Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

In case you have green eyes and would like to have some basic tips and tricks about the proper makeup for matching the stunning color of your eyes, here we have some interesting info for you. You are already gorgeous with that unique and curious shade of the eyes, so in case of accentuating your eyes properly, you’ll have even more impressive results. So here we go with the best makeup tips for green eyes!

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Pick the Colors Correctly

This is the first and primarily important thing. Picking the colors correctly is the starting step to perfection, so your choice has to be done wisely. Since our primary aim is to accentuate the eyes and to gift them with an alluring and nicely completing touches, our choices should stop on shades complementing the shades of the eyes. Thus, if the eyes have a darker tone, the complementing tone should be lighter, still sticking to the basic color palette correspondence, and vice versa. Your possible choices may stop on the shades of purple, peachy, brown, bronze, rosy, khaki, and beige. You may also experiment with the combos of these shades, for instance, matching the tones of dark-brown with coral.

The complexion of your skin and the shade of your hair also matter in the choice of the eyeshadow colors. Thus, if you have lighter skin and hair, greenish and bluish shades for makeup will be great. Options like bronze and light peachy will also do. For those having brownish hair, the neutral brown, purple, golden and honey shades will go best. Brunettes’ choice should stop on any shades of purple, green, or gray. These shades are also ideal for the cat-eye effect. As for the jet-black hair, brown, rosy, and bluish-green tones are recommended.

All in all, we may just state the basic principle of how colors work here. Namely, green eyes are absolutely not for cooler shades. Talking about capricious shades like pink, we should also add that though it’s not impossible to imagine the combos of green with pink, but still you’ll need to find the exact shade matching your eyes. The traditional tricks of visually making your eyes bigger with black eyeliner and mascara actually don’t work here. Golden and white tones are instead a great help here.

Also, you’d better avoid green tones, since they will either become totally visually indistinguishable from the eyes, or just make them look grayish. Thus, as you may see, the basic keys for the most successful application of the eye makeup are the colors, namely the shadows. In case of picking the shades and their combinations correctly, you will get maximum effective and bedazzling looks. Also, talking about the combinations again, we may note that the monochrome looks are just as effective as their combos. The latter may include all the possible and incredible options, from classic interpretations to crazy multi-colored looks.

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Be Attentive with the Products

Apart from picking the basic color shades, you should also pay attention to the products that are meant to create those shades. In this way, if you deal with shadows, you may use the suggestions mentioned above. On the other hand, in case of eyeliners, you should first of all avoid shades of black and pick some brown or gray alternatives instead, which will not create a harsh image eventually. The same also refers to the choice of mascara. Brown tones are recommended in this respect, too. Talking about the exclusion of black shades for eyeliner, we may again advise you to use some chocolate shades, or plum and golden tones in case you want a bolder image.

Pick the Exact Makeup for the Occasion

Finally, talking about some nuances about the functional use of makeup, we may also add that as in any other case, every type of makeup has some special intention and purpose. The occasion you are dressed up to is also vital. Thus, if you create the makeup with light and soft shades, you’ll more likely get some casual looks, whereas picking darker and more intense shades will help you create ideal evening looks. Opting for some metallic or dark purple shades is also a do for the evening looks.

In conclusion, we my dwell deeper into the nature of the green eyes, stating that this shade is quite a rare and exquisite phenomenon in the world, and there exist certain classifications of the tones of green eyes. Thus, the nephrite green is one of those options, described with the existence of interesting pearl accents. Darker tones are what will go best here. Ocean green is the next noteworthy option, also including the shades of turquoise. Lighter tones are what you need for the ultimate stun. Lighter tones of green from the following interesting shade of green eyes. Here, unlike the first type, dark tones are not that recommended, and may be used only for the corners. Finally, the last option is the greenish grey, described as the lightest variant of the green eye shade. Lighter tones and pastel are the exact picks.

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

So these were the main makeup tips and tricks for green eyes we would like to share with you. If you are a lucky-ducky to have green eyes, just have a nosey at these beauty tips and find some helpful ideas for creating successful and great eye makeup for your stunning and naturally sizzling looks!

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