100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

Celebrities are the most frequently discussed and iconic images of the showbiz and the fashion world surrounding us. And that’s not surprising that most of the times it’s the celebrity beauty secrets and pieces of advice that we turn to in order to have some ideal and perfect looks. That’s why here we are going to speak about the 100 best celebrity beauty tips of all time that you can follow and use them as some magic tricks for having those impeccable and envious looks that will attract everyone’s attention. So here is what our list looks like!

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

1. Beyonce Beauty Tips

Before passing to the basic beauty tips and tricks you need to have one simple tip from Beyonce! Her magic trick is that you just need to smile! No makeup can gift you with the wonderful and beautiful glow, which you instantly have when you smile! Also, you can just secure your ideal skin condition regularly using a moisturizer.

2. Kate Winslet Beauty Tips

According to Kate, the best way to fight the dark circles under the eyes, which constantly appear as a result of traveling, busy and stressful days, is a good and quality eye cream. A small, yet effective way to have the great looks!

3. Mary J. Blige Beauty Tips

Mary J. Blige advises you to pay attention to washing your face at least once during a day to get rid of the dirt and dust and makeup and to clean the pores, too. So clean face is the ideal face.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow Beauty Tips

Omega-3 oil is the secret magical ingredient of Gwyneth Paltrow. It is the very detail that gifts the skin with the desirable glow and healthy look and well, this has a reason to be the face of Gwyneth.

5. Lucy Liu Beauty Tips

In case you need to fight the undesirable effect that winter frost has on your skin, you may protect it with Aquaphor. Apart from helping to protect the skin from the destructive effect of freezing weather outdoors, it also helps to keep the skin fresh and revitalized.

6. Halle Berry Beauty Tips

Another great tip is suggested by Halle Berry, who says to be using ground coffee as an anti-cellulite treatment. She adds some ground coffee to her body wash and she believes that this treatment and some mild exfoliation help to regulate the blood circulation and make the skin softer and smoother. Talking about the basic makeup products she uses, she added face powder, and any kind of lip treatment.

7. Hillary Duff Beauty Tips

The secret of the glowy skin of Hillary Duff is the use of a refreshing spray before the application of makeup. She suggests doing this for the amazingly impressive effect for the whole day.

8. Jessica Alba Beauty Tips

If you want to skip the mascara application but still want to enjoy the impressive eye makeup, Jessica Alba suggests using a curler instead. She states that the use of mascara is unavoidable only in case she has some puffy eyes that need to be concealed. Otherwise, she simply goes for curling her lashes and brushing the tips with a mascara wand just a little.

9. Kate Middleton Beauty Tips

The bee venom facial Kate Middleton is said to have received before her wedding created by beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell is one of the best ways of accentuating her beautiful ad fresh skin and gifting it with a line-free effect.

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

10. Lady Gaga Beauty Tips

Cleaning up the extra glitter is what we have to state as one of the basic secrets of Lady Gaga’s unique looks. For doing this she uses Sellotape that is a Scotch tape to remove all the glitter that might have fallen down on her cheeks after the makeup application.

11. Rachel Bilson Beauty Tips

A revolutionary way of removing makeup is presented by Rachel Bilson, who says to be using Vaseline for removing her makeup, especially that of the eyes, being a gentle and useful product for the skin as well. Dusting the cheeks and the eyelids with bronzing powder is another key she uses to get some natural glow of skin.

12. Emma Stone Beauty Tips

Emma Stone has another great way to accentuate natural beauty, which this time is meant especially for those, who can’t use many products because of allergies. Treatments like natural grape seed oil can be used as ideal moisturizers to use after the shower and to have the glowy skin for the whole day. So the three basic things you need to do according to her is moisturizing, sleeping, and working on the eyebrows.

13. Zooey Deschanel Beauty Tips

Coming to the secrets of the absolutely dumbfounding hair looks of Zooey, we are delighted to reveal that most of the time she takes care of the hairstyles and the hair looks herself without the help of a hairdresser and one of the keys to the striking and healthy looks is always keeping the hair polished ad moisturized, working on the protection. As for the styles, she notes to be going for experiments frequently, mostly concentrating on the volume around the crown. Using a lipstick is the next secret of her beauty, which, as she says, can work as a blush as well, so its double effective.

14. Zoe Saldana Beauty Tips

All-natural is the advice and the pick of Zoe Saldana, who concentrates on treatments like oatmeal masks and other natural beauty remedies like henna tea or rum. In addition, she also says to be rubbing over some olive oil on the dry hair ends and the chopped-up aloe leaves on sunburns.

15. Cate Blanchett Beauty Tips

If you don’t feel like spending plenty of money on luxurious beauty products that are effective yet extremely expensive, Cate suggests using some natural products like essential oils, such as the emu oil, being a specific treatment found in the indigenous Australian culture. That’s the first oil they use for a baby because of its moisturizing effect. It’s an incredibly useful treatment for sunburns or scars. Papaw ointment is another useful product she suggests opting for.

16. Krysten Ritter Beauty Tips

We all recognize her by her impeccable skin, bold lips and the super cute and curious baby bangs she has been having for all her life as she herself confesses. She uses a very nice technique for creating her impressive hairstyle and the face framing hair by just gathering the hair in a knot in the back with a rubber band, wrapping it around and blowing the bangs delicately. As for the makeup, low-maintenance is again the key, thus making up a routine that consists of two essential products being the mascara and the lip color.

17. Monica Belucci Beauty Tips

She is, indeed, one of the most iconic and super elegant women of the fashion world! Apart from being the muse and the inspiration of an army of her fans, she also inspired giants like Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to create an entire lipstick collection! So what’s the secret of these fabulous looks? The first thing she speaks about is the lip color, which as she notes is the primary key to her stunning looks. The pick of the shade depends on the mood. And in order to keep the maintenance of some bold and intense shades, she uses techniques like applying a coat of pressed powder between the color coats for the long-lasting and impressive effect.

18. Emma Watson Beauty Tips

Emma Watson is one of the most favorite young actresses of nowadays and her beauty is out of question. So stealing some beauty tips from her, we may talk about must-do procedures she notes, one of them being the removal of makeup every day before going to bed. Another mandatory product she keeps on using is the blush. In order to remove the incorrectly applied mascara, you need to dip a cotton ball into some foundation and remove the mascara using that cotton. It will thus also conceal the bad effect.

19. Salma Hayek Beauty Tips

Despite the fact that many celebs go for some sumptuous and glamorous beauty products and treatments for perfecting their looks, Salma Hayek is an absolute and resolute fan of natural DIY beauty treatments. To name some treatments that really make miracles she talked about the mass of whipped eggs, the application of which is the ideal way to save anyone from painful burns, taking away the pain, healing it and creating a crust for preventing blisters and scars.

20. Scarlett Johansson Beauty Tips

Scarlett in her turn reveals the secret of her shimmery and cute looks! She says she always starts out with a matte base leaving the application of the shimmer for the next step. In this way she prepares the proper background for the successful makeup application and the long-lasting effect of the shimmer.

21. Liv Tyler Beauty Tips

As for Liv Tyler, she reveals her own version of having close-to-natural makeup looks, starting with the foundation and just a little blush, followed by some dusting with a translucent powder, and misting the skin with a rosewater spray, waiting for some seconds. This tones the face nicely at the same time helping to avoid the feel of having makeup on.

22. Jewel Beauty Tips

You might probably have learnt about the technique suggested by Jewel, but still, we would like to talk about it once more. Thus what she suggests is using a lip stain underneath the foundation in order to have those rosy and cute cheeks longer and with a more impressive accent.

23. Eva Mendes Beauty Tips

The easiest way of looking cute and great without extra efforts or makeup products is suggested by Eva Mendes, who recommends mixing some bronzer with the moisturizer in order to avoid looking wearing makeup at the same time accentuating your natural beauty.

24. Ellen Pompeo Beauty Tips

The secret for a naturally prepared and easy smokey eye is suggested by Ellen Pompeo, who suggests moisturizing the area of the smokey effect before the application of the shadow or the pencil, so that they both smudge and get the shape naturally.

25. Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips

Another easy and effective way of adding some more glow and glam to your skin is suggested by Kim, who says to be using sugar to her daily body wash in order to have the ideal exfoliating effect.

26. Sienna Miller Beauty Tips

This might sound a bit weird or even crazy, but it does work! Sienna Miller confesses to be using ketchup for removing the green tinge from her hair after the dyeing proved to have gone wrong. What colors have messed up ketchup can fix!

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

27. Jennifer Aniston Beauty Tips

Another great function of Vaseline is revealed due to Jennifer, who says that applying some small proportions like a quarter of a teaspoon under each eye helps her to fight the wrinkles and the fine lines. Repeating this every night she says to be having great results.

28. Evan Rachel Wood Beauty Tips

Evan is the following fan of oil-based products in our list. She uses them both for removing makeup and for hydrating and refreshing the skin for the night.

29. Mariah Carey Beauty Tips

The secret trick of having such impressive and sassy lips is adding some mint extract to her gloss for stimulating and regulating the blood circulation there.

30. Lauren Conrad Beauty Tips

Coming to the eyes, Lauren Conrad’s say is slicing up a few refrigerated potatoes, soaking them in water for a couple of seconds and put them over the lids to reduce that annoying puffy eye look in 15 minutes! For another tip she suggests making the makeup a bit lighter especially for the summer months by means of diluting the cover-up with a little eye cream.

31. Taylor Swift Beauty Tips

Taylor Swift goes on explaining the technique of getting the lip color last longer, suggesting to blot the first layer of the bright lipstick with a tissue, adding some powder over the tissue and again going on pressing it over the lips. Afterwards the second layer is applied and it definitely lasts longer.

32. Rihanna Beauty Tips

The secret of the healthy and fresh looks of Rihanna probably has a close relation to what she is fond of doing! So it’s swimming and doing everything in the ocean that keeps her fit and is good for her body as well.

33. Cameron Diaz Beauty Tips

As for Cameron Diaz, exercising, healthy diet, lots of water and positive mood are the guarantees of beauty and fitness. Crazy enough!

34. Carrie Ann Inaba Beauty Tips

Talking about her own activities meant for perfecting her looks, Carrie Ann Inaba notes that yoga is one of the basic activities that helps her. Other procedures include massage when stretching or kickboxing workouts for the absolutely fit condition of body.

35. Selena Gomez Beauty Tips

Face wash products and lotions, or better options combining both are the key products Selena always opts for in order to have the ideal looks without actually harming any part of the skin.

36. Lucy Hale Beauty Tips

Using shampoos that gift the hair with a nice glow and a wonderful scent is what Lucy Hale suggests doing. Letting the hair air dry after washing it is also a do she frequently opts for.

37. Lupita Nyong’o Beauty Tips

Stunner Lupita Nyong’o preserves the healthy glow of her skin by using natural oils a lot, particularly avocado oil and Hawaiian kukui oil for her facial skin care. As she states, she loves to keep things natural, simple and straightforward.

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

38. Katy Perry Beauty Tips

Using cleansing oils like Shu Uemura for taking off the makeup is the pick of Katy Perry. Again going for natural ingredients, you may also avoid any of the allergic reactions connected with the toxins. Using gels instead of regular manicure is the next secret of Katy. This is both effective and good-looking.

39. Emma Roberts Beauty Tips

Neutrogena Brand Ambassador suggests using glosses, which are available in different shades and do not dry on the lips creating an unpleasant feel.

40. Eva Longoria Beauty Tips

Using faux eyelashes is the secret and the main beauty tip for Eva since her pageant years as she notes! These products add just as much chic and charm that you want and nicely perfect your looks with the necessary details and final brushstrokes.

41. Katherine McPhee Beauty Tips

In order to make it easier for you to wipe off the shadow spills, Katherine suggests applying some loose powder on top of the foundation under the eyes. Effective and useful for smoothening the skin!

42. Isla Fisher Beauty Tips

Isla suggests a way to make the lashes curl better. Thus she suggests taking a hair dryer for the eyelash curler and to heat it for a couple of seconds before using it. Thus you will triple the results of the application.

43. Freida Pinto Beauty Tips

In order to perfect the eye makeup and the whole of it in general, Freida suggests using some petroleum jelly on the lids, which will gift your skin with a pleasant glowy effect.

44. Gwen Stefani Beauty Tips

Gwen does appreciate and value experiments, especially when colors are involved, and her suggestion is starting with a matte lipstick, letting it dry and adding a layer of creamy shade, being sure that it doesn’t get on the teeth.

45. Joy Bryant Beauty Tips

Coming to nails, the celebs like Joy Bryant talk about liking buffed nails. The neat and chic looks are the best guarantees of great results and they are the way due to which you don’t have to paints your nails, thus the process lasts for a considerably shorter period of time.

46. Sarah Jessica Parker Beauty Tips

Sarah emphasizes the important of having a good perfume, which she uses to spray the clothes also, and when the end of the bottle is reached she unscrews the top and pour the remaining drops on a pieces of clothing again.

47. Jessica Chastain Beauty Tips

A super great trick about smiling is revealed! Jessica Chastain presents the trick about how not to over-smile, sometimes gums showing too much. Thus, according to her it is a good idea to stick the tongue behind the teeth when smiling. Resourceful!

48. AnnaLynne McCord Beauty Tips

AnnaLynne comes up with some tips about how to pick and apply the concealer. Thus she notes that the concealer needs to be two tones lighter than the skin tone and the motion of application should be dotting especially under the eyes. In this way you will have everyone’s attention on the eyes and you will also look more refreshed and cuter.

49. Ashlee Simpson Beauty Tips

The following makeup trick suggested by celebs is that of Ashlee, who notes that she never uses a real eyeshadow brush. Instead, she opts for the spongy brush that comes with the package and delicately fits underneath the eye thus providing you with all the necessary ingredients for creating a cat eye look. Also, you may add some black eyeliner on the inside and that’s all.

50. Jessalyn Gilsig Beauty Tips

The simplest beauty tip is suggested by Jessalyn. She recommends having the right palette and the right colors and way less makeup for perfect looks.

51. Kate Moss Beauty Tips

Red lipstick is the shade that Kate Moss uses as the secret of her beauty. Though it’s not always suitable to wear during the day, it is suitable for the irresistibly chic evening looks. The iconic images of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly are the first thing you think of when imagining this.

52. Chanel Iman Beauty Tips

What Chanel Iman suggests as the key combination for the everyday chic of any woman is mascara, moisturizer, lip balm, clean skin and good brows.

53. Karlie Kloss Beauty Tips

Karlie speaks about nails saying that the rose-scented nail polishes are what she loves about nail perfection the most. It is a simple and smart solution according to her.

54. Charlize Theron Beauty Tips

Simple tricks like washing the face with cold water is the key of the beautiful looks of Charlize. As she says, she doesn’t believe in overzealous cleansing. Products like sunscreen, foundation and mascara are the following ingredients of her best looks and that’s it.

55. Emmy Rossum Beauty Tips

As for Emmy’s secret tricks, we can name the cold pressed olive oil as being one of the most important products. She uses it as a moisturizer after bath and just enjoys the tuning results after the application on the skin and a little bit in the hair for some subtle sheen.

56. Doutzen Kroes Beauty Tips

Absolute beauty Doutzen Kroes reveals the secret of her natural beauty and healthy lifestyle, which is as simple as squeezing a lemon, an orange and a grapefruit to make a morning juice.

57. Rachel Zoe Beauty Tips

The shift towards natural and lighter treatments is what Rachel Zoe does for the change of the season regimen. Products like bright polish shades, sun-kissed lotions and moisturizers compose the pack of tools she generally uses for that purpose.

58. Lily Collins Beauty Tips

Going more philosophical and psychological, Lily Collins speaks about the mental background you need to have in order to acquire impeccable looks. Thus accepting your flaws and learning how to turn them into benefits is what you need to do for the first step.

59. Fergie Beauty Tips

Argon oil is the key weapon of Fergie for preserving the ideal and impeccably fabulous looks of hers. Putting the treatment in the bun of the hair she gets the absolutely stunning and healthy shine accompanied by those sassy beachy waves!

60. Lea Michelle Beauty Tips

What Lea Michelle suggests you doing it finding the exact hair care products that will allow all the treatments and perfecting with styling procedures at the same time keeping the hair healthy and strong.

61. Miranda Kerr Beauty Tips

Miranda suggests not being afraid of not having a certain utensil! For instance, if you don’t have any tools for curling your lashes, you can use simple household utensils like spoons to get the job done!

62. Olivia Palermo Beauty Tips

Simplicity and minimalism compose the style of gorgeous Olivia Palermo. Her fave look is made of red nails, a sleek ponytail and either smokey eyes or some bold lips.

63. Minka Kelly Beauty Tips

Tiny tips can also be of huge importance. For instance, Minka Kelly confesses to be taking some half an hour naps during the day and we can only suppose that this is one the main contributing factors for her beautiful looks.

64. Audrey Hepburn Beauty Tips

In one of the documents Audrey Hepburn has left we may find the following: “for beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.’ The efficiency may be a question or a doubt, but still, it won’t make things worse for sure.

65. Marilyn Monroe Beauty Tips

According to a certain info that has been preserved about Marilyn Monroe, we know that after washing her face with a cleansing oil she used a couple of layers of Vaseline in order to have the hydration and moisturizer effect on the skin too.

66. Vanessa Hudgens Beauty Tips

Keeping the skin clean is one of the basic factors for beautiful looks according to Vanessa Hudgens. Thus she suggests using grapefruit cleansers to keep the skin clean and clear excluding the breakouts.

67. Candice Swanepoel Beauty Tips

In case you want to get rid of the sleepy look you may use a cream pencil on the inside of the eye, and in case you want to make it pop, just add some shimmer in the corners. This is what Candice suggests doing.

68. Adriana Lima Beauty Tips

Using a tanner all over is one of the secrets of the impeccable looks of Adriana Lima the night before the VS shows. It gifts her skin with a sassy and cool shade thus adding some more chic and charm to them.

69. Gabrielle Union Beauty Tips

When wanting to create some ultra-dramatic red carpet looks, the makeup artist of Gabrielle Fiona Stiles uses two pairs of faux lashes to add the feminine and dramatic feel to the look.

70. Jennifer Garner Beauty Tips

Using sunscreen is one of the most important things in the beauty regimen of Jennifer Garner. She really pays great attention to sunblock and she uses the regular application of sunscreen not only for herself but for her daughters as well.

71. Audrina Patridge Beauty Tips

Always having an apple around is one of the best beauty tricks Audrina suggests. Because of the fact that eating one apple is equal to drinking a cup of coffee, she goes for more natural things.

72. Mila Kunis Beauty Tips

Besides washing the face, Mila adds doubling the pillowcases to the list in order to have healthy and good looks in the morning. Changing the pillowcases regularly is also important.

73. Michelle Kwan Beauty Tips

Opting for such foundations, which do not irritate the skin when you sweat is the advice of Michelle Kwan. Particularly, Shiseido Foundation in shade 060 is the way in this case.

74. Gisele Bündchen Beauty Tips

Having blonde and invisible eyebrows, Gisele is in a constant struggle to make them more visible. For doing this she uses a gray-brown pencil.

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

75. Rachael Ray Beauty Tips

Face lotions and potions are what Rachael says she can’t live without. They successfully accomplish the functions of hydrating and moisturizing the skin so they are, indeed, important for the beautiful looks.

76. Oprah Beauty Tips

Body creams with white tea as an ingredient are enlisted in the fave products of Oprah. Well, we know the list is big, still, this is just an option.

77. Nina Dobrev Beauty Tips

Vitamin C massage under the eyes is one of the key details of Nina’s stunning looks. The effect is especially noticeable and great if this ingredient is in the eye cream and in this case it repairs the skin, regulates the blood flow and makes the dark circles less noticeable.

78. Kate Bosworth Beauty Tips

Revealing the formula of everlasting beauty of Kate we discover the pack of a travel-size eye cream, travel-size face mist, moisturizer and some tinted lip balm. So this formula helps her to looks fresh and good no matter whether she’s travelling or just out for an event.

79. Diane Kruger Beauty Tips

When trying to fight the loss of volume of the lips connected with aging, some makeup artists and celebs along with Diane Kruger suggest using cinnamon essential oils, which increase the blood circulation and help to gift the lips with a temporary plumper look.

80. Miley Cyrus Beauty Tips

Having flawless makeup isn’t always as easy as it sounds and sometimes it is really time and effort consuming. For instance, you might need to wait for the moisturizer to sink in but you might not have the time for that. So in order to speed up the process you may lie on the bed and tilt your head all the way back massaging the cream into the skin. When circulation increases the absorption is also happening faster.

81. Lake Lively Beauty Tips

In order to avoid getting an overdose of makeup it’s a good idea to apply the concealer first and let it go in before going on to the application of the foundation and the powder. In this way, you don’t risk losing the natural glow and the fresh looks of yours because of heavy makeup.

82. Reese Witherspoon Beauty Tips

In case you want to fix and correct the shades of your whole face, you’d better use a thicker, more putty-like formula to be able to conceal the undesirable parts better.

83. Carey Mulligan Beauty Tips

If last-moment imperfections like zits or acne trouble you, just use an eyeshadow primer on the blemish for the first step. Then use the concealer and the imperfection will be gone.

84. Kirsten Dunst Beauty Tips

Sunscreen is especially important for those having fair skin. So a good way of protecting the skin is using the sunscreen with a nylon-bristle foundation brush instead of the fingers. The brushes get the products absorb quicker and they become more effective that way.

85. January Jones Beauty Tips

Double cleaning can also be beneficial for the skin and the looks in general. For instance, this is the case of January Jones, who uses a wipe or cleaning oil first and a nonstripping gel cleanser for the deeper clean.

86. Julianne Moore Beauty Tips

Julianne Moore also emphasizes the importance of sunscreen for the skin, as well as points out about the need to walk on the shady side of the street to avoid the sunlight even more. Apart from having a positive result on your skin condition, it is also a good anti-aging technique.

87. Kim Cattrall Beauty Tips

Exfoliating the skin is what Kim Carrtall suggests doing, stating that she herself scrubs every day, the whole body and even the scalp.

88. Andie MacDowell Beauty Tips

Moisturizing the lips is just as important as the whole face. So this is what Andie suggests noting that this kind of procedures may also contribute to making the lips plumper and more beautiful.

89. Joan Collins Beauty Tips

The tip of Joan is always having foundation on when going out. Applying foundation after moisturizing is the key to everlasting beautiful looks according to her.

90. Susan Sarandon Beauty Tips

Quitting unhealthy habits like smoking is just as important for the preservation of beautiful looks as the creams and treatments. So this is one of the greatest secrets of Susan Sarandon’s gorgeous and cute looks.

91. Lulu Beauty Tips

As for the tips we may steal from Lulu, the very first thing is using the concealer wisely. For instance, she uses a light-reflecting option for anything that needs to be downplayed. So knowing what and where is also important for good makeup.

92. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Beauty Tips

In order to have that ideally flushed feel of the cheeks you can use a light pink shade if you’re fair skinned like Rosie and a deeper raspberry shade if you’re medium skinned. Wine shades are for the dark skinned.

93. Christina Hendricks Beauty Tips

If the sassy cat eye of Christina is what you’re looking for, using liquid eyeliner to draw along the waterline and flare off the lid into winged tips is the main technique you need to follow.

94. Julia Roberts Beauty Tips

Coming back to nails, again we can speak about one more useful technique for perfecting the nails of yours, which is the one Julia Roberts uses. She soaks her fingernails in olive oil for a few minutes once a week and as a result she has the ideally moisturized and cool nails without making them weaker.

95. Catherine Zeta Jones Beauty Tips

The formula of the ideally white and great teeth of Catherine is said to be the mashed strawberry mass that she uses for brushing her teeth. The malic acid strawberries contain removes the discoloration of the teeth.

96. Katherine Heigl Beauty Tips

The five high-protein meals Katherine has been using throughout the day and the exercises she keeps on repeating are said to be the essential aspects of her beautiful looks.

97. Courtney Love Beauty Tips

Green or White tea drinking is another useful thing from the celebs. This is adding the proportions of water consumed during the day as well as getting great antioxidants.

98. Kelly Osbourne Beauty Tips

Another great example of how beneficial quitting the bad habits can be is the story of Kelly Osbourne, cutting down on alcohol to minimum, almost zero. As she noted, this significantly helped her to lose weight and have healthier looks.

99. Jennifer Lopez Beauty Tips

The trick of beauty of Jennifer Lopez as she has stated recently is changing the diet towards eating more fish and vegetables. Regular exercises with a trainer also contribute to her keeping in the shape.

100. Yumi Lambert Beauty Tips

Finally, as Yumi Lambert suggests, always preserve the principle of moderation. For instance, you can still have some food you love in your diet, but you need to have everything balances and moderated. In this case you’ll not notice any changes for the worse.

100 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips of All Time

Thus, here were the basic beauty tips from celebrities you may pick and use for the sake of your own beautiful and stunning looks. We do believe that having confidence to be beautiful is the first step. Further you may pick any of these tips and be the most impeccable lady all around!

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