Skin-Ruining Habits to Quit Now!

Skin-Ruining Habits to Quit Now!

When we speak about acquiring and preserving impeccable looks, the skin is one of the primary things that matter. Preserving your skin healthy and beautiful is, of course, time and effort consuming and you really have to know all the details concerning the procedures that contribute to good looks. Nevertheless, the proportions also have a crucial role here and there is a number of know-how tips and techniques that you simply can’t forget about, since going wrong with any procedure like simple exfoliation or using anti-aging products can create some very difficult and at times even irreversible skin problems for you. So here we are going to speak about some skin-ruining habits that you really need to quit now in order to avoid the undesirable and extremely unpleasant consequences.

Skin-Ruining Habits to Quit Now!

Never Scratch or Pick a Zit!

Generally, you just need to wait and exercise some patience for your own sake! When you notice a zit, yes we know that’s frustrating, but you don’t necessarily need to treat it with your fingers right away! Doing this, you will only prolong the duration of its stay on your face and instead of getting rid of it in some six or seven days, you’ll risk to “enjoy’ its presence up to a month! In addition, you will make it bigger and redder, making it grow into an itch bump. This is definitely not what your plans are. The most immediate source of getting problems like this is plucking hair of any part from chin to bikini hair. So in order to avoid this kind of side effects, you need to apply some Vaseline over the area you’re going to pick. Using combinations of 2% hydroquinone, 0.025% tretinoin, and 1% mometasone you can treat the damages. Mixing an OTC retinol with 1% of hydrocortisone cream can also do for this. And in order not to have the need to deal with these problems at all, you can go for laser hair removal, which is way more effective and damage-free.

Stop Licking Your Lips!

When we speak about habits connected with lips, many people start mentioning things like lip balm addiction, but still, however widespread this idea may be, a thing like lip balm addiction doesn’t exist at all! It’s just a way to tackle problems like dry lips, which some people try to overcome with the help of using lip balms regularly. That’s quite natural that they are feeling not at ease without it just because of the feeling of dryness. And as for addition, licking the lips is one definitely! Sometimes it is meant for dealing with a similar problem with just using some other techniques, which are not only not effective, but also harmful. Thus instead of overcoming the problem, those, who have this habit, only make things worse. Bacteria irritants that increase around and on the lips when they lick them can even create a rash around them. Using aloe and shea butter containing lip balms is the ideal way for avoiding this kind of side effects. In addition, another don’t connected with lip treatments is brushing them, which is again not very beneficial for the lips to put it mildly. Swiping them with a damp washcloth is a very effective and cool substitute for that.

Don’t Overdose with SPF

The next extremely popular and common skin care mistake many ladies keep on repeating is overdosing with sunscreen and with the SPF proportions. Most of them go for using some exaggerated proportions like SPF 100 and this does them no good. Using some SPF 30+ variants in the hottest and the sunniest places ever is quite possible and way more recommended than the overdosed and overdone ones. In addition, however surprising it may sound the variants like those ultra-sensitives are a don’t as well, since they only claim to be more effective and proficient than the SPF 30s, for instance, but, actually, that’s only the impression of security they create and nothing more. The ideal solution is applying some half a shot glass of sunscreen, some half an hour before going outside giving it enough time to soak in. Further, all you need is just repeating the application for every two to four hours and the ideal 95% protection is guaranteed. Using the rest of the products with SPF-infused formulae will give you an additional proportion of protection. Mineral makeup products also work well for some extra layers of protection and maintain a more long-lasting effect.

Skin-Ruining Habits to Quit Now!

Listen to Your Skin

Sometimes your skin signals about the problems that you are about to face and you should definitely know how to read those signals. One of those can be a simple pimple, which may be warning you about the increasing number of even more of them, which haven’t appeared yet. So what you need to do is act quickly and treat the whole area in order to avoid the possible increase. You may use benzoyl peroxide for killing the bacteria and some salicylic acid for the proper treatment of the pores.

In general, you also need to choose the proportions and the nature of treatments for your skin wisely, taking into account the factors like weather and season. For instance, you need to go as light as possible for summer and heavy for winter. As for treating the blemishes, you need to do that before the period.

Exfoliation Overdose is Another Don’t

Exfoliation is the next procedure many ladies just can’t do without, but still, as it is in case of any other procedures and products, overdosing will do your skin no good at all! Doing so you risk creating a blotchy and irritated chaos on the skin. One more disadvantage of exfoliating too frequently is that you weaken its protective function, thus making it more sensitive for irritation, and inflammation, also speeding up the aging. The exact and the ideal frequency of exfoliating is twice a week, in case of having only some acne-prone skin or problems with excessive oil on it. For normal skin types and the ones that are sensitive, you may go for exfoliating once a week.

Don’t Mess the Order of Application of Products

The order of applying different skin care and makeup products is just important as the overall results they are meant to create. For instance, you need to start with the products, which have lighter consistency first in order not to block their penetration when some heavier options get applied. Products like toners and serums should thus come first, followed by lotions and sunscreen and finally the ointments. If you are planning to use more than two products for your makeup, it would be way better if you picked products from the same skin care line to have better results. In addition, you also need to avoid using retinols as much as possible during the day and use them only before going to bed. It’s not that it makes your skin more sensitive and fragile for sunburns, but it just breaks down under the influence of sunlight and does absolutely nothing for your skin. This becomes just a waste of time and money equal to no having the product on at all.

Don’t Sleep with Your Makeup On

If you want to have smudgy stains of liner, some lightly stained lips and other messy details all over your face as you wake up in the morning, go ahead and do sleep with your makeup on! Otherwise you just need to be attentive to remove your makeup before going to bed in order to protect your skin and to be able to have some beautiful results when applying it later. And well, finally, going to bed with your makeup on nearly feels the same as, for instance, wearing a mask of environmental grime teeing with free radicals known for their function of speeding up aging, being packed up with makeup and oil, which results in making pores look bigger, having a layer of crud excluding the possibility of exfoliating, gifting your skin with a bunch of brand-new zits, having extremely blocked pores and preparing an uneven base for your day cream. Unpleasant, isn’t it? Our advice is to avoid all this and to repair the possible damages you might already have because of having done this. For doing that you can use light layers of salicylic acid or have some laser light treatments. In addition, having a ready-steady-go pack of makeup removal tools is a great thing you may do for the days you feel too sleepy and tired for long procedures. Wiping the face with them will be quite enough.

Don’t Ignore Anti-Aging Products Until the Day They Become the Only Saviors

Another example of irrelevantly late skin care products use is that of anti-aging products, which are recommended to different extents for almost all the age groups. In fact, it’s not that aging is a problem, which needs to be treated only when fine lines or other aging signs appear. Avoiding skin damage with the help of the right products is a lot easier at the beginning, when you are still young then at the moment when those wrinkles start frustrating you. The same refers to using sunscreen, which is recommended to anyone for any age. For those till being in their 20s, elements like retinol can be very useful. This is a form of vitamin A and it works double effective for zits and wrinkles, opening up the pores and cleansing them and boosting the collagen production for your skin.

Keep Your Body as Healthy and Young as Your Face

Harmony and equal proportions of protection and care are required not only for face, but for body as well. Such parts of the body as the neck, the décolleté, the hands, etc., show your age better than anything. So it’s important to have them properly taken care of so that they don’t differ from your face radically. For an effective anti-aging combination you can use AHAs, antioxidants, retinols, and peptides, or you may just opt for any of these products solely.

Skin-Ruining Habits to Quit Now!

Don’t Keep the Potions in the Bathroom and Nowhere Else

This is convenient. Yes, we know. But still, keeping your makeup products wherever it is less hot, humid, or sunlit is a very good thing both for you and for the products you keep. Never ever keep them near the shower, where some water can penetrate into the packaging and give growth to bacteria, also disrupting the chemical formula. Be sure to close the covers of every product to avoid other penetrations. The best place to keep these products is in a medicine cabinet or in a refrigerator, which is even better. Also be sure to check the details like expiration dates, the color and the condition, etc. Don’t take the risk of using them if something you note is wrong with them.

Don’t Give Up a Treatment Too Soon

So yes, good things come to those you wait. Patience is life in other words and this is so true about skin care procedures as well. Sometimes you go for some new treatments and beauty regimen for fixing this or that problem. But when not noticing the results right away some of you might just give up and never try the same thing again. The problem is that the only thing that’s missing from your regimen for securing your success it patience and time. If you had those, you would know that such products require from four to six weeks’ time to be able to gift you with the exact and desirable results. The active ingredients, which these products encompass, really need some time for penetrating into the skin and repeating the process frequently is also really important for that. For instance, some creams and serums need some three months to show their effect and you just can’t give up all the great results you are most likely to have just because of your impatience.

So here were the main options of frequently met skin care mistakes that are especially bad and disruptive for everything else that you do to improve your skin condition. Just try to follow as many of these as possible and you will really feel the results!

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