Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

The owners of brown and black eyes are, indeed, lucky-duckies! In terms of makeup application and color choices, they present another advantage, since it’s really easier to find and to apply impressive makeup alternatives for them. The aim in any case is accentuating what has been gifted by nature. Thus here we are going to talk about the basic makeup tips for brown eyes, which will help you make them more effective and dazzling!

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

General Makeup Application Tips for Brown Eyes

The shades that brown eyes may come with vary, and accordingly, while choosing the color palette, you should take this fact into account. The basic principle you need to consider while choosing colors is that they need to be contrasting, coming with not too bright but saturated shades. As for their type, both light and dark shades may be applied. Moreover, in case of the former, it’s even easier to perfect the shape of the eyes. They may visually make the eyes look bigger, whereas in case of the darker tones, we may have some effects of depth. The most widely-accepted variant is the combination of these two, coming with the darker tones for the corners of the eyes, keeping the lighter options for the inner outlines and the areas near eyebrows. In some cases, it’s even possible to add some accents on the eyelashes and complete that with the correctly perfected skin. However, for more sophisticated results, the exact choice of the colors is preferable.

Arrows are one of the most frequently met and diversely useful options you may opt for. These can be variants with thick or thin lines, with options going out of the borders of the corner, and even options totally covering the upper lid.

Best Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Dark Hair: Coming to the more in-detail pick of the makeup shades, we may talk about the tones of brown, bronze, purple, and even creamy shades, also possible to be replaced with the tones of dark blue or grey. Thus, for instance, the owners of brown eyes may try shades like black, especially if they also have dark hair. Silver, brown, purple, and golden mays also do here.

Light Hair: For ladies with lighter tones of hair, we recommend shades like sandy brown, dark pink, and all the tones of green, not speaking about the light and dark shades of beige.

Light Skin: In case we have an interesting combination of dark eyes and light skin, we may advise to pick some cooler shades for everything, including the cheeks, the eyes and even the lipsticks. In this respect you may try out the shades of gray and blue.

Warm Skin: As for the vice versa situation with the dark shades of eyes and warmer tones of skin, you may experiment with tones inclined towards warmer shades like peachy, bronze, golden, chocolate and other options of this type.
There is one general rule for the dark-shaded tones of eyes, presupposing that the makeup created for work, business, and casual looks overall: it’s essential to avoid the provocative and vulgar looks. The owners of these eyes already have eye-catchingly cute features and charm, and the makeup should be picked correctly not to overdose. Makeup application should start in the very beginning, smoothing the skin and putting special accents on the areas around the eyes. Eyebrows come right after, and they also need to be nicely accentuated and if necessary even painted a bit on order to look full and attractive. Though many stylists use mascara for the last moment, in case of brown eyes this should come first. The trick is that after the makeup application this type of looks happen to be more natural and no extra touches are necessary.

Talking about the makeup varieties depending on the occasion, we may start with the everyday variants. Thus, if you need your makeup to be slightly brighter, you may apply the shadows to already colored eyelashes, with the help of which you’ll be able to notice where and when to stop. In any case you need to use smoother eyeliners. The shade may be black or brown depending on the occasion, picking the former for more important event and in order to create the image of fatal woman. What you need to take into account here is that these shades will create a retro feel and consequently will make you look older. Natural tones are the most preferable in this respect, and this refers not only to the picks of shadows but also to those of the lashes and the eyebrows. These shades may include brown, gray, bronze, and peachy options. For the lightest makeup you may use some light tones and apply them to the inner corner of the eyes, a medium shade in the middle and some dark tones for the corners.

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Makeup Colors for Light Brown Eyes

Again coming to the compatibility of the shades with a certain tone of the eyes, we may state that the pick of the owners of light brown eye tones should include lilac-purplish shades for the evening makeup. As for the everyday looks, it’s better to use shadows with lighter tones be that golden or brown. The color of the pencil and the mascara is brown, at times replaced with black tines for expressiveness.

Makeup Colors for Dark Brown Eyes

On the other hand, we should also talk about the owners of darker shaded eyes. Here lighter tones in makeup are definitely the way! Beige, champagne and pale lilac are all options for consideration here. Green palette will also do. For eye-lining the most suitable alternatives are black, also corresponding with the shade of the mascara. Finally, for those having black eyes, there is no need for heavy makeup especially for the everyday looks, some eye-lining, mascara and shadows will do all the job.

Makeup Don’ts for Brown Eyes

Finally, we should also speak a few words about what the stylists do not suggest doing. Particularly, this may include the colorful solutions for outlining. Even with tones like brown and black they won’t go well together. You should also be extremely attentive when using pink shades, which may create an unhealthy effect. On the other hand, you’ll need to create some counterbalance with the rest of the aspects like the shades of the lips. Don’t include shades like orange and fuchsia.

Thus here were the makeup basic tips and tricks for brown eyes you probably need to know about eye makeup. Apart from being universal and versatile, this eye color also adds some mystery and chic to the looks, thus making their owners even more attractive and good-looking.

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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