How to Dye Hair Two Colors At Home

How to Dye Hair Two Colors At Home

Dyeing hair is one of the most effective and significant ways of changing the looks and that’s why this attracts many ladies, who want to bring in some changes with their looks. Still, there are a number of know-hows that any lady should know in order to be able to dye hair at home correctly and effectively. One array of these refers specifically to the case, when you want to dye your hair in two shades. So, it’s time to learn how to dye hair two colors at home and achieve a professional look!

How to Dye Hair Two Colors At Home

How to Dye Hair in Two Shades

This is the primary question we would like to discuss. This is the combination of two tones of the same color, for instance appearing when you use a light and dark tone of brown to get the shade you want. Applying the color in this case can be accomplished with two methods: either with succeeding applications of each color or with the help of creating a transition from the dark roots to the lighter ends or vice versa.

Another super modern thing is dyeing some strands of hair with eye-catching colors keeping the rest in natural and common shades. Bright red, purple and blue shades are especially suitable here. The coloring effect can be with a vertical strand, with zonal or horizontal areas of application.

The method of separating a section of hair is no less popular than the technique of dyeing several strands separately. Using this method you can dye your bangs, the ends of the hair, most often found with such combinations as the light top part and bright or dark ends. It’s better to use this for ladies, who have long and straight hair so that they can go for improvising easier.

If you have shorter hair, it would be better if you just found a separate small section to accentuate on your hairstyle.

Highlighting is another popular technique recently, described with the use of shades like brown taken as coffee brown, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Brown + Blonde technique is also very popular for the season.

How to Dye Hair at Home

If you are finally ready with your decision to go for an interesting hairstyle change, and if what you have decided to do for that is dyeing, than you don’t necessarily need to go to a specialist to get the look. You can also do that at home, using the tips and the techniques we will present below:

• First of all start with the right pick of the shade, which you need to do taking into account the peculiarities like your face shape and look and your complexion.

• If you are making a sectioned dye, be sure to separate the rest of the hair that’s not to be dyed at the moment with a plastic kerchief tied around the portion you don’t need.

• Apply the lighter color first in order to avoid the accidental dyeing on sections that are previously colored with the dark shade.

• Stay within the range of 3 shades from your natural hair tone, since it will look rather artificial if you go to extremes.

• In order to avoid things like stains, be sure to wipe down any surfaces stained with dye color.

How to Dye Hair Two Colors At Home

How to Dye Hair

1. Prepare everything you need for the process. This includes taking an old T-shirt, which you won’t feel sorry for throwing away later, if you accidentally get it stained. Then also take an oily cream or Vaseline and apply it on the areas of face around the hair, behind the ears and at the back of the neck in order not to leave stains on the face.

2. Divide the hair into strands. The position of the ones you want to dye with a darker shade you need to fix and secure firmly.

3. Apply the lighter tone first. Apply it to the strands that were left freely hanging. After some time wash off the lighter strands until the water runs clear being sure that the strands for darker shades remain dry. If still the undyed section gets wet you need to wait until it goes dry again.

4. Now firmly fix the dyed strands and let off the ones that are for darker tones. Apply the dark shade carefully in order not to touch the lighter section.

5. After the waiting time is up, wash your hair well, freeing all the strands and applying a nourishing conditioner to all over them, and after the hair is totally dry, you can already evaluate the results of your DIY two-color dyeing. That will be in some 2 minutes.

Deciding to go for a hair dye, especially a two-color option is a great change for looks and personality as well. Still, picking the exact type and color of dyeing is very important and need to be based on your perception of your skin type and complexion. For instance, bright blue accents for bangs and hair ends will not look that good for a woman over 60. Still, if you manage to pick everything correctly, you’ll nicely accentuate your bright personality and your unusual looks!

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