DIY Hair Masks for Stronger, Healthier Hair

DIY Hair Masks for Stronger, Healthier Hair

Perfect hair is the dream of any woman, since hair is one of the primary factors that matter when we talk about perfect looks in general. Moreover, having just beautiful hair is not enough, since besides being beautiful, it also needs to be healthy and strong. There are a number of ways for making hair really perfect and apart from the ready-made products that we can get, we can also make some very useful DIY hair masks for stronger, healthier hair, which are no less effective than those cosmetic means. These means may help you fight such problems as dryness, or oily hair, fragile and breakable hair tips, overall weakness, etc.

DIY Hair Masks for Stronger, Healthier Hair

Thus before passing to the enumeration of the useful hair masks that you can make, it’s important to know about certain nuances about hair, which go as follows:

1. The masks for hair need to be used according to the following pattern: if you have obvious problems, those masks need to be applied twice or thrice a week. Whereas for overall strengthening effect, some one or two times a month is quite enough.

2. In order to enhance the effect of the mask, you need to put on a hair cap after the application and wrap the head with a towel.

3. The overall procedure of the hair mask application and treatment should be not less than half an hour in order to give effective results.

4. In order to gift the hair with a natural shine after the application of the mask and the wash with a shampoo, you need to use a special DIY mixture, which can be made by mixing the juice of 1 lemon for a liter of cold water or decoction of chamomile for lighter tones of hair, 2 tbsp. of vinegar for a liter of water for darker shades.

Passing to the DIY hair masks that you may make for improving the condition of your hair, we can speak about the following options!

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask

This is an ideal solution for those, who suffer from fragile or split hair ends and who do not want to solve the problem with cutting the hair constantly. Thus for this mask you need to mix 1 tbsp. of honey with 1 egg, and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Mix everything until you get a liquid consistency and apply it to the whole length of the hair paying a greater attention to the ends. Wrap the hair and keep it for some 30-60 minutes. Afterwards rinse off the mask with a soft shampoo and repeat this procedure for some three times in a month. You can also replace the olive oil with castor oil.

Eggs and Milk Hair Mask

The following useful mask for bringing back the healthy shine of your hair can be made doing the following. To prepare this mask you just need to whip 2 eggs with a blender and mix it with a bit of cream or sour cream. Afterwards apply the mixture to the whole length of the hair and let it stay for 15 minutes. After this just wash the hair with a soft shampoo.

Revitalizing Hair Mask with Cocoa and Curd

This mask is meant to revitalize your hair and to bring back the lively looks. For preparing it you need to take 3 tbsp. of curd with low consistency of fat in it, and add some water with a bit of cocoa. Mix the ingredients until getting a dense dark paste, apply it to the scalp and the moistened hair. Wrap the head and keep it on for 30-60 minutes. Wash the hair with a soft shampoo.

Nettle Hair Mask Against Dandruff

Coming to hair masks that help you fight problems like dandruff, we can suggest taking 0.5 liters of vinegar for 0.5 of water heat until the mixture is about to boil. Next, add 100 grams of nettle and boil it thoroughly for 30 minutes. Wash the hair with this decoction without using any other shampoo for 10 weeks.

Onion Hair Mask for Hair Loss and Weak Hair

Grate onion and massage the scalp with the paste you’ll get, covering it with a polyethylene film, wrapping with another towel further. Leave that for the whole night and carefully wash the hair in the morning.
Note: you’ll have the scent of onion coming from the hair for some 2 days.

Avocado Hair Masks

1. For making this mask you need to take 1 banana, 1 ripe avocado, and 2 tsp. of olive oil, blend all together and massage this into the hair from roots to ends making sure you cover all the length. Let it stay for 30 minutes, after which just shampoo well and rinse it off with apple cider vinegar and cool water.

2. For another avocado hair mask, you need to take 0.5 ripe avocado, 1 tbsp. of honey and 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar, blend everything, apply the mixture to the hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse off with some cool water and a damp cloth.

Coconut and Olive Oil Hair Mask

The following mask that you can prepare is the coconut and olive oil mask. It is ideal for dry and frizzy hair. To prepare this mask you need to mix some coconut oil with olive oil and apply the mixture to the whole length of the hair. Afterwards cover the hair with a shower cap and leave it on for about an hour. When done, rinse all off with a mild herbal shampoo and use some conditioner to finish up with.

DIY Hair Masks for Stronger, Healthier Hair

Banana Cream Hair Mask

The next wonder product is banana. Thus to make this strengthening hair mask you need to blend one overripe banana, add a tbsp. of honey to the mash. Apply the mixture to the hair, especially focusing on the roots. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with hand-hot water.

Oatmeal Hair Mask

This mask is effective for oily scalp, dandruff, irritated scalp and inflammation. To make this mask, you need to mix oatmeal, fresh milk and almond oil and prepare a paste. After making sure that there are no tangles in your hair, apply the mixture and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, after which just rinse it off with hand-hot water. Repeat the procedure once a week and it will help you get rid of the excessive oil and will result in better hair growth.

Hibiscus Hair Mask

If weak roots trouble you, you can use this mask to overcome that problem. Thus, you need to soak the hibiscus petals overnight in a cup of water, after which blend it with olive oil and some raw milk. After applying the mixture you need to let it stay on for 20-25 minutes and just rinse it off with water. Apart from strengthening the roots, it will also gift your hair with a shiny and soft look.

Egg Hair Mask

Another mask you can make with eggs is meant to improve the hair growth. For preparing this mask you need to beat the white of one egg with a teaspoon of olive oil, and after having a paste-like mixture apply it to the whole scalp and hair. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse the mask off with cool water or a mild shampoo. Due to the fact that eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, they will really work well on improving the condition of your hair.

Thus, here were the basic homemade hair masks you can make to improve the condition of your hair. Look at the problems you have and give a try to any of them for the best results!

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