Makeup Tips for Gray Eyes

Makeup Tips for Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are considered to be one of the most widespread shades of eyes in the world, and like any other shade, they also require certain makeup tips and tricks so as to make them look effective and maximum chic. What is especially peculiar and advantageous about gray eyes is that they sort of combine the characteristic features of the blue and the brown eyes (See: Makeup tips for Brown Eyes), and thus encompass the depth peculiar to the brown eyes and the sparkle of the blue (See: Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes). Thus, this enables the owners of these eyes to experiment more options with their eye makeup, but still, following a certain list of dos and don’ts is also a nice idea. So that’s what we are going to talk about now, discussing the general makeup tips for gray eyes.

Makeup Tips for Gray Eyes

Makeup Dos and Don’ts for Gray Eyes

First of all we would like to say that when considering the shades for your eye makeup, you should avoid tones like pure brown. Such tones tend to create an undesirable effect of unhealthy eyes, looking as if you’ve just been crying. This is especially true about the chocolate shades and orange-encompassing tones. As for the paler tones, they will make your eyes look paler, so they’re not recommended, either.

However surprising and tricky it may sound, one of the best alternatives for gray shades of eyes are the grey shades themselves, and in order not to seem monochrome, the shades you pick may have some metallic glow. Tones like blue will also do, but they are more suitable for party makeup. Bluish tones may go well with warmer hues like caramel yellowish tones, which might be applied to the upper part and matched with the bluish highlights of the lower part. Using blue mascara is another great idea in this respect.

Talking about the trendy options, we may recommend trying to experiment with the shades of purple and violet, which are described as some of the timelessly chic options for eye makeup. You may go for bold solutions like combinations with green.

The Skin Tone Factor

On the other hand, when picking a proper pack of products for your makeup, you should first of all adapt all that with the tone of your skin. Thus, the warmer tones nicely match the shades of golden, sand, and bronze. But still, if you want to put the accent on the tone of the skin, you may use cooler shades like blue, green, and pearl. Pink may also be tried out, but you need to be very careful with it to avoid the looks we spoke about for brown shades.

As for the cooler shades of the skin, you should use just the opposite formula. To accentuate the color palette, you should put the emphasis on cooler makeup shades like green and purple. And these shades should not be contrasting but harmonically complementing each other. And if you want to accentuate your skin tones, shades like beige, caramel, and light purple may do.

Makeup Tricks for Gray Eyed Women

Providing you with some tips and tricks about makeup for gray eyes, we may note certain things. First of all, in order to add some dark hues to your eyes, you need to use lighter shades. You will always need to accentuate your eyebrows and your eyelashes.

In order to make your eyes look bigger, you may use some black shades around the eyes, but still this is not a universally suiting option. The outlines, however, need not be thick, so as not to make the eyes look smaller. In case the black shade doesn’t suit your eyes for the outlining, you may opt for dark brown, blue, or another shade of black. Another way to visually enhance the size of the eyes is outlining the lower lid with a blue pencil.

Finally, what you need to do most frequently if you have gray eyes is avoiding too bright makeup. Thus in order to accentuate the eyes, you need to put the emphasis on the lashes and the eyebrows instead of overdosing with eyeshadows.

Further, to add some freshness to your looks, you will need white eye pencil. Whereas the white and pink versions will add some natural glow to your eyes and complexion. Matching the shade of the pencil with that of the eyeshadow is, of course, another major factor.

Makeup Tips for Gray Eyes

Makeup Styles for Gray Eyes

Coming to particular forms and purposes of using makeup, we may first of all talk about what casual makeup for gray eyes should look like. In order to create casual looks, you might not even need to use any eyeshadows. Outlining the eyes with some bluish pencils, drawing some corners is probably the way. However, if you want to go more sophisticated, using light tones is highly recommended.

The Hair Color Factor

As for the particular accordance of the makeup and the hair shade, we may discuss the case of blondes and brunettes. Thus for blondes opting for some bright makeup options is not that preferable, since this way they will add some irrelevant paleness and brightness to the skin. In order to avoid this kind of things, you need to use as light tones as possible. You may use certain makeup variants for any occasion. The most successful combinations will be the gray with brown, blue, green, purple and violet, pink, and silver. As for the evening makeup, you do need to accentuate your eyes with eyeshadows. Black is quite often used here. So are the shades of golden, silver, blue, and pink. Using artificial lashes may also contribute to the great effect of the results.

Finally, coming to brunettes, we may advise them to experiment with any shades! Think gray, silver, sky blue, green and many others. The only don’t is not using yellow or orange tones. Darker hues of blue are also great for enhancing the effect and so are the bordeau and coal-black tones. For causal looks, you may also try out to accentuate the eyes with glowy silver shades. As for the evening looks, you may turn to browns, black, or golden shades for the luxurious accents.

So, here were the basic makeup tips and tricks for gray eyes. We hope they might be helpful for you to come up with some more interesting makeup options for your gorgeous eyes!

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