form, a “break’ in the middle and a short end. The line should go up first, then smoothly turning down. This shape can conceal the imperfections and increase the effect they have. Still, it is not recommended making it go too high or making the kink too sharp. The eyebrows need to be thick but not extremely ridged.

2. Straight Eyebrow Form

The following form that you can opt for is the straight shape, which is also ideal for the rounded face. In order to get this type of eyebrows, you will need the help of a stylist, as if you go wrong, the face will become even wider. The brows need to be shaped with a slight kink, so that you will have a very charming feminine and mysterious look.

3. Combined Eyebrow Form

This is the ideal solution for those, who don’t mind having any of the previous forms. This is something in between those two thus having the details of the straight and kinked shapes. This is the classic form of the eyebrows, which is suitable not only for rounded face shapes, but also for many others. In order to counterbalance the shapely cheekbones, you may go for this type of brows. For some extra charm, you may also make them slightly more elongated.

Useful Tips for Picking Eyebrow Shape

1. The very first thing you need to remember that is categorically prohibited is to pick eyebrow shapes that repeat the shape of the face. This will only make things worse.

2. In order to visually make the face narrower, you can shorten the eyebrows, making them start near the inner corner of the eye and finish not reaching the outer corner slightly. This will make your look more noticeable.

3. The brows need to be in the right shape. To do this, you need to be careful with plucking and trimming them, so that you don’t get a thin thread out of your brows. In any case, if you have made a mistake or if you don’t have naturally thick eyebrows, you can always turn to filling in eyebrows!

4. In order not to go wrong with the shape, you may turn to a stylist for help for the first time. The specialist will make everything painlessly using modern methods. Further you may preserve the shape yourself.

5. Be sure to have a strong light, when making corrections.

6. Don’t be scared of correcting the upper part of the brows if that’s necessary. Still, don’t go too far with this, as you may make the brow lower, which in its turn will make your look heavier.

7. Don’t over pluck the brows, which are right above the nose. If they are not visible, you don’t need to do anything. Still, if they are noticeable, you need to remove them opening up the look and making the brows more noticeable.

Eyebrow Tips for a Round Face Shape

How to Get the Best Eyebrows for Rounded Face at Home

For the beginning we may advise you to figure out the exact place, where the brow begins, marking it with a black pencil and later drawing a straight line from the inner corner of the eye to the brow. The hair that remains closer to the nose needs to be removed.

The following line needs to go from the side of the nose through the inner side of the eye towards the point where it meets the brow. That will be the end of the brow. Everything that will be outside the line needs to be removed.

The last line needs to be drawn from the side of the nose by the outside part of the brow towards the temple up to the point it meets the brow. And again the extra hair left outside should be removed.

The correction of the brows needs to be done not less frequently than once in a month. Brows grow quickly and they might change you looks badly if you don’t pay attention to them properly. So just follow these simple eyebrow-shaping tips and you will be one step closer to perfection.

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