Nail Care Tips for Peeling, Fragile Nails

Nail Care Tips for Peeling, Fragile Nails

Fragile nails can be explained with a number of causes. It may be a consequence of hand washing, dish washing, or anything else. Another frequently occurring reason for peeling nails is the distorted or badly regulated metabolism. This in its turn can be caused by the lack of Vitamins, the hormonal imbalance or the frequent consumption of alcohol or smoking. The nails are the most direct ways of reflecting the state of the organism and peeling nails most of the time signal about the health problems. In case of the smokers, the nails may acquire a yellowish shade, in case of having which it’s useful and effective to wipe the nails with lemon juice or a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. We bring here some effective nail care tips for peeling, fragile nails, following which you’ll finally have the ideal strong and long nails for creating various nail art designs and trying the hottest nail tendencies of the moment!

The Basic Causes of Fragile Nails

1. The external influence of the dyeing products, chemical products, resins and solvents.

2. The frequent contact with water.

3. The use of low quality nail lacquers.

4. The inflammatory processes in the nails may cause some longitudinal or transverse grooves.

5. The white stains on the nails may also appear because of the traumatic influence.

 Nail Care Tips for Peeling, Fragile Nails

How to Preserve the Nail Healthy

Talking about the basic ways of keeping the nails healthy and strong, we may point out the following important aspects:

1. Always wear gloves when doing some work around the house. Don’t do things like scouring the dirt away from a casserole. Use hand and nail creams accordingly with the weather. In winter it should be moisturizing, and in summer it should encompass the functions of sunscreen.

2. Use a nourishing cream after the contact with water or any work connected with fingers. Always have those creams at hand whenever you need them.

3. If you frequently use a nail lacquer, which contains formaldehyde, you’d better go for a pause to give your nails a chance to take rest.

4. Include fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and vitamins in your daily diet.

Some Basic Nail Treatments for the Start

Still, there are some peeling nail treatments, which can be used for strengthening the nails and making them stronger. Of course, natural means are the most suitable ways of overcoming problems like this. Lemon juice, for instance, is one of the main products you can use. It is also useful to place the nails in cranberry juice or vinegar. There are also special creams for strengthening the nails including vitamins A, E, and D in their formula.

In addition, it’s important to try solving the problem from its roots, changing the diet to include food with gelatin and dairy products, which comprise a lot of calcium, being so vital for nails. Eating more fruits and vegetables is also a great way of enriching your organism with vitamins.

When applying a nail lacquer, you need to hold the tool perpendicular to the finger and not bend it low or high.

Sea Salt for the Best Results

You can use sea salt baths for your nails for some 7-10 days. This is an ideal procedure for fragile nails. For making this work you need to add one tbsp. of sea salt and 8-10 drops of iodine to warm water, place the hands into the mixture and hold them there for 20 minutes. You may also take some baking soda instead of sea salt.

The Magic of Tea

Some specialists also suggest making the magical tea for your nails. This treatment, in its turn, requires nettles, capsella, 1 gray alder stem, 2 pieces of couch grass, and three pieces of elderberry flowers. Over the dry mixture of these plants you need to pour some boiling water, proportions being a cup of water for a tsp. of the mixture. Keep it for 8 hours, after which you need to filter the mixture and drink the liquid you get 3-4 times a day for 10 days.

Iodine Nail Treatment

The following nail treatment that you can go for is the iodine one, which supposes taking a quarter cup of sunflower oil and adding some 3-4 drops of iodine to it. Place the nails into this mixture for some 20 minutes. This should be repeated for 12-15 days and after each time you need to wipe your nails with a weak solution of tannin, which is very useful for improving the nail surface. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to this mixture.

Beeswax Nail Mask

Beeswax also turns out to be useful for improving the condition of the nails too. For this treatment you need 4 grams of beeswax, which you should put into a water bath to drown, add some grated boiled egg yolk and the vile of peach oil, and wait slightly mixing it all until the mixture gets the consistency of a dense cream. This cream needs to be massaged into the nails putting on gloves later.

 Nail Care Tips for Peeling, Fragile Nails

Some More Nail Care Tips

1. In order to remove the nail cuticles you first need to place your hands in warm water for some 5 minutes for them to get smoother. Further you may remove the cuticles with a special tool.

2. The inner side of the lemon peel is also useful for polishing the nails.

3. Use only blunt instruments for cleaning up the dirt underneath the nails.

4. If you are planning to work with the land, scrape some soap under your nails to prevent the dirt get into there.

5. Pick such nail enamel removers that do not contain acetone. The latter significantly damages the nail structure.

6. The simple metallic tools you use for the nails may layer them up, so be sure to pick options with special covering.

7. In addition, in case of having peeling nails, it’s recommended using lacquers, which contain extracts of silk or nylon, as well as use some other revitalizing and moisturizing creams for nails.

8. Nails will be less fragile and bound to becoming multi-layered, if you cut them with oval or square forms.

9. Do not rasp your fingers on your hips. The contact creates cracks and fissuring.

10. Nail seeding is a very popular treatment for improving the condition of the nails nowadays. During this process different layers of products are layered layer by layer, enriching the body and in this case the nails with minerals and vitamins they need.

11. Prepare a combination of 15 ml of olive oil, 2 drops of the oil solution of vitamin A, iodine, and lemon juice. Then just apply the mixture to the nails, leaving it on for some 20 minutes.

Here were the basic ways of taking a good care of your nails in order to have the naturally beautiful and great final touches for just as wonderful and cool looks in general.

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