How to Wear Oxford Shoes

How to Wear Oxford Shoes

There are a number of garments and accessories, which are really super versatile and universal for almost all the styles and clothing combinations. Thus, we can safely say that every vibe can be created using the Oxford shoes. For instance, if you are striving to create the image of a cool girl or even a “bandita’, Oxfords are the way. Looks like those of romantic cutie pies and strict ladies are also possible and very creative when completed with these shoes. They are suitable for almost all ages, and generally for those, who give their preference to comfort. So today our topic is about Oxford shoes and we are going to teach you some precious style lessons on how to wear Oxford shoes, what to match them with to create drop-dead gorgeous outfits!

How to Wear Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes: Where They Come From

Making a small historical reference to the origin of the Oxford shoes, we may first of all note that primarily they were exceptionally for men and were worn only by men. Still it was not long after the creation of Oxfords that women started using them as part of their wardrobe and really managed to create some effective looks. The ancestors of Oxfords are balmorals named after the Queen of Scotland. The first evidence about balmorals dates back to the 18th century. Then they had the forms of booties, but later the shape was altered and the modern silhouette of Oxfords was formed. Balmorals exist nowadays, too, but only the British recognize them as a variety of Oxford s not having the additional line on the welt of the shoes. In the US, for instance, they are regarded as simply Oxfords without any specific distinction. Talking about the origin of the name, the first association certainly goes to the famous university of Oxford and that’s not in vain, since the first place, where almost everyone had this kind of shoes all the time was Oxford.

Variations of Oxfords

The shapes and variations of Oxford shoes are diverse and spectacular, including flat and comfy options for everyday wear, as well as some extra chic variants on heels meant to accentuate the femininity and the charm of the looks even more. Comfort doesn’t lag behind with this kind of looks, either. Perforation or its absence also creates a range of options. So does the texture, which can be created with leather, suede, textile, etc.

How to Wear Oxford Shoes

What to Wear Oxford Shoes With

The very first thing that you need to remember about Oxfords is that you shouldn’t regard them as options meant solely for the creation of classic and strict looks.

Brown Oxfords

Brown shades for Oxfords are one of the best and the most unfailing complements for business looks and for casual garment combinations. Being a neutral shade, it will match with a great diversity of options.

The Casual Style

Garments like jumpers and jeans are the most direct complements and play pairs for the casual style looks. They are comfy, effective, and just cool to wear every day.

Oxfords With Stripes

Again thinking over some suitable design solutions for work, we may also suggest matching feminine Oxfords with midi skirts, elongated dresses or tight-fitting pants. Thus, in order to create some effective combinations with traditionally chic shades as black, white, or brown you can put that with stripy patterns.

Oxfords With Pencil Skirts

Still, if the classic look is what you are aiming for, the versatile nature of Oxfords won’t let you down and the combinations with pencil skirts will create the most elegant and gorgeous business looks ever.

How to Wear Oxfords

Oxfords With Party Dresses

This is the following ultra-cool, creative, and neo-modern solution for the Oxford shoes. Picking them for combinations with party or even evening dresses is a crazy yet effective thing you may do. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the shoes you choose need to be maximum chic and glamorous. For instance, you may choose options like luxurious suede looks or bright purple shades, glowy leather berry options or those corresponding to the mega trend of nowadays: the shimmery golden alternatives.

Go Bold

Another cool and great thing that you may do with your Oxfords is matching them with short skirts and dresses. Apart from being an ideal solution for everyday looks, this will also accentuate you personality and help you go bold and crazy a bit.

Going For the Retro

Retro looks are one of the most suitable and wonderful things you may go for using Oxfords. This can be done easily matching Oxfords with cropped pants. Similar effect may be created when combining Oxfords with cuffed jeans. If flats are your pick, dresses, tunics, and sweaters can also be used.

Matching Oxfords With Leggings

This is the following thing we would like to talk about, pointing out that Oxfords may be matched with tight leggings (Learn: How to Wear Leggings) in this way creating the sassiest and the most fantastic combinations ever. The shoes you opt for may be both on heels or flat, and the shade of the leggings should go well with the skirt or the pants that come topping them. On the other hand, when it comes to socks, we would definitely tell you to avoid them.

Picking the Accessories

When it comes to accessories, the avoidance of overloading the combinations with details is the very first thing you need to be aware of. This especially refers to details like ruffles and feathers. A voluminous scarf is one of the most suitable options for looks like this. Pieces like jacket waistcoats or suede variants and accessories like hats, especially the fedora-type options are also recommended. In addition, you also need to be careful when picking handbags, watches, sunglasses, bijou, and much more. If you manage to take everything tastefully and with correct proportions, the unfailing and totally bedazzling looks will be guaranteed.

How to Wear Oxfords

So here was another array of tips and tricks we would like to talk about discussing another spectacular and very cute fashion trend, really having a moment right now. So enjoy the comeback of these comfy footwear options and master the ways of wearing Oxford shoes!

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