Causes of Facial Hair Growth In Women and Treatments for It

Causes of Facial Hair Growth In Women and Treatments for It

Unwanted hair growth is one of the most annoying and undesirably frequent beauty problems that especially the representatives of older age groups are at times being obliged to face. There are a number of reasons that might cause the appearance of hair on face, like the hormonal disorders, for instance. And this is, indeed, something that needs to be tackled upon. So here we are going to speak about the main causes of facial hair growth among women and the treatments they can opt for in order to overcome this problem.

Basic Causes of Facial Hair Growth

Thus talking about the basic causes of facial hair growth, we can first of all note that hirsutism as such is characterized by the excessive hair growth on the open areas of women’s face and body. The primary reason as we noted is the disorder of the hormonal balance in the organism. Nowadays this problem becomes more and more widespread among women and nearly 20% of them have to deal with this problem. Still, in the majority of cases this problem gets easily overcome with the help of using the correct treatments.

One of the most frequently encountered reasons for this is the unstable hormonal levels, which can be basically found with teenagers, before the menopause and after it. In any case in order to realize the process thoroughly, women have to turn to doctors, more exactly to gynecologists and endocrinologists.

Causes of Facial Hair Growth In Women and Treatments for It
If along with the hair growth you are experiencing problems like menses and weight gaining, then you need to turn to a doctor for help right away.

The hair follicles are very sensitive and they react immediately to any change in the organism. The sudden increase in the facial hair growth might not only indicate about the overload of the testosterone hormone, but also a number of diseases, cancer being one of them.

This problem is often caused by incorrectly picked contraceptives, steroids, etc. Some medicaments like, for instance, immunosuppressant cyclosporine used by those, who have implants, also cause some situations, which are similar to those of facial hair growth, which is called hypertrichosis (the excessive growth of colorless hair). Those women who suffer from anorexia are also subjected to hypertrichosis quite often. Still, this hair generally falls down when the consumption of these medicaments becomes equal to null.

For women having this problem defined as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), it’s important to limit the serious deviations at the very beginning. For those, who suffer from this problem, there are special combined oral contraceptives and spironolactone, which prevent the further growth of hair, though do not help to get rid of the existing ones.

In case of having some other health issues, spironolactone is rather recommended. The use of this product needs to be limited only in case you are planning or expecting a baby. In any case you won’t be able to avoid epilation, physical exercises and the loss of excessive weight.

Treatments for Overcoming Facial Hair Growth

There are a number of treatments you can opt for, if you want to get rid of that problem. They go as follows:

1. Plucking: This is one of the cheapest and the most effective ways of fighting the problem. Technically, there is one thing that you need to be careful about, which is the fact that when you pluck a hair, it becomes thicker and more visible.

2. Waxing: Waxing is the following widespread variant of removing hair from the face. The result is quite long-lasting. This is suitable for the average and low levels of the hair growth. The disadvantage is that you need to let the hair grow a little bit in order to be able to wax it all.

3. Electrolysis: The next technique and treatment is electrolysis, which is a more effective way of removing hair. The results of this procedure are especially long-lasting and the process itself damages the structure of the follicles because of the influence of weak impulses of current. In order to get the results that you want, you need to repeat this process for some more time. The disadvantage here is that the whole procedure is quite painful especially for those, who have sensitive skin.

4. Laser and Photoepilation: These two are probably the most suitable and successful means of getting what you want, at the same time being totally speechless. They have a number of advantages like the one-time and forever effect, as well as those of absence of contraindications. During this process the beam of the apparatus distorts the follicles and prevents the hair from growing. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Causes of Facial Hair Growth In Women and Treatments for It

Thus, here were the basic causes of facial hair growth among women and the types of treatments that you can use in order to get rid of such annoying problems as facial hair and to enjoy your beauty to the full.

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